Last night's gig was


Lol auto-correct, is* not isn’t

Anyway aye Iain is a good guy who’s always after help


Ah sweet - I will investigate and feedback! I’ve enjoyed all of the Ultimate Painting albums but never given Mazes a shot.

Yeah Milano is absolutely ace and I think one of the main reasons I keep on returning to it is because it makes me yearn for the YYY’s to make an music similar to something in the vein of Fever To Tell again…


Ores & Minerals <3


I went to the opening night of the tour in Berlin and I was seriously impressed. Love both albums on record but did wonder how they would translate live especially A Savage without the Pedal Steel, female vocals and horns.
It really worked though with the slightly grittier sound and like you said what a brilliant pair of musicians for your back up band! It was so good I’ll be seeing them again tomorrow in London.


are you going to Hookworms on Monday man?


How does that look?


Hadn’t even thought about it, but Thekla are buggers for early shows on the weekend. So probably. Hopefully not too silly, I seem to remember once a headliner was on stage at 7 something.


just the covers would be fine, I think it’s pretty well known that they’ve all been playing together as a group. I knew they were doing it cause jack posted something about it on Instagram. Thank you!


Is that in Berlin? I’m back home in London now


for good or for the weekend?


Yeah for good. I might try and get back out to for a Union game at the end or start of next season. Be nice to experience Berlin in the sunshine


aw damn man what happened? (you can message me that if you like)


anyone going to Jimmy Webb tonight??


Alela Diane at St Pancras Old Church.
Just her, Heather Woods Broderick, piano, keyboards and guitar. It was beautiful - the new songs sounded really strong. She finished unplugged with The Rifle

and Oh Mama

and there wasn’t a sound to be heard apart from her.


It works well for the train back so I’m all for it. Did turn up for JSBX around 8 and they’d already started.


Moon Duo at the Brudenell.
Moon Duo were really good but that new (to me) Community Room is a bit of an atmosphere-free zone.


Ezra Furman at Arts Club, Liverpool

Great show. I haven’t heard the new album, seems he is altering his style somewhat but the new songs sounded great, and the older ones were awesome.
Great band as well, especially the saxophonist


I was at that as well. Really pleased that’s the old band in new clothes - they are amazingly tight. Definite move away from the rock and roll sounds of the last two albums - big fan of the cello and synths.
I hadn’t been to the Arts Club before. What a beautiful venue.


Hot Snakes @ Thekla, Bristol

On Saturday, so inevitably ended up pissed.They were tight as fuck live, lots of sweaty fun had by the crowd too.


Q&A and acoustic set plus pedal steel with Willy Vlautin (Richmond Fontaine) at Howard Assembly Rooms, Leeds.

Such a fantastic raconteur, I could listen to him tell anecdotes and sing stories forever. A great Q&A too in which he really opened up and gave an amusing insight into his writing.