Last night's gig was


Went to Vundabar at Sneaky Pete’s and Nap Eyes at the Hug and Pint last week.

Vundabar were great, full of energy and the crowd was pretty into it. Mostly full of French people though for some reason? They did this thing of stopping during their “singles” for some awkward stage banter which i half enjoyed for the ballsiness and half irritated me - you can’t stop halfway through a chorus :grimacing: Supported by a good local band Holy Loaf that are coming out with an album soonish I think.

Nap Eyes were loads of fun too, just seemed so happy and grateful to be there - seem like such dorks in the sweetest way. Only got to see half of their set due to the last train ffs but luckily the support was Haley Heynderickx who I like just as much as them - so almost a double bill for me. Never heard an audience so silent and captivated by a support act, can;t wait for her to come back with a full band!


I had to abandon that Nap Eyes gig during the first support as I was super hungover and my anxiety levels were through the roof. Really gutted


:frowning: they played the same venue last year so they clearly like coming to Glashow! So they’ll be back soon hopefully. It was such a tiny claustrophobic space though right? Felt like the smallest venue space I’ve been to yet.


I went to see RM Hubbert there a while back, obviously very quiet gig, everyone standing politely, but I just found it far too small and cramped, avoid gigs there now.


Michael Head at the Belgrave in Leeds. Seen him so many times over the years, especially in Shack, but he’s never sounded better. He had a full band behind him and they absolutely nailed it. The run of Neighbours, Mr Appointment, Stranger and Something like you was really, really special.


A few gigs this week:

Tuesday was Snail Mail at Hackney Oslo. Liked the stuff that she’s released so far and looking forward to the album. Good gig. Looks like she’s getting popular rather quickly.

Wednesday was U.S. Girls at Scala. Loved the album and the gig was just brilliant. One of the best albums of the year for me.

Friday was Japanese Breakfast at Brixton Windmill. Packed gig. Rubbish view but she was great live.


went to see The Ex again, what a band


Sparks at the academy in Glasgow. Was the first time I’ve seen them (been some near misses over the years at festivals and stuff), they were ace.


Josh T Pearson at the Islington Assembly Rooms. Touring with a band and new songs sound great live, very meaty. Played a couple of Gentlemen songs that were also beefed up. Still spends ages cracking jokes between song which is mainly quite endearing. (Although when he was still getting to the punchline before playing Devil On the Run as the last encore and I had to run and missed one of my favourite songs to get the last train home it was less endearing).

Quite disconcerting after the beard years to see him with a peroxide Trump cut (which he said was for an aborted promo video which was going to be a Trump satire - no idea whether this was a wind-up). But good to see him in good health and humour, and really hope he keeps his promise to start releasing an album a year from now on


Went to see Car seat headrest at SWX in Bristol last night. I think it had pretty much sold out and the crowd were a real mix, there were a lot of sing alongs and Will Toledo seemed in fine form. Really good gig, they have a LOT of tunes!


Seen Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever and Car Seat Headrest on successive nights this week

RBCF were incredibly good, super loud and tight and intricate. Was really cool to see the way the vocal parts and guitar lines intersected live.

Car Seat Headrest was probably the most fun show I’ve seen in ages. Amazing crowd, it was like a pop-punk gig. The bit where Maud Gone exploded into Destroyed by Hippie Powers lit the touch paper and it was pretty wild from there on. Heard stuff about the band seeming ambivalent in the past, but they all seemed to be having a great time, Will was a genuinely charismatic frontman and interacted quite a bit.


Saw Sparks last night in Leeds. I’d only previously seen them with Franz Ferdinand, as part of FFS.
Anyhow, they really were fantastic. The sound was fabulous and Russell’s live vocal just insanely good!


Ben Folds in Bath.

So bloody good.


Not seen him play in years, he’s always really good :+1:


Saw Screaming Females last night in Bristol.

Ridiculously good - pretty sure she’s the best guitarist I’ve ever seen. Absolute powerhouse of a band, everyone else should pack up and go home.


Me neither. Think I have only seen him three times, first album era in the tent at Reading. Second album era in Manchester and Way To Normal tour a while back at Bristol Academy, which was rammed and not really the right venue.

Last night was perfect, in a beautiful old theatre, with a nice polite crowd. I know he does all the things he does every night (the anecdotes, the four part audience harmonies) but was still fresh as a daisy, and I’m not ashamed to admit that after two false alarms he finally made me cry for Gracie.

I had had some wine though.


Lovely stuff :blush::+1:


Class anecdote :clap:t6::clap:t6:


He’s the absolute best. I was there too! How close was I to the stage? This close…


Yowsa, what a spot!