Last night's gig was


Nada Surf at the Fleece in Bristol, playing Let Go then a load of other stuff. Ace.


Nice one. Seeing them tomorrow night :grinning:


I had two gigs last night.

Desperate Journalist at Oslo. I’ve been a huge fan of theirs for a few years now. The new EP is excellent and they’ve one of the best front women around. Brilliant gig.

Then I saw Baby Shakes at The Moth Club. Shit band.


Grouper in Berlin and, my word :cry:


If that’s a reply to me, get there early… the Let Go set started at 7.45 and a lot of lazy Bristolians missed much of it. Bristolians and timekeeping are infuriating strangers.


I saw Propagandhi in Bristol SWX last night. One of my top bands of all time for various reasons, I enjoyed it very much.


I enjoyed this too. Didn’t really get going for me until they played Desire but from then on was great. Beautiful Blue Sky was predictably awesome.


Was gutted that I couldn’t make this in the end. How did Desire translate live (presumably without the backing choir)?


Ought in Glasgow. The sound was shitty for the first few songs so it got off to a bad start and never really got going afterwards.

I thought Ought were great, Tim Darcy is a wonderful frontman, but there was no real connection with the audience. There were a lot of people standing still with their arms folded. I mean I wasn’t expecting people to be going wild but thought there might be some shouting along and awkward dancing y’know.

Got to hear a few songs that I’ve been dying to hear live, little bit gutted the other band members didn’t do any backing vocals in Desire though


Was stood at the front absorbed by yer man Darcy so didn’t really notice any lack of extra vocals.


Very positive crowd / band vibes in Bristol!


where was it, out of interest? They were great at broadcast on last tour


Stereo, sounds normally great in there but I think they had their own sound engineer


oh wow really? that is very surprising then


Ah fair! Caught him last year solo and found him to be a very captivating performer too.


Back from Roadburn. Obviously loads of great stuff: Cult of Luna and Julie Winter, Planning for Burial, Boris and Stephen O’Malley, Zola Jesus, You Fail Me in full, Ulsect, Spotlights, Vampillia for the frontman’s boundless energy, Big Brave, Thou x The Body (holy fuck), Mutoid Man were fun, even if I don’t really dig them, Wear Your Wounds sounded colossal, but the absolute best was something quite surprising and last minute: a couple of the Cave In guys doing an acoustic set. Songs sounded amazing and it was really moving too.


Julie Christmas! :joy: …jeez I need to sleep!


Manic Street Preachers at Newcastle Arena. Great gig with a few setlist curveballs but rubbish crowd and as much as I love the band, my prediction that they couldn’t fill arenas outside Wales anymore was proven correct.


I hear they do 4Ever Delayed? Hope they keep that in for Leeds!


They did, yes!