Last night's gig was


Saw Our Girl at St Pancras Old Church on Monday. They were good. A semi acoustic show. 7/10.

Saw Tune Yards on Tuesday. Fun night. Their gig at The Royal Festival Hall a few years ago was simply amazing. Tuesday’s was fun as expected 7.5/10.

Saw Whenyoung as support for Dream Wife at Heaven last night. Whenyoung are probably my favourite new small band at the moment. Some terrific songs. 7.5/10. (I didn’t bother hanging around for Dream Wife.)


I took a friend of mine to see Public Service Broadcasting for his first visit to The Roundhouse a few years ago and the only tickets left were upstairs standing. Would usually have been my last choice, but they were actually great - good view, space to dance and plenty of room to get in and out. He only ever buys upstairs standing tickets now.


Wish they’d put them on sale from the start, tbh - they only sell upstairs standing when downstairs is (almost) sold out. I was up there for the Chemical Brothers on the tour they filmed for Don’t Think, and it was the best view in the house.


Good to know. One of my favourite venues, but always avoided Upstairs Standing.


Jesus Christ. I’ve done something insanely stupid. I put Fever Ray down in my calendar as next week, just found out it was last night… :sob::sob::sob:


Oof :frowning:


Saw Phoenix in Manchester last night and they were on absolutely blistering form, one of the best I’ve seen them.They pretty much played all of Wolfgang in and amongst it, including an incredible Love Like A Sunset Pt 1 & 2. Brilliant light show on the go too. They looked to be having a ball, and for a Sunday night gig the crowd were well up for it which massively added to how good it was.

If you’re at a festival over summer and they’re playing, make sure you catch them


Saw A Certain Ratio last night, and it was incredible. Still as tight as a gnat’s arse, and basically playing a greatest hits / party set these days. Shortly after I got into them in the 90s they went a bit jazz-funk, but they seem to have put that to bed now.

Also, Denise Johnson is possibly the best backing vocalist ever.


Saw them last night at the Barras, was also great. They have so many hits and so much energy!

Seemed a bit quiet though, maybe just cause it was a Monday night?


saw them in Bristol & in brighton
both sets were better than any time seeing them previously

we ended up drinking with denise in the bar of the kings hotel until 3 am on the sunday


Saw Palm, as in these guys

whilst I was in DC. Probably one of the most fun, experimental and spontaneous live acts I’ve seen in a long while. Looks like they’ll be headed to the UK during summer too.


Saw Alex Lahey and Martha at the weekend. Both really fun with crowds that were really up for it - surprised me a bit for Lahey, though not for Martha who have such an avid cult following at this point

Nice venues too. Hadn’t been to Omeara before but really liked it, good sound and decor, always nice to see new small venues opening up


Calexico at the Colston Hall last night, who were reliably excellent. Should also mention that I saw The Men That Will Not Be Blamed For Nothing at the Exchange on Sunday, supported by IDestroy, and they were terrific fun, turning me into the kind of pogoing headbanging mess a gentleman of my age has no right to be.


No Age were excellent last night at Exchange. Had loads of fun down the front, shaking my head to their noisy racket!


Think I might have been stood two back from you by the wall. Good gig, great pair of lads.


Pharoahe Monch at the Tunbridge Wells Forum (a 250 capacity converted public toilet). Absolutely incredible. A captivating performance from a real showman. The fact that he’s not massive is criminal.


I was at the gig as well, sometimes I forget just how many good songs they have.


Ah I thought I spotted / recognised you from your avatar also but was too shy to come over and say hello! Will look out for you at future gigs.

But yeah definitely, no age were great! Their set seemed to cover the majority of their catalogue too. Really need to give Snares more of the listen though, it’s a shame that it’s only on YouTube…


Saw Meggie Brown, Black Midi and Warmducher at the lock tavern last night

Meggie Brown were great - Very Pixies/Throwing Muses with short sharp songs with great melodies and little time signature/tempo changes here and there. Did this really cool thing where they reprised their opening song at the end but the verse lyrics may have been different? Enjoyed every minute.

Black Midi were yet again amazo. Played at least 2 newies that were fast heavy and wacky. Crowd were pretty rawkas and at one point frontman just stood back and wagged his finger at them in this over the top disapproving schoolmaster matter, great poise and confidence for someone who can’t be older than 19. I absolutely cannot emplore people enough to go see em if you get the chance, almost certainly will be a band in the “big bands you saw in tiny venues” thread a few years down the line.

Warmducher were fun and a good party band, Black Grape meets the more gnarly electronic elements of Primal Scream. I saw them a good few years back now and thought they were a fucking mess but this was way more together. Were fun, would probably enjoy it even more if I was out of it at a festival which feels like the vibe they’re trying to cultivate.


I’ve been intrigued by Midi Brown by you talking about them. Must try to see. Also like the sound of Meggie Brown.