Last night's gig was


These were great last night in Newcastle. Hadn’t listened to Kamikaze Girls before but I thought they were great.

Shame this gig clashed with At The Drive In. Venue wasn’t busy at all but The World Is a Beautiful Place still put on a great set.


Bob Log III. mainly went cos i heard he was great fun live, which he was.

passed a packet of balloons around the crowd to get everyone to blow them up and throw them on stage for him to stamp on while playing, then crowd-surfed on a big rubber dinghy among other antics. hilarious as well. music was a lot of fun although the tracks do start to blend into one after a while.


Pokey Lafarge - artschool
He was great as always, great chat in between songs, missing one of his nad members right enough who was certainly missed. He was also dressed very sharp as always.
Lot of cunts talking very loudly up the back.


Frightened Rabbit performing The Midnight Organ Fight. It was a weird one for me. Living in the central belt, you sort of end up seeing every Scottish band a hundred times over, whether you want to or not - but I’d never seen FR before. Love(d) the album for years, but I’d never felt the need to explore their other stuff. Felt like seeing a band ten years ago for that reason. Anyway, it was a great gig - Top singalongs that managed to make me forget the Liquid Room had probably exceeded its capacity.

Off to Bob Log III (^^) tomorrow and wishing I’d realised Pokey LaFarge (^) was playing.


Anna von Hausswolff. Absolutely incredible.


Went to see SOPHIE at Heaven. I love her music, as I am massive fan of the whole PC Music ‘thing’. Never been to the venue, and it reminded me of my dance music clubbing days. Gig itself was OK. However, I’ve got most if not all the tracks she’s released and about 60% were unknown to me. Pretty avant guard performance generally moments with lots of discordant clashing beats. I think if she had played a few more bangers it would have won people over. When people recognised a song, they loved it.

So if the majority of the night was tracks people knew with some other stuff if would have been amazing. Still a good night though. Her mum was on the merch stand and they were selling shirts with profits going to Mermaid, a transgender charity so I gave them some money. I had a chat with her mum, she was absolutely lovely and it made me happy she was out there getting involved.


A rare foray for me these days but I went to a gig last night. CupcakKe at the Dome in Tufnell Park. For the uninitiated she’s an unsigned rapper from Chicago who’s made a name for herself online. Her songs are all filthy and her fans are all queer teenagers which made me feel incredibly old but also warmed my heart because being a gay teenager seems like a lot more fun that it was when I was that age.

Anyway, here’s some CupcakKe, certainly NSFW


The World is a beautiful place… at the Garage last night. I’m still buzzing about how amazing this was, one of the best gigs I can remember. They are ridiculously tight these days, so intricate and such great dynamics, and they’re so intense and uplifting live.

Absolutely killer opening with Heartbeat in the Brain and I Could Be Afraid Of Anything at the start. Huge singalong for Jan 10th 2014. Saw a guy in absolute floods during Marine Tigers. Katamari Duqette was heavy as fuck. Was stoked to get Gig Life. And I’m pretty sure Getting Sodas is the best seven minutes of live music in existence.

:heart:️ this band


Did you stir his scotch with your boob?


Perfume Genius at the New Zealand Arts Festival (they always get a handful of rock acts).

Very good gig. Started at 7 (!), he played all killer no filler - shortened versions of most songs but that worked. His voice is amazing and his band tight. Very good crowd - dead quiet for the quiet songs, swaying or jumping for the louder ones.


I was there too. Great fun gig. I think I was stood next to you at the bar. Were you wearing a colourful jacket?

I was the geeky Indian bloke.


Ha, I was! Well spotted.


Oh, that was her mum on the merch stand, was it?

Yeah, like you said, most of the what she played I didn’t recognise, but it was bangin’ nevertheless.

What did you think of Nabibah Iqbal’s support set? I actually went out with her on 2 or 3 dates 10 years ago - after meeting at a Grouper show - and she’s ridiculously talented, but, having never seen her play live before outside of dj sets, I found her set to be really insipid, at times struggling to keep the audience’s attention. Lovely girl though.


Bob Log III. Gig of the year already.


Was his voice higher than usual?


I think a few more bangers/EP tracks that people knew and it would have been spectacular, but it was still good.

I was there for the whole support set as I like to get in early. It just washed over me to be honest. I knew it was happening but that was it. Shame if she is really talented. There were loads of people there at the front (relatively speaking for a support act). But on reflection that was probably an early crowd for a good spot for SOPHIE to be honest.

Yes, I only knew her mum was on the stand when she was chatting to the person in front. Makes me so happy she’s out there supporting her.




Oh. But ‘It’s OK to cry’ was of course perfect to finish.


Skinny Girl Diet @ House Of Vans. They were great, as ever, although it was my first time seeing them as a two piece and they definitely miss their bassist :frowning:

First time at House Of Vans for me, which is decent for a corporate venue albeit the stage was a little low. Free gig too so not to be sniffed at…


Mad jealousy for cats ITT been to Cupkkake, SOPHIE, The World Is…

Myself I’m just on the train home from Susanne Sundfør in Manchester. Loved it. I’m a little bit of a plebbo so I’ve not the vocabulary to talk about what made me love it, but it was fucking perfect and it’s fixed my mood and got me optimistic after a bit of a shit 24 hours leading up to it.