Last night's gig was


Ah cool! Hope it's another good show - let us know how it is :slight_smile:


Angel Olsen & The Raincoats at Islington Assembly Hall

First time going to this venue and it seemed okay but didn't get much chance to look around. Their set started earlier than I had previously seen on Twitter earlier. Still managed to find a good spot not too far from the bar. They started with a cover of Patti Smith's 'Because the Night' which set the tone nicely. I'd not seen either band before (really should have gotten tickets to Olsen's Koko show the other week - her voice WOW) but they seemed to be having a lot of fun playing together and the extra guitars / violin complimented whoever track they were playing. The set mainly consisted of Raincoats tracks, some of which were new (Does anyone know if there is an album coming soon?) along with a few Olsen tracks and the Patti Smith cover.

All in all I had a great time. I definitely need to see Angel Olsen on her next tour.

@BMS1 did you enjoy the gig?


Yeah. That was a fun gig. I wasn't sure how they would split up the songs but a mix of mainly Raincoats and some Angel Olsen songs worked well although one or two more from Olsen would have been preferred. The various artists on stage seemed to be having a great time which came over in their songs and between song banter.

Last night concluded an Angel Overload for me. (It'll sound like bragging but) I saw her when I was on holiday at Webster Hall, New York in September followed by a signing at the Rough Trade New York shop the next day. I then saw her do a set at Rough Trade East a few weeks ago and also at The Koko. I've got a ticket for her Roundhouse show next year and so a long break until her next gig. She's always great live. Her Dingwalls gig when she toured Burn Your Fire was probably the best time that I've see her.


Yeah I did wonder how they'd split up the song ratio but yes another Angel Olsen track or two wouldn't have gone a miss.

Haha I'm quite jealous of all those gigs you've been to! Which was the best of the ones you've seen this year?


31/10- Ganglions, Sheffield, Audacious Art Experiment- wonderful local/leeds math-pop group. Their songs are so much fun. They have one about the Japanese tradition of making useless inventions (Chindoku)


The Rough Trade East gig was the best musically but I enjoyed the Webster Hall gig more purely as that was the first time I'd seen her for a while and because it was a Saturday night in New York.


Was the Webster Hall gig before My Woman came out? Has she stuck to a fairly consistent setlist?


Tim Hecker and Beatrice Dillon at the Barbican. Beatrice Dillon was great, Shackleton style dub techno with complex rhythms and rib-rattling bass.

Tim Hecker was intense, although he could easily have not been there at all given the sheer amount of dry ice. Played mostly Love Streams and had to cut his set down to an hour due to technical issues but still really good.


My Woman came out a few weeks before the Webster Hall gig. I think the setlist have been pretty similar although we got Windows in New York. I don't think she's played it at London. That's my favourite song of hers.


Really enjoyed that gig actually. Managed to fit Stigmata II in which was stunning. Thought the second half was much better then the first.

While I enjoyed Beatrice Dillon set its not the sort of music I want to listen to sitting down in a theater full of people. Want to be dancing to that.

Lighting left a lot to be desired. No issue with the dried ice as of such. Who wants to just see someone mess about on a mac book for an hour? But it lacked variation, particularly in the first half and had no flow and actually snapped me out of the moment a few times.


Thought it was pretty funny that the visuals were mentioned so much in the promotion when it was just a shitload of dry ice and a few lights. Made no difference to me though as I had my eyes contentedly closed the majority of the time.

I enjoyed Beatrice Dillon's set a lot - agreed I'd rather have been somewhere dancing to it, but was happy to get the chance to zone out to it, too.

Hecker was fantastic - the Barbican's soundsystem is surprisingly powerful! :chart_with_upwards_trend:


Yeah I went to the London date and she didn't do Windows. Annoying as she didn't do it on the Burn your fire date I saw, I had spotted she had started to play it in this tour. Very jealous you got to see it.


Indeed think I would have preferred just watching it in pitch black. That's what tricky did when I saw him and I loved it (although it pissed some people off)


Saw The Wave Pictures at Plug in Sheffield. Great band. Shit venue. David Tattersall's guitar skills are off the chart. They played a lot of new stuff which had a great, bluesy, garage rock sound. I'm really looking forward to getting the new album next week.


Ahhhhhh! They are all my friends! They're so good! Amazed that someone on DiS saw them and liked them.


Must admit I was expecting more from the lights, particularly when I saw the whole battery he had set up behind him between sets (turns out the gantry was lust lowered so he had somewhere to put his lights). Thought they were quite effective though, particularly when they lit up the stage with the pink/blue of the Love Streams cover.


Earth - Cluny 2, Newcastle

Missed the support on account of being in no fit state to leave the house until shortly before the gig. Had a heavy one the night before. I'd been looking forward to this a lot on account of missing Earth the last time they played in Newcastle and it certainly met my expectations. Wonderful slow heavy drone.

Though the Cluny's main room gets a lot of praise, I think the Cluny 2 is better in a lot of ways, the sound especially. That fucking guitar was just so heavy and crisp, with bass that sent out a good thick rattle. Really enjoyed watching the drummer as well, felt like every hit was precise and perfectly struck, which kept the whole sound feeling really tight and together. I would have happily listened to them play another two or three tracks, and felt loads better by the end. Dylan Carlson seems like a lovely bloke too!


Kara-Lis Coverdale, St John the Baptist Church, Bristol

Wonderful electronic composer from Montreal in charming 14th century church. Sounded brilliant.


I was there too! It's probably for the best you missed the support, personally I wasn't a fan. Really enjoyed Earth tho, the drummer was a bit mesmerising, good restraint!


Love watching Adrienne drum, must take some restraint not to wanna go full Animal from the Muppets.