Last night's gig was


Great isn’t he?
Was at the Belfast show last week. All round nice guy, great acoustic set and good chat.
Looking forward to the new Delines album.


Hookworms at Privatclub, Berlin

it was great but I should have worn earplugs, I always forget to do that


I meant the band were tight, not the clothes. Sheesh.


Meat Wave - Louisiana Bristol. They are the best.


Seen then a couple of times (in Cardiff and possibly supported by you at Start the Bus?) and yes they are very good.


Yep Start the Bus last time was really good too, and yep we supported. Think we could’ve done this time too, but I had already lined up for our singer to babysit as Mrs JH wanted to go too!


V enjoyable in London, too. New tracks definitely darker - a couple stood out. Funniest bit was when the batteries for the electric cello ran out. Managed to locate a couple of spares in the crowd though. Look forward to the album on Friday.


Supported them a couple of times in London. Lovely guys, great band


You had tickets for last night? Lucky boy. I missed the Lexington tickets even going on sale!
Michael Hann wrote a really interesting interview with him at the weekend. I think the gig he refers to where Ezra looked on the point of collapse was at Scala - I remember this being picked up in the review of it .


Field Music at Rough Trade Bristol. Was ace. The Brewis brothers are such nice people too.


Yes. Got lucky being online same time as announced. Around 25 songs. One of the new ones early in the set stood out a lot. Michael Hann was there last night, haven’t seen a review yet. All in all, a great way to spend a Tuesday.


Last week’s gig was

Shopping’s album launch at Mono. Support was from Happy Spendy and Kaputt.

We caught the end of Happy Spendy, it was pleasant enough without being very memorable. Wishy washy synth pop.

Kaputt were fucking excellent. Strong Talking Heads vibes, bit of a no wave James Chance & the Contortions thing going on as well with the squalling saxophone and jerky rhythms. Nothing particularly new or inventive but it all came together beautifully and I’ll be keeping my eye on them for sure.

Shopping were fun. Tonnes of energy, got the room moving. I find their stuff gets a bit one note and samey after a while but it’s a good time regardless. Only a fiver to get in as well, bargain.


I was at this gig, although I missed the support, that being said I’ve seen kaputt a few times.
Agree with you re Shopping, they can be a bit one note but they’re great fun and she’s excellent at getting the crowd involved.


She’s a brilliant frontwoman, I’ve seen Shopping and Sacred Paws and both were much fun


Caught the beginning of Shopping’s set in Bristol last night before sadly having to dash and get my train and they definitely know how to get the crowd moving (unfortunately they did have some slight technical issues at the very start of the show)! Having now seen Rachel perform with both them and Sacred Paws, I cannot praise enough how good a frontwoman she is - her energy is totally infectious!

Colleen Green supported for this show. Hadn’t really heard much of their material beforehand and whilst their rapport with the crowd was quite amusing; I found their set to be a bit samey bar their Blink 182 cover which for nostalgia reasons I loved.


Saw Meat Wave tonight in Southampton, they were a lot of fun. Think I prefer their pop songs to the noisy ones.


One of my favourite things about them is that it feels, like they want to be a really abrasive band, which they are good at, but the guy just can’t help accidentally leak out melodic bits, and pop hooks and stuff.


I have seen a few interesting things lined up at Rough Trade. I have only popped into the shop once but don’t remember there being much space for bands - is there a back room I missed, or do they just play in the cafe?


Yep, there’s a dedicated live room. The entrance is by the café at the back.


GoGo Penguin doing their live jazzy/classical/electronica thing as part of In The Round at the Roundhouse. (A crap description, that is.) A stunning hour and a quarter in one of my favourite venues. Drummer, double bass player and pianist all very impressive. Not seen them before, but would def see them again.