Last night's gig was


I can’t remember the last time there was a Ben Folds seated gig where I didn’t get myself online the second they were on sale. :slight_smile:


To put it mildly I’ve had a good couple of days. After the aforementioned Ben Folds in Bath last night, tonight was Field Music and the Open Here Orchestra at the Barbican. Fantastic.


Horse Lords at Cafe Oto, reaffirming that they’re the best live band in the world right now.
Could’ve been much, much longer, and the crowd could’ve danced a bit more (to make me feel less like a twitchy interloper) but they were machine-tight and oddly funny.


Saw Black Lips the other night at the Garage, late show (they went on about 1am and played for an hour). Was enjoyable even though they’re not really my thing more it’s my mates favourite band and he absolutely loses his shit everytime he sees them, which I like seeing as he’s quite a reserved guy otherwise.
We got down the front and went for it the entire gig, good ratio of guys to girls too in the pit it felt like, didn’t notice any instances of anyone being a handsy dick either which I’m quite conscious of, just lots of sweat and smiles all round.

I’m not up on their new stuff as I should be, but they played plenty of older stuff I recognised.


Yeah it was really good. I was sitting down. enjoyed rattle as well


yeah Rattle were good! Will definitely keep an eye on them.


Damn straight. Gig of the year for me so far. They almost blew the roof off! Can’t wait to see them again in September.


Broken Social Scene @ The Garage

Just great. Been waiting ages to see them and it was well worth the wait. Band on form and sound was crystal clear as well. I’d give it a 9/10 only because they didn’t play All To All but knew it was highly unlikely anyway, they played pretty much everything I wanted to hear.


This. Thought it took a wee bit of a dip in the middle, but the final third was outstanding. Almost Crimes was as good as I’ve wanted it to be for the last fifteen years.


I was at this, I’ve never really listened to Broken Social Scene properly before and after last night I’ve really got no idea why. They were tremendous. Joyous, life-affirming stuff.


saw Every Time I Die for the first time in 10 years last night - they were brilliant - so tight, played 21 tracks, good spread across all their albums - wish I’d seen them more in recent years to be honest


Superchunk at ULU. A band I never thought I’d see and then, by coincidence, I was in London for work. Went on my own which was a new experience. Loved it, especially Driveway to Driveway, Like a Fool and Slack Motherfucker.
I’ve got Broken Social Scene in Birmingham on Thursday, so glad to hear it’ll be worthwhile.


Did you see the Oblivians (support band). I’m a big fan and wanted to come to London to see them at this gig but couldn’t get the time off!


I’m on holiday rn so can’t complain but while I’m away away I’m missing BSS, Superchunk, LCD and The Breeders. So these threads are a bad place for me…


Aye man, how good was Almost Crimes?


Yeah, I didn’t really know any of their stuff beforehand, but Oblivians were great. I’ve been exploring their back catalogue over the last couple of days since seeing them.


I’m jealous! There’s a lot to explore, the main guy Greg Cartwright is also in bands called Reigning Sound and Compulsive Gamblers. Each a little different but all brilliant.


Oblivians were usual budgetrock greatness. Particularly enjoyed the Eric Oblivian songs this time around - love those two chord 60s thud rockers (“Guitar Shop Asshole”, “Memphis Creep”).

Goner have just reissued the Bad Times lp - Oblivians side project with Louie from the Royal Pendletons and Jay Retard. Sloppy as fuck.


Thanks for the heads up, that sounds like a great collaboration. Jay Reatard really was a great talent, today he might have been a lot bigger (thinking of Ty Segall). I saw him.a few times and don’t remember there ever being more than 20 people in the room :slightly_frowning_face:


Saw the magnificent Ed Dowie @ Gwdihw last night. He was thoroughly charming (though admittedly a tad awkward) throughout and his ethereal ballads (along with a brilliant Nick Drake cover) really shone! Tried to get a copy of his record after the set, sadly though he’d only brought three along so just chatted to him briefly and he seemed like a lovely chap.

Also caught one of the support acts, Farm Hand who was a very interactive and energetic performer who’s music kinda reminded me of John Maus or Ariel Pink but with a more choral vocal delivery. Definitely going to be checking out more of his material.