Last night's gig was


Man seeing superheroes of bmx at roundhouse blew my fucking mind


I’m pretty sure hunted by a freak is the one song they are always guaranteed to play no?


Ah I was at that same show! :smiley: Went to that and Dublin


Not always. They’ve done it 2 out of 3 times I’ve seen em. The time they didn’t they did Flies instead.


Yeah, I’d say this, but it would reinforce the idea that I have the memory of a goldfish, because halfway through it I remember thinking, that I’d not heard Flies in a while. That said, they start similarly live, so probably…


Babybird. Friday night. 10/10. Best gig I’ve been to since Radiohead or Faith No More at Reading 09. Only John Grant, AJJ, and Father Josh Misty come close.


Yesssssssssssssss. Glad somebody else went from here. Friday was unbelievable . There was even a bloody mosh pit for Cornershop, and Goodnight.


MM Fair enough!


Man I just remembered how me and my pal actually had tickets for the night before and didn’t realise, thankfully they let us in :anguished:


Ha interesting FNM was also one of your best - very similar tastes… I felt a bit like you (from your comments in the other thread) - first saw him over 20 years ago - with loads of times in between - realised all that stuff happened in my life between thise times… didn’t think I’d see him again… was a v special, nostalgic, heart warming, fucking brilliant night!


So glad everyone loved it. 20 years ago I was 6. I only got into him around Ex Maniac then worked backwards.


Gurr at Festaal Kruezberg

This was the last show of the tour/year for them and a home town one so it was a bit of a celebratory party more than a gig. It was good fun, but not amazing, interested by the new “darker” songs. Also had the pleasure of interviewing them.

Shame had to pull out due to sickness but they’re doing a co-headline UK tour next year too


Yeah I’m 45 and fat, to coin a song title. You’ll get there soon enough!


They were signed before she came on board though. Shona McVicar played on the first album.


Right, but there was another drummer before that who got canned for them to get signed


haiku salut. some very in rock n roll elements about this- at a quaker meeting house, non-alcoholic mulled wine advertised, I was told off by audience member for moving side to side while taking off coat! (they would have imploded at some of the behaviour described in this thread), 9.15pm finish.
cracking set though, don’t remember there being kind of harsh electro bits the other time I caught them.
arrived at advertised start time of set and there was a ‘started, ring this number to get in’ sign. new one on me, quite rock n roll maybe, or rave.


not very rock n roll, even


don’t think i’m in any rush to see them after readin that


oh no :frowning: haiku salut are great


Yeah I only saw the second one but it was probably the best show I have ever been to. Only Mogwai would start with a song like Superheroes of BMX, which I’m not all that familiar with. I love the fact that they’ll often play something that I will recognise and can hazard a guess at the album but I won’t be very familiar with it. Travel Is Dangerous at the Royal Festival Hall was a highlight just because it was so unexpected.