Last night's gig was


Saw Jeffrey Lewis at Fiddlers (currently one of my favourite venues in Bristol). He’s lost a lot of hair since I last saw him in 2010, but is still just as funny/good and always tells a good story. He threw an Iron Maiden cover in for good measure as well!


The Mummies at 229 last night were as awesome as ever. This is one of those bands that has to be seen live, although their records are good too. The started out in the late 80s and called it quits in 95. But every now and then they get back together for a festival somewhere around the world. So I’ve seen them now in Paris, Valencia, Benidorm, San Francisco, and London. They dress as Egyptian mummies and play garage punk rock. Here’s their Peel Session.


didn’t know they were still a thing, that video of them playing on public access TV is one of my favourite things ever


They officially broke up in 1992 but were persuaded to play again a couple of years later to support Supercharger on a European tour, which is when I saw them for the first time, in 1994. They reform now only for festival dates - so I saw them at the Funtastic Dracula Carnival in Valencia in 2008, the Born Bad fest in Paris in 2009, and Funtastic again, this time in Benidorm, in 2016, then again last night here in London. Every time they still have the teenage energy and craziness as the first time I saw them 24 years ago.


Melbourne-based Kiwi folk/roots singer Skyscraper Stan, at someone’s house.
One of the more random gigs I’ve been to - advertised as a house party open to the public. Turned out to be in a giant house in one of the richest parts of town, place would have been worth well over a million NZD. Rang the bell, answered by a super-enthusiastic woman and equally enthusiastic dog, crowded in with some beers into the posh lounge, 40 odd people sat on the floor or outside on the deck. Went for a piss and they had a picture of the queen in the toilet.
Gig was good folky stuff, reckon he’d do well supporting Paul Kelly or in the Tipi at End of the Road


Let’s Eat Grandma @ Stereo, Glasgow.

Saw them at Primavera last year and have enjoyed the singles from the new album so far, so decided to head to this fairly last minute. Really enjoyed it overall, new stuff sounded great and they seem so unique (to me at least), switching between guitar, sax and recorder in the middle of songs.

On the downside it was a super short set (40 mins) and they still seem a bit awkward performing the newer stuff, but would be keen to see how they develop their sound and style from here.


Saw Big Thief @ KOKO last night. They seemed to be missing their guitarist, and played loads of songs I’ve never heard, but they were great. Unfortunately got there quite late and was stuck at the back a bit, with all the chatterboxes.


I was there too. Good gig. Yeah, I was at the back with chatty people too.

I’ve never liked The Koko. Shit venue but didn’t mind last night’s gig. It was fun enough and met up with an ex-workmate.


Friendly Fires smashed it at Brixton Academy last night. Was never a big fan but they really gave it their all and the crowd were super up for it. Glad to see a decent write up on DiS today.


Loads of chatterboxes when they supported Conor Oberst last year but they still powered on through and were bloody great! Capacity is still such a beautiful record. Can’t wait to hear what they bring out next!


What what what?! I thought FF were over… When’s the next album coming? Pala is an underrated pop gem!


Tonight was Rolo Tomassi @ The Garage. Another astounding performance from Rolo. Songs from the new album sounded so good and sat comfortably alongside older stuff. Part of me would like to see them sell out larger venues, but the Garage for a tenner will do very nicely indeed.


RP Boo @ Café Oto

Was Bangin’ (on King Drive)


I was also at this gig. Started a bit timidly but once they got going it was a great show.


Idles - Bath.

Well done to all concerned (band, crowd, sound man), one mark off for the venue for running out of the local hooch.


Did you watch the support band Lice? Big fan of those guys


Caught the tail end of their set, seen them before supporting Idles. Like the music and the vocals just not sure I like them together?


Young Fathers in Berlin. Fuck me they’re good. That’s all.


Florist were mesmerising at The Moon in Cardiff last night. Their delicate and hushed sound translated really well live. The band seemed rather humbled by the avid response they received. Quite enjoyed their in between song chatter about the area and dining at the spoons too!


They were brilliant, weren’t they? Haven’t danced that much at a gig for a while. Thought the first two new songs they played were belters, big potential for the summer. The third one that they’ve released was alright.