Last night's gig was


Lisa O’Neill is great. She’s over in the UK with James Yorkston every so often. I’ll have to get round to buying her latest album.


Sadly not. Saw Rick Froberg with Obits a few years back, was sadly one of the most sparsely attended gigs I’d been to (serious lack of promotion, ticketing despite the tour being announced ages before), hoping for a better crowd for Hot Snakes.


Saw Cults at Bitterzoet in Amsterdam on Saturday. They were pretty good, there certainly not the best band in the in the world, and their early stuff is a bit juvenile but the last record is good and it was a fun hour.


I’m still not sure how Wand managed to be great in that environment but they were. I think the anger just made them play louder and faster.

I was gutted to miss Hot Snakes the night before, my girlfriends boss supported them and said it was absolute pandemonium.


I guess it depends on the gig/crowd. I generally love Glasgow crowds and Glaswegian people (I’m an east coast transplant) but quite often there’s one guy or one group of guys that just seem to be there to try and ruin it for the banter, it also seems to very much be a weekend thing. This was easily the worst one.


yep - Pothole in the Sky. full of bile and beauty. will have to keep an eye on those gigs. cheers.


Tuesday - James Yorkston at the Glad Cafe as part of Celtic Connections.

James and the whole Fence Collective thing was a big deal for me when I discovered it as a teenager growing up on the east coast of Fife, knowing that there was a “scene” just 20 minutes up the coast was mind blowing. I love James’ music, it’s not even a style I listen to a lot these days but he’s a wonderful story teller and musician. Hadn’t seen him in years, felt like putting on a pair of comfortable old slippers as he played a bunch of my old favourites.


Menzingers - Bristol SWX

Second time at this venue, really like it - nice view from all sides, sound is good, not too packed (take note, Bristol Academy) absolutely no good beer however.

This band have so many epic belters of songs, people were hugging me in the crowd. Only caught about half of Pup’s set, they seemed decent, the crowd were loving them too.

Hot Snakes on Saturday.


Last night I went to see Jack Cooper (Mazes/Ultimate Painting) and A. Savage (Parquet Courts/Fergus & Geronimo/Teenage Cool Kids) at Broadcast.

I love Mazes and quite like Ultimate Painting so was keen to catch Jack. I’ve been listening to his solo album over the last week or so and it’s a lovely little thing. Wistful psychedelia-tinged indie pop. Live, there was a bit more bite to it, aka guitars were louder and the solos a bit longer. Really good stuff.

The band went off stage and then the same band reappeared ten minutes later with the vocalists swapped over. They’ve been touring as one band and the chemistry between them as a group was noticeable, they’re all tremendous musicians. Jarvis from Woods was playing bass and Aaron Neveu has played drums for Kevin Morby (I think)

A. Savage opened with an absolutely electric cover of Frightened of the Fall. His own stuff from Thawing Dawn sounded immense, What Do I Do was monstrous. They also covered Linger by the Cranberries, introduced as the second “traditional” number of the night. He’s just a supremely talented guitarist, songwriter and lyricist in my opinion. I love everything he touches and this gig was no exception. A high bar set for the rest of the year. The crowd were good and the banter was there and it was everything a Glasgow gig should be.

tl; dr - actually just don’t read


band did this band did that band did wot say band again


also shit should have blanked out the covers in case folk are going to the gigs in Manchester and London and I’ve just spoiled it

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Lovely write up! Been meaning check out Jack Cooper’s album. Loved Savage’s Thawing Dawn when it was released but haven’t returned to it as much as the PC & Daniele Luppi collab record…


Mate I’m serious write for Rave Child


If you look up what an Arab strap is, I think you’ll find that the whole point of them is to get people “up for it”.


Thanks man! Sandgrown is great, it’s only half an hour long as well so it’s pretty easy to digest. Gynn Square is such a beautiful track and there’s so many lovely little melodies on the record. Memphis, Lancashire slays live, I’m always a sucker for a band that can just unexpectedly draw a song out into one long hypnotic kraut-riddled jam though. Thoroughly recommend it if you’ve liked any of his other stuff.


Can’t tell if this is an insult now :thinking:


I need to go back to that Daniele Luppi record. Loved it when it came out but it got lost in the deluge as the year went on.


No! I’m serious, the whole point of that blog isn’t to give new people a chance and hone their skills (AND, free shows!)


Hot Snakes is an early finish isn’t it?


I might give it a shot then. Free shows sound nice.