Last night's gig was


Just received an e-mail from Kid Canaveral ahead of their Christmas Baubles gig tomorrow, which contains some sound advice on dealing with gig-wankers. Tempted to get this up on, tbh,

Item 4 on the agenda being a particular highlight.


Angel Nation at Boston Music Rooms last night. It’s very reassuring that bands still look like this. Great fun too.


Baby Bird at St Pancras Old Church and it was just AMAZING
wish I was going again tonight…


It was. I think?


Second night was brilliant. Funny bastard & great crowd.


Mogwai and Sacred Paws in Brixton last night. Sacred Paws were great- loved everything about them and hope to see them again, preferably on a warm sunny day, and playong a slightly smaller stage.

Mogwai suffered from my having seen them too many times. They were the band that got me through the most difficult period of my life, and whilst I like their last few albums well enough, I wish they’d dig further into their back catalogue than they often do. This was definitely the case last night - only three tracks in the set that were from pre-Happy Songs releases and nothing at all from CODY which was a bit disappointing. That said, it was good to see some of the new album live, and the line up changes brought something a little different (Cat’s drumming, particularly was fun!).

Oh, almost forgot to mention the small group of self centred manchildren who shoved their way down to the front and were clearly ‘lost in the music’, unaware that their idea of a good time appeared to be ruining the gig for the people around them. Dickheads at a London gig- whatever is the world coming to?


Disagree on Mogwai.
I’ve seen them at almost every chance I could since '98 and I thought they were great.
The sound was amazing, and even for Mogwai, it was really fucking loud and I though the set list was pretty damn good.
They could have played Christmas Steps alright but Don’t believe the Fife was stunning and that was one of the better versions of 2 Rights I’ve ever seen.
The problem is that with so much of a back catalog, there’s always going to be loads missed out.
I think it’s the first show that I’ve seen that the didn’t play New Paths but I’ll get over it.

Brilliant gig that went by too fast.

Luckily, we didn’t have any dickheads standing near us.


Not saying it was a bad gig. Fully appreciate how difficult it is to balance a setlist, but given that there will always be great tracks they can’t include, it’s hard for me not to wish they’d vary the older stuff they play slightly more than they do- love hunted by a freak for example, and last night’s version was great, but it’s been a part of almost every set I’ve seen them play since 2003. They did play killing all the flies which, I guess hasn’t had a lot of airtime in recent years, but sad that they couldn’t have included one track from CODY, nonetheless- don’t mind not hearing Christmas Steps, anything would have been fine.

The version of two rights was indeed good, and of the new stuff, I thought every country’s sun and fife were standouts. Will be interested to see what their setlist for tonight looks like.


Also disagree - although am not in the position of having seen them loads of times. This was my third or fourth in about eight years, I think.

Thought it was a tremendous show. My girlfriend and I were just overwhelmed by how good the sound was - have seen them twice with that new kid on guitar and I think he really brings it. Hadn’t realised the drummer was having health problems/had been replaced for this tour. The drums were a particular highlight, I thought!

All in all a very enjoyable couple of hours that, even after a tiring, stressful week, totally flew by. I love that a band like them has such a large and dedicated following.

Ha - I’ve never seen Mogwai where there hasn’t been that burly, bearded man pushing through the crowd holding six pints of carlsberg - I think I’d miss him if he was gone. There was definitely some unintentionally hilarious shape throwing, though…


Saw Babybird on the Thursday also and very much enjoyed it. Played a fair few of my favourite songs so I was happy with that!


Aye who is that drummer? She was very good.

I think the setlist is probably slightly inhibited by this tour’s line-up, I.e drummer and guitarist have only learnt a small selection of songs, mostly from new album


Cat Myers. Not sure who she plays with usually, but good point about that being a setlist consideration.


Cat Myers is in Honeyblood


Strangely I’m pretty sure they’ve called CODY their best album but it seems to get the lowest live representation most of the time


Oh fuck really it’s her?! Quite funny how they had to go through 2 drummers to get signed


Don’t think they played Hunted By a Freak, did they?


I’ve seen them a load of times and won’t stop until I’ve seen Ex-Cowboy, I think they still play it sometimes.

FWIW I think they only played one from Rave Tapes (Remurdered) and one from Hardcore (Rano Pano), so it’s not like they’re fixated on more recent material. They are pretty much at the stage where if they play 4-5 from the new album, which seems reasonable, they’re only going to be able to play one or at most two from any of their other albums because there are so many. IMO they do mix it up more than any other band I’ve seen and every time I see them they play something unexpected.


Aye, love Ex Cowboy and see it on occasional setlists but haven’t seen them play it, only Christmas Steps.

The 2015 anniversary shows were the absolute best, proper mixed up setlists. Went to two of them and they were almost completely different. Superheroes of BMX was so good


Could swear they did- the online copy of the setlist on brightlight does nothing for my sanity :crazy_face: Will have to track down a recording of the set- not unusual for me to muddle the names of tracks from the last three albums, but less so for older stuff and I don’t see me mistaking it for anything listed.


Conflating it with Killing All The Flies maybe? Similar enough like