Last night's gig was


Few days late but saw Lucy Dacus on Friday night at Hug & Pint. Almost perfect, would have liked a couple more off the first album but she did Map on the Wall so can’t complain, it was a great set regardless. Tiny room, sound was crystal. Just great stuff.


Wanted to get to that but sold out much faster than I expected! Going to Hug and Pint for nap eyes next month though


Josh Rouse at the Lantern (upstairs in Colston Hall) Bristol. Only venue in the country that is carpeted ?
Great gig, first time seeing him since 2007.


The Louisiana in Bristol is also carpeted I think.


Bristol… home of the carpets. And Kid Carpet.


In case you didn’t know, Kid Carpet is an anagram of his name, Ed Patrick. Or so I’m led to believe.


I did indeed know that! Have met him many times, lovely bloke. I’m well chuffed for him that his kids shows have been such a success.


Should have gone with “Tepid Rack”. Or “Irked Pact”.


what are the chances of that eh. One city two carpeted venues. Amazing.


Just back from seeing Band Of Skulls at the Joiners. They’re not really my jam but were a lot of fun, understand why they pretty big now. Some good bluesy riffs, all I want now is to listen to Dead Meadow though.


Zonal at Corsica Studios, with the Bug DJing before. Didn’t stay for JK Flesh DJing as it was a school night, which was a shame. Amazing and probably the loudest gig I’ve ever been to. Wore earplugs for the first time in my life.


Part Chimp at The Garage. Nice to see them fill the venue as headliners (think the last time we saw them there they were playing to a half empty room supporting Black Dice 15 years ago). Fans of the last couple of albums will have been happy with the set. Not sure they played anything off Chart Pimp which is a shame for a band with only four albums and a handful of split singles- not sure they played anything from it at last year’s London gig either, so I guess they’re either happy to have moved past it or are committed to spending less time retuning guitars on stage…

Anyway, we had fun. My hearing is completely buggered today (surprise!).


Melbourne indie feminists Camp Cope. A mix of fun and serious themes (depression, sexual assault, failed relationships).

Very well received by a crowd so polite that chants of ‘one more song’ turned into ‘one more song - please’.

Heading the way of the UK in September, worth a look.
Here’s The Opener:


Are You Listening? Festival, Reading. On a train home now. £22 for She Makes War, Slug, The Lovely Eggs, Idles, Warm Digits and Field Music, plus a few local acts earlier in the day. Ace.


They did a collaboration with Moor Mother at Roadburn - he was slowly pacing and ranting while we were all enveloped in this evil red fog - fit the music really well! And yeah, it was insanely loud too!


Absolutely loved the album. I’ve got a ticket for their London show.


I meant to go to this as it’s up the road. But I’ve got loads of very boring stuff to do around the house so couldn’t make it. Gutted I missed Idles.


Early bird tickets for next year are on sale for a tenner.


Yo La Tengo are incredible - Tom Courtney > Sugarcube > huge version of Blue Line Swinger. Ooft.


A Hawk And A Hacksaw at Summerhall in Edinburgh. It was brilliant - So much variation in sound for two people. Some top dulcimer action too.