Last night's gig was


Chris Forsyth in the Old England (Bristol). Scorching spiky psychedelic jams, fantastic stuff.


Badlands, near McIver station. First time I’ve been there (don’t go to gigs much nowadays). I thought it was a really good venue.


I was at this too. It was rather excellent.


Still have yet to check this venue out. I was under the impression it was a pretty tiny pub, is there a back room?


I LOVED seeing him at the Barbican. What a wonderful, talented human being. A life affirming experience.


Oh yes. As @fellover will attest (we must have seen each other!), it’s a very small venue. I’d guess there were about seventy people there on Saturday and it felt pretty full. If you wanted to go to the gents while the band were on, you had to get on stage and sidle past the bass player.


It’s not the biggest space but it is nicely formed! You walk up a couple of steps past the bar and there is an area with a small stage at the far (not that far) end of the room. You could probably squeeze 40 or so people in here. I’m interested to see / hear what Primitive Man do to the place in April!


I’m in Bristol the next few days recording and playing with one of my bands. Will probably go see Insecure Men at the Rough Trade on Weds and then playing myself there on thurs. Come say hi!


At The Drive-In & Death From Above 1979

Amazingly(?) I’d never seen either of these bands before despite loving both… oh over 10 years ago.

DFA were good fun but the story of the night with both bands is “new stuff… meh”. It was nice to hear ‘Going Steady’ and ‘Romantic Rights’ but otherwise, yeah fine.

I was fearing I was going to hate ATD-i knowing the reviews of their comeback shows so far and that godawful comeback album, and yes, although those songs still suck, they were very good. It was nice to hear a lot of Relationship of Command’s best moments (no ‘Cosmonaut’ sadly but at least they didn’t play that awful parody version from new album) and even better to see them play ‘198d’. I didn’t really need an extended jam on ‘Enfilade’ or for the breakdown of ‘Invalid Letter Dept.’ to go into double time (boke) but overall I’m glad I saw them if nothing else because ‘One Armed Scissor’ really is quite a remarkable song. Omar still looks (and plays) a bit like he’s in his own world wishing he was playing his own stuff or Mars Volta at least, but the rest of the band were into it.

The venue they played, Columbiahalle, is a bit of a shitty sounding venue if you can’t get in front of the upstairs balcony (which is quite hard to do due to spacing) BUT it does have a wee bakery because Germany which they sell everything for 1 Euro at the end of the night which you’re guaranteed to have if you return your cup so I enjoyed my fresh pretzel, and their system :wink:


Arrows of Love I presume. You guys can’t stay away!


If they book it we will come!


Stiff Little Fingers in Wellington.

Belfast punks on their 40th (!) anniversary tour, playing to a bunch of balding 40/50-something policy managers* who moshed unironically to songs about being kids oppressed by their parents, teachers, and shit jobs. (Along with a handful of actualyoungpunks - more your university vegan punks than your shoot speed in the toilet and stab someone punks - who seemed to be having a good time). Nothing like a friendly sweaty moshpit to clear your head and put a smile on your face though.

*It me.


Just saw Alvvays & Spinning Coin: aye


Went to see Mint Field at Broadcast. MF were very good, ticked a lot of shoegaze/post-rock boxes. They managed to make some racket considering there was only three of them. It was very sparsely attended but everyone that was there got really into it and there was a nice atmosphere, even my pal’s dad that i’d dragged along enjoyed himself. For fans of Slowdive, Sigur Ros, gloomy Cure albums etc etc


Not last night but Monday night, Chain and the Gang at Oslo.

Great fun and full of energy. Ian Svenonius is the most obvious focus, and spent half the gig standing, leaning, sitting on the shoulders of members of the audience while singing and/or pontificating on a diverse range of topics including; Oslo (club) -v- Oslo (city) - which came first? and recycling (some trash you don’t see much any more); and doing spectacular high-kicks.

They also all wore super multi-coloured leopard-print suits.


Seen them last night in Manchester… agree with every point. Was talking to them after and they were the nicest people! Unfortunately at the gig there was one girl that would not shut up talking loudly, was told off, then caused a scene. You wonder why some people bother.


Just checked these out. The album is great, really pretty shoegaze.
I like it.


Saw The World Is A Beautiful Place… last night at The Asylum in Birmingham. Intense show. Both supports were fantastic as well, especially Kamikaze Girls.


Mogwai were brilliant last night - i think the most recent album(s) brings a nice touch of upbeat, uptempo into the set

lovely to get Fear Satan at the end - monstrous!

how loud is too LOUD though??? Ears are fucked today! Big fault on my part for forgetting the earplugs


Field Music in Bristol. A good sized venue and they sold it out a fortnight in advance. That makes me very happy.

Brilliant gig, obviously. Touring as an eight piece!