Last night's gig was


Ha really? Awks if so


Zombie Zombie and Camera at Atelier 210 in Brussels. Great gig, horribly awkward stage-invasion, all-day earworm.


Went to see Wand at the Attic in Glasgow tonight. Weird little venue, really hard to see the band if you’re more than three rows back. Sound was good, they played a bunch of stuff off their great new album but by Jesus was that the worst gig crowd I’d ever had the displeasure of being part of.

The band seemed to be up for it and happy to be there, “hey Glasgow it’s so good to be back” etc and the crowd started off boisterous and in good spirits. One of Cory’s guitar pedals broke which obviously pissed him off somewhat. Then the most obnoxious prick I’ve ever encountered at any gig (and I went to see the Enemy when I was 15) threw a full pint of beer at him just after he managed to get it sorted and started playing the song, which went all over his guitar and pedal board. This same cunt then kept yelling GOLLUM, PLAY THE FIRST TWO TRACKS FROM GOLLUM (not even Golem) as that’s the only album of theirs on Spotify, much to the amusement of his group of pals and no one else. They finished the normal set and stormed off stage. Dunno why they came back on to be honest, the crowd was full of the worst Glasgow patter I’ve ever heard.

They finished on Self Hypnosis in Three Days to which he said “this is obviously what you all came to hear” and ripped through it and then just fucked off without a thank you. I’ve never experienced more contempt for a crowd from a band. Heard some mumbling amongst crowd members that he was being super unprofessional and that it’s a Saturday night in Glasgow and what did they expect but I hate that Glaswegian chat where they think they can get away with acting like absolute cunts and it’s just “patter” cause they’re “the best crowds in the world”.

Kinda ruined what was an absolutely blinding set for me.

Tl;dr Wand were great, crowd was full of nasty lads


Attic = upstairs at the garage or?


My friend was at this gig. She just posted on FB:

“Poor Wand - Saturday night in Glasgow - “over enthusiastic” crowd plus that Glasgow thing of chucking pints plus “new musical direction” = one incredibly angry lead singer…” :confused:


Yeah that’s a sh*tty thing to happen to the band. Gigs are probably now the only place left where you can throw a pint (or worse) at someone and get away with it, maybe I’m getting old but they should really start throwing people out for it.


Aw man, I was totally planning on going to that gig… but I guess it’s good I didn’t as that sounds like it would really wind me up.

Saturday night gigs can often be terrible, I remember the crowd being the worst for Angel Olsen at SWG3. Had to move so many times to find a half decent spot.


Aye, that’s the one


It’s a shame cause the new stuff sounded great live, all of it did actually. They fucking tore through the set. Maybe he did throw a bit of a strop but I felt like it was totally justified.


I’m glad I did cause Wand were brilliant but it was such a shame.

When they came back for their encore, still dunno why they bothered, an older guy wearing a Ride tshirt at the front who’d just been rocking out and having a good time turned round and shouted at the crowd “please don’t throw any more drinks” and the guy who’d been causing all the problems just replied “what is this? 1985? I’ll throw as many fucking pints as I want you stupid old cunt. Ride are shite get the fuck out”

All of his steaming pals just started chanting “fuck off ride are shite” and throwing pints at him. It was so horrible.




The keyboardist was selling merch afterwards and everyone that was in the queue before me said sorry to her f


GOD that sounds rough :confused:


The Distractions (Manchester new-wave/post-punk band from the late 70s/early 80s). A pal of mine is playing with them now. I wasn’t really aware of them before his involvement - they definitely didn’t get the same recognition as The Fall, Buzzcocks, Magazine etc.


it was almost two weeks ago now but i was lucky enough to witness Shane McGowan’s belated 60th birthday bash in Dublin. Shane himself, Nick Cave, Sinead O’ Connor, Bobby Gillespie, Glen Hansard, Bono & Johnny Depp and some local acts Lisa O’Neill & Lankum who were likely the highlights - hugely recommend anyone with a care to check them out. very special night indeed.


Saw Lankum at Beautiful Days last year and really liked them


You’ve summed up my feelings on Glasgow crowds. In most cases, they’re the absolute fucking worst attention seeking bastards.


That’s a shame. Sound like a right bunch of dickheads. Dont understand people who go to a gig to just hassle the performers.

I saw first 30 mins of Wand at Brudenell last night before heading through to next room to check out Hot Snakes. (accidentally bought tickets for both Hot Snakes and Wand as I didnt check the date properly and both playing on same night in same venue!). Really enjoyed what i heard of Wand and hopefully they will tour again soon so can watch the properly.

Hot Snakes were awesome last night. They’re touring with both drummers Jason and Mario who switch halfway through the gig. They hit it hard, John Reis was dripping with sweat all through the gig.



Seeing them on Saturday. Are they touring with anyone or was it a local support?


Your in for a treat. New songs sound good live too. Local support bands I think.

Did you see RFTC on there last tour? The support act was Schizophonics from San Diego. They were awesome - Mc5ish garage rock. Main singer and guitarist managed to play perfectly while leaping about, rolling around on the floor and dancing all the way through the gig. Never seen anything like it.