Last night's gig was


I saw Fenne Lily at The Moth Club. Good performance. She’s a cut above those in her genre.


I was also at this and wrote some words about it:


Yeah I really loved ‘Tijuana’. It’s amusing how you can tell the name of their songs straight away.

@WizardLizard - a new single came out a week ago:


that is bloody lovely.


Oh sweeeeet! Liking that a LOT and it’s pretty much a continuation of where they left off!

Was it just the three new tracks that they aired as @incomplete mentioned above? Remember seeing them at Brixton when they were touring Pala and their stage show was like a full blown carnival!


Yeah just the three new songs and all the hits. 8 musicians on stage including a horn section.


Nils Frahm at the Immanuel Church in L.A. extraordinary. he was even quite funny, although i would say he spoke a bit too much and wasn’t sure how much i really appreciated him breaking down his own songs in a humourous manner. does he do that ‘skit’ at all his gigs now?


Nice! Well I’m glad that their back gigging and releasing material again. Have any other live dates been announced?


Saw Issac Gracie last night at the Belgrave Music Hall in Leeds. Seems to be lots of hype around him at the moment. Now gonna check out his album, which I believe is out today. Really enjoyed his support, Matt Maltese - so he’s gone on the list to find more about.


Saw Cuntroaches the other night at Wharf Chambers and you wouldn’t think people would be so on it for weird noise rock on a Monday night, but they were. The band’s sound was just so mesmerizing.


Young Fathers @ Rote Fabrik, Zurich. Deceptively simple staging of a really great performance with the whole band filling the palce with energy. Definitely preferred the first half where there was more noise than words but the whole thing flew by without any padding. Thought there’d be a bit more stage banter but at least the “Ooooh… fer fucxake” got a big laugh from me and my mate.

2018 Round up!

The Go! Team @ QMU, Glasgow was another big ball of energy but with a lot more fun wrapped around it. An almost Polyphonic Spree scale cast of characters switching instruments and leaping around stage. New stuff (and all the albums I’ve missed) sounded great but - and I know it makes me a bad person - I came for Huddle Formation and I wasn’t disappointed.

Alessandro Cortini @ Sudpol, Luzern. Avanti was my favourite record of last year by a country mile and I was pissed off at having missed him live in December (on account of having to go and see Kool & the Gang instead) so this was a real treat. Basically a live runthrough of the last album but a lot louder than you can get at home and with some old home movies playing in the background. There was an older couple sitting in the corner of the venue and the guy looked remarkably like Alessandro so I like to think that his mum & dad still come along to his shows when they get the chance.


Caught these in Cardiff on Tuesday.

Absolutely hypnotic.


Pendulum @ Reading Print Works…

Not normally my kind of thing, but a mate of mine from overseas was visiting and he loves The Pendulums so I agreed to go along with him. Was surprisingly good fun tbh tbf - their set was non-stop bangers throughout. Some fairly intense moshpit action too which was entertaining. First time at Print Works and it is certainly an atmospheric venue - walking distance from my house too, which earns it a bonus point :+1:


Just watched Iron Chic at the Joiners in Southampton and they were incredible. Had goosebumps during their closing couple of songs, really great anthemic punk rock.


Love them so much, such a feel good band


I went to see Porches last night on a last minute whim and they were very good actually! Enjoyed it a lot considering I wasn’t massively into what I had heard previously.

Tonight is Grouper and I am going to weep heavily so… wish me luck!


He spent some time chatting about building his organ and not liking the sounds it made at both UK shows we went to. Has always liked a bit of a chat between pieces though, whenever I’ve seen him. Glad you enjoyed it- loved the Brighton show he did here in Feb (London show was good too, just a bit quiet).


Idles at Heaven last night - absolutely electric and the crowd were well up for it. Destroyed my toes and had ringing ears all night. New material sounds great, one of the best gigs I’ve been to for sure.


Oh yeah, the support band Lice were cracking good fun too


Saw Ought at the Bristol Exchange last night, absolutely brilliant, the new songs are great live. This is the 2nd time I’ve seen them and I can’t remember the 1st, which I sometimes take as a bad thing. I will definitely remember this gig though, which makes me think they have really stepped up their game (or I was really drunk the 1st time I saw them).