Last night's gig was


I was there! Was a load of fun but a bit short no? Like 8 songs or something. Literally was just rapping along to the cd and would have been nice if there were more definition on the more hi end parts as it was understandably quite bass heavy and a lot of what I like about her sounds got drowned out. When she comes back i hope she brings her own soundperson with the individual tracks or stems so they can mixed better to suit the room.

HOWEVER the crowd made it brilliant though, very good vibes everyone going for it, as someone who tends to go to gigs surrounded by people my age or older watching guitar centric bands it was kind of weird but good to be somewhere different and watch someone with no instruments or backing people on stage with her. I’ve been to plenty of gay bars and clubs but not to a gig with someone who has such a strong lgbt fanbase, was fantastic to see.


I tweeted that The World Is… gig was top 10 of all time material and David Bello’s dad (of “there’s nothing wrong with Jose” lyrical fame) retweeted it :smile:


Haha the guy I’m seeing atm was there and got a selfie with her. Need to have a listen to her stuff, I only know her from being a Charli XCX collaborator


Just saw USA Nails in Southsea, they were so great - new stuff is outstanding, shades of Big Black, Scratch Acid, bit of FOTL. Noisy and SO fun.


Ventured out in the snow last night to watch Kanda Bongo Man. Recall him hearing him a bit on John Peel, but never listened that much (mainly due to intimidatingly big back catalogue). It was a lot of fun, and a very different demographic to most gigs I go to. The Congolese diaspora know how to have a good time - a serious amount of ass shaking was going on. And the music was great. Best show of 2018 (so far) for me.


Bob has a serious work ethic, I have a theory he’s just a homeless guy with a motorcycle helmet and an immense talent on the slide guitar as he’s almost never not on tour. He’s probably in my top 20 most-seen acts and he always puts on a show, but it must be soul destroying to be doing that show to paltry crowds (of which I’ve been in a few). But when the crowd are into it there’s not a lot better. (I’m seeing him next week in Guildford).


Did you see Black Midi supporting by any chance? Favourite new band for sure.


Being the only skinny American male in the venue, I think there’s a good chance I spotted him pre-gig. Kind of ruined the mystique for me. :zipper_mouth_face: Still a quite awesome gig though. I shall only drink cava from dog bowls now.


Last night’s gig for me was an amazing garage punk band from Madrid called Hollywood Sinners. Great crowd. Lots of Spanish kids - which always makes for a great party. I DJ’sd after the bands until closing time. Packed dance floor mom stop. Not because I’m SO good but the crowd was just up for it.




Adem at the Cumberland Arms. utterly wonderful. he wished me happy birthday before playing ‘These Are Your Friends’.


Oops, yeah. That should be non stop of course.


I saw them in Bristol on Saturday. Really enjoyed it.


Fever Ray @ The Troxy

Despite the frustrations discussed in the Fever Ray thread, good gig.

The stage set, the lighting, the costumes and the performance all hit the spot. That said, for the first three songs I thought it was the greatest thing ever, then for the next three song I found myself finding the whole thing a bit arch (like everything she and The Knife have ever done isn’t super-arch), before finally settling into a groove and just enjoying myself. Chalk and cheese with the super minimalist performance when I saw her on the first album tour, but every bit as good in a different way. Am a sucker for double drummers :+1:


Saw this in Manchester last night, thought it was fantastic - really great fun. Loved the amount of care that seemed to be put into track was interpreting the music to a live setting (especially the older stuff).


Dinosaur Jr last night in Bristol.

Yep, they are a good band alright.


Brett Anderson talking about his excellent book, ‘Coal Black Mornings’, at The Mitchell Library in Glasgow. The interview was a bit drab, but he was utterly charming during the Q&A with the audience.


Fever Ray were brill last night in Manchester. just banger after banger. always thought of as her music as weird electro pop, but the emphasis was on the electro side of things, for sure. as mentioned above, lighting and costumes were also great. crowd vibes were nice too.

‘To The Moon and Back’ was probs the highlight, which is weird because I never liked it that much before. suuuuch a big tune live, tho.


Tera Melos @ Fleece & Firkin, Bristol - Frantic and frenetic, west-coast (California, not Somerset) skronk-rock shenanigans. Gnarly, intense, inventive and very satisfying.


Young Fathers at the Roundhouse - one of the most thrilling sets I’ve seen, well, ever I think. So much to dance to. I was watching it from the upstairs standing bit (PSA: deffo the place if, unlike me, you’re 5 foot 4 but still want to see the stage - view is amazing).