Last night's gig was


ah another one i’d love to see but haven’t. thought i saw a microphone set up for Barry in Dublin which got my hopes up but no such luck


The Cribs @ Tramshed, Cardiff - Great intimate venue and a career spanning setlist made for a cracking night! Highlights from the set for me were Another Number, Shoot The Poets and Pink Snow.


Saw them in December at the Brudenell and they were so fucking good as always. We took a very sceptical mate who thought they were some lad rock/landfill indie type band and he was so blown away by them. He used to do a lot of music writing and I think he’s gonna write a piece about going to a Cribs gig with no prior experience of the band because he loved all the Cribsmas lore and was taken aback by the sheer devotion of the fans. Don’t know many bands that can pull out an ancient noisy album track like Third Outing while touring their seventh album and get a similar reaction from the crowd as their biggest singles.


Ah that’s so ace - you should definitely post their article in this thread when they write it!!

I also went with someone who was only familiar with the odd hit and they had the bestest of times, leaving with a massive grin on their face; totally getting the appeal of the band and why they draw such devotion/admiration.

Speaking of crowds going mad for tracks off their first album; last night they aired To Jackson and On a Hotel Wall which went down very well indeed!


Lubomyr Melnyk at the Jazz Cafe. He was ace.


He was wasn’t he. Thought even the poetry bit worked well. Unfortunately I had to run for the last train so missed the encore.

The support, James Heather, was also very good.


Saw Nought last night at Cafe Oto, I’ve not seen them for a few years and they’ve got a new drummer who also plays in Gong. They were fantastic, for those who haven’t listened to them they’re like Red era King Crimson but maybe with the more math rock elements pushed a bit more in places as well as being more noir lounge jazz in the quieter parts.
There is no weak link in the band they are an absolute joy to watch, I wish they would tour so more people can see them but I know they all do other things musically so getting together isn’t easy.


Fleet Foxes a few nights ago in a seated venue. Thought they were great, got massive applause but saw reviews complaining that no-one was singing and dancing and that reviewer had been told off by a stern middle-aged lady for singing; even though he admitted he couldn’t sing well. Weird.


This Is The Kit. They were all kinds of good. Book hiss to Glasgow’s club night curfews though.


Pigs x7 at the Lexington in London. Blisteringly good.


A band called Paves. Didn’t really do it for me but they’ll probably do well for themselves.


This was sold out before I managed to get tickets. How was Richard Dawson? did he perform with pigs or was he supporting?


Dawson is not my thing so stayed in the bar until he finished. He didn’t join pigs on stage.


Saw Black Midi at the Brixton Windmill. Best band I’ve heard since Girl Band, and certainly the most excited ive been about a new band. I dunno how long they’ve been together but incredibly accomplished already, feel fully formed and we’re incredibly slick and dynamic.

Musically had elements of Polvo, Pere Ubu (particularly the frontman’s voice) and Shellac. One song was this kind of spoken word narrative over something that could have been a more ambient Sonic Youth song. Elements of the aforementioned Girl Band too, but less effects driven and groovier.

What was nicest of all was seeing a new uk band who look like they’re all still teenagers not trying to ape what’s trendy or are another libertines/arctic monkeys/palma violets/Wolf Alice/blossoms but have every potential to do really well and blow big audiences away.

They’re supporting Shame in london next week as well but I’m gonna see em again on Wednesday at the Windmill. I would suggest if you can to go see em too.


Good tip and reviewing :+1:


Wolf Alice at the Debaser Strand, Stockholm which is really great little venue (750 capacity). Absolutely breathtaking gig - they tore through 19 tracks with very little chat and without anything remotely resembling a dud. Lisbon and Formidable Cool were both unexpected highlights, and the title track from the new album was just immense. Well worth braving the minus 9 degrees for. Their album just missed out on a top 5 spot in my AOTY list as I felt it was a bit disjointed, but they made a mockery of that tonight.


He played solo, without the band he’s been using recently. 45 minute set, not a word from the crowd throughout. Staggeringly good. Can’t get into Pigsx7 that much, every song just seems to be them playing a Sabbath riff for 5-10 minutes. Not bad, but lets not pretend it hasn’t been done to death at this point.


Last night was The Cribs at Queens Hall, Edinburgh. As usual The Cribs were fantastic! Just an amazing live band. And the triple salvo of Be Safe then Hey Scenesters then Mens Needs was mind blowing!

Support was from PAWS who are brilliant.
Also support from Fang Club who are a bit Royal Blood lite.


Glad you enjoyed the gig! The Jarman’s definitely don’t disappoint.

Sadly we missed PAWS but have heard an one of their albums and thought they were great! Wasn’t too into Fang Club either - the Royal Blood comparison is pretty spot on.


wasn’t that stina’s sister? sure it was her first time I saw them at the great escape