Last night's gig was

Thursday prime gig night imo


Friday is pretty low down for me. Bars are rammed if you want a drink beforehand and it’s the worst for people chatting during sets.

Though I’m much less likely to flake out on going so that counts a lot in Friday’s favour.


Really hate walking through the city centre for gigs on a Friday or Saturday night

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Gigs on a Friday/Saturday night usually have decent door times because they have club nights on after


Something I used to hate and have grown to appreciate


A couple of venues here have club nights on after almost every night of the week tbh

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Love a midweek 10/10.30 gig finish.

Re: Fri and Sat night Belfast gigs: that fucking beer bike needs taking out.


Just nice to be out on weekends isn’t it

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I would counter this with the alternative:
“it’s nice not to have work the next day, isn’t it?”

I used to work in an office in the city centre until from 4pm to 10pm Monday to Friday and used to hear those beer bikes going past outside over and over again blasting out shit music with loads of drunk people singing along, repeatedly, for most of my shift. Did not enjoy it.

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Been at quiet shows in a few CQ venues and in the middle of a lovely song you’d just have that fuckin bike go by blasting it’s shite out.

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Heartworms at The Village Underground

No picture from me, for a reason I’ll get to…

Post punk stuff. Enjoyed it but didn’t fall in love. The encore had a bit more oomph and heavy rhythm - if they can get a whole set like that they have really good potential.

Maybe this is one for the gig etiquette thread, or an AITA thing, but I had a bit of an altercation with someone in the venue.

This drunk lad was filming the entire set on his phone. Full songs, time between tracks - the lot. And with the brightness up to full so you couldn’t see the stage and you had a blast of light right into your eyesight. Within 10 minutes, people were shouting at him (between songs) to stop and I wasn’t sure if he heard them (maybe due to earplugs). I had enough of it so I tapped him on the shoulder and politely asked him to stop filming for a bit.

I shit you not he said, “I paid for my ticket, I’ll do what I want.”

When I said, “But what about the view for everyone who has to stand behind you?” he started arguing back with me. I told him it was arsehole behaviour and he just kept filming (the entire thing). People squashed up behind him were enraged by it. I wish I’d taken a picture of it because it was so ridiculous.

So I said to him that because I’ve paid my ticket, I’ll mosh where I want. And I started bumping into him so his phone was moving about and he couldn’t film. He told me to go to the front if I wanted to mosh, and I said, “Yeah that’s the polite thing to do but I paid for my ticket so I’ll do what I want.” He moved forward and kept filming so I took a step forward and kept bumping into him. Very childish I know.

Someone nearby told me to stop because I was bumping into him and his girlfriend (only for a few seconds - not as bad as filming the entire fucking set) but obviously I stopped. That’s the polite thing to do when someone is bothered by your behaviour! (When the set ended I apologised to him and his partner again).

Meanwhile other people started arguing with the guy filming moving their hands in front of his phone, saying they were on my side. I asked him “Why are you so un-empathetic? You’re standing in a community and all you care about is yourself”. I left it at that and moved away.

Dead weird situation. Feeling like I was a childish dickhead but the guy was so rude I thought I had to bother him back.

Gosh this post was long



I’d have probably left the gig cos of that guy, sounds infuriating


The bloke on the phone was a wanker. You’re fine.

Oops. Meant as a reply to @otto


It’s okay, JaguarPirate is fine too!


You handled it a lot more calmly than I would



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100% gold-plated arsehole behaviour on that guy’s part.

Best way I’ve seen something similar handled was when someone was filming for ages at a Sunn O))) gig, and my mate calmly reached over the guy’s shoulder and pressed the ‘stop’ button on the screen.


Yes, his behaviour was not on. It’ll be an interesting watch if he uploads the whole thing to Youtube.