Last night's gig was


Who was supporting them? Can’t see it mentioned anywhere.


I walked in about 5mins before BSS came on so didn’t catch them. Someone called Honey Harper though.


Cheers. Seeing them tonight. Just realised its an early curfew gig, so probably won’t manage to catch the support. Really looking forward to it though, especially after seeing the positive review on here!


Hope I haven’t overhyped it but they were really great so I’m sure you won’t be disappointed. Enjoy dude! :metal:


Australian 1980s band The Scientists at the Borderline, London. The best I’ve ever seen them.


Powerpop late 70s Scientists or swampy mid 1980s Scientists?

Love both versions btw.


Love Ed Dowie! Saw him supporting Hidden Cameras a while back and he was great but, as you say, really awkward!


Broken Social Scene in Birmingham. Awesome. Quite a small crowd, but I think that helped. Slightly disappointed they didn’t play my favourite songs (All Gonna Break, I I Dreams of Pavement) but I did get this view for Sweetest Kill, including some pretty intense eye contact during the chorus…


Aha yeah he was! For one track he said he found the arrangements kinda tricky to play so he gave us his ‘karaoke’ version but because he wasn’t sat at his keyboard, he looked a bit lost and did an odd little shuffle instead…

He also mentioned that he was working on new material so hopefully we can expect to hear some of that soon!


The Men at Oslo. Really really small crowd (guess coz of Primavera and APE?) but they were great. Seeing them again made me rediscover all their old albums too, such a great band


A few this week:

Superchunk on Tuesday at ULU. Good gig. I hadn’t seen them for a few years.

The Breeders on Wednesday at The Roundhouse. I’ve been a fan for decades and a great gig for me and my fellow aging 90s indie kids.

Loma on Thursday at The Lexington. I saw them earlier in May when I went to Brooklyn. A very good understated album and a lovely gig.

LUMP on Friday at Rough Trade East. I managed a few listens of the newly released album on the way to work and again on the way to the gig. A good gig and a great start to the weekend.


Camden Rocks Festival. Where you can spend the day watching RAWK and end your night with British Sea Power. Ace.


Spoon at the Brudenell. Was a bit apprehensive going into this with spoon not varying their set lists a great deal. However, I bloody loved every second of it even though I knew what was coming.

There were a few songs that I don’t rate on record, knock knock knock for example, that sounded amazing live. Oh and Britt is some frontman!

All in all a really great night seeing a band of that size in an intimate venue.


Saw Zeal & Ardor in the Village Underground.
Best gig I’ve seen in years. Z&A mix blues, gospel, slave chants and black metal, so sound like nothing I’ve ever heard before.
The singer has such as amazing voice and it was so heavy in places I was just left grinning like a loon.
Best crowd I’ve seen in London in a long time too, they were going nuts for it.


Drahla and Crack Cloud at Lexington last night

Drahla I could take or leave really, want to like it but not blown away by them. Crack Cloud were amazing though, 7 piece band and sound like a brooding talking heads and Gang of Four. They play a free gig at the Shacklewell on Sunday, LME crew assemble!


Ty Segall on Tuesday night in Manchester. Great - really loud. Crowd were mad throughout with crowd surfing pretty much none stop.


Slim Cessna’s Auto Club at Omeara. First time at the venue and was quite impressed, makes a change from the trek to Hackney. Been watching SCAC for about a decade now and they are usually one of the live highlights of the year; last night was no different. It’s criminal that they are still playing such small venues, wonderful back catalogue of songs that rattle along like Henry’s Dream- era Bad Seeds.

Also went to Red Rooster festival in Norfolk at the weekend (where SCAC also played). Been for the last 3 years and it’s super friendly, laid back,well ran, and nice and compact (nice the organisers aren’t expanding too quickly despite selling out each year). Mixture of punk rock blues and americana. I’m more a fan of the former so as well as SCAC, highlights were LOs Chicos and Daddy Long Legs. Already got my early bird ticket for next year.


Courtney Barnett @ The Roundhouse…

Saw her on Sunday at All Points East, which was great fun, but was super looking forward to watching her play her own headline slot. Lived up to expectations :+1: She played the entire new album upfront in her set, which worked for me seeing as it’s brilliant and I love it. Then a nice selection from the first album and the EPs. Her guitar playing live is awesome - she shreds. Bit of chat from her, but largely kept to a minimum. She’s announced a date later this year at Brixton Academy, and I reckon I’ll go to that too she is so much fun live.

Also, she has lovely hair :heart:


Giant Sand - Fleece, Bristol. Touring first and finest album Valley of Rain (such a thrill) they kicked out the jams to a (quietly) delighted crowd of devotees. Howe Gelb is quite possibly the coolest man in rock and looks at least 10 years younger than his 61 years!


On Monday night I went to see Crack Cloud and it was FREE OF CHARGE. From Calgary and slightly reminiscent of Women. Kinda like Canda’s answer to Duds perhaps but much weirder. Wonderful stuff. Best new band I’ve seen in ages.