Last night's gig was


Did you spot the 2 sets of brothers (twins?). Made it all the more satisfying for me somehow. I can’t stop listening to Swish Swash (which was awesome).


Ha yeah I quite liked that, and they are in no way trying to hide it either. I had a chat with one of them before the gig at the bar who was looking a little lost (the one with the darker bowel cut) about Vancouver, british post punk bands, football and touring Europe. He was lovely and excited as this is their first tour outside of Canada.

I think there is a bit of a Devo quality to them as well, how they all have a uniform look and shonky choreography with their stage movements. It’s that one that isn’t on the album (Uncanny Valley) that was the highlight for me


Of course, Devo. I was reaching for that (influence) but could only get as far as Clockwork Orange!


Yorke at the Roundhouse, somehow sitting in the same seat as for Radiohead there. Stunning show. Some beatier, beefier versions of solo tracks with live guitar, bass and keyboards. Brilliant visuals. Yorke in superb voice.


Thrice at Electric Ballroom. Really huge sound, setlist showed their versatility. Spellbinding vocal performance.


Gruff Rhys and the BBC National Orchestra Of Wales at the Wales Millennium Centre.

As good as you would imagine something like that should be.


(Technically last night since it’s past midnight) Palm were amazing. Stormed through the set, and had that great sense you get with great mathier bands where they can switch from chaotic mayhem to a structured groove totally organically within a split second.

All nicely set up by the two support bands - Coffee Breath (American Football-esque, mellow and mathy) and Yr Poetry (more stripped back, but pyowerful at points). Bit giddy still from being an awkward get doing awkward get style dancing.


Crack Cloud again at the Shacklewell. They were even better this time around, the end section of Swish Swash was euphoric. Maybe gig of the year so far for me.


Indeed, belated more love for crack cloud…saw them last wednesday. Loved the precision, singing drummer etc. Aside from devo…bits of wire, can, glenn branca and maybe sparks too for me??? Definately a band to pass onto others…


L7 @ The Electric Ballroom…

Third time I’ve seen them since they reformed, and they have never failed to be hugely entertaining. I caught them three times back in the day (at The Marquee (RIP), their infamous tampon throwing show on the Nirvana day of Reading '92 and supporting Faith No More at Brixton) and I would say that they have never put in anything less than a 9/10 performance. Ripped through all the classic tracks, plus two new ones (I Came Back To Bitch and Dispatch From Mar A Lago), finishing with a deliriously fun encore of Pretend We’re Dead and Shitlist. Controversially had a dude on drums as Dee Dee had broken her arm, but it made me realise that the classic four piece line up has certainly got longevity - they’ve been together (barring hiatus) for around 30 years. Indeed, at one point Jennifer Finch (still a massive crush) introduced one of their earliest songs with the words ‘We haven’t played this since amps were fuelled by coal, as they should be’. Lol. New album coming soon too, so that’s nice :+1:


Monday. Waxahatchee at Oval Space.
Her and the band were brilliant as always. I always “forget” to have them as one of my core bands to listen to. When a gig comes up I buy tickets immediately and give the albums a listen again. Such an amazing understated back catalogue.

Tuesday. Camila Cabello at Brixton Academy.
Simply stunning. As a soon to be 42 year old man I didn’t quite fit the demographic of the crowd but it was one of the best gigs of the year. I love her album and her stage presence was amazing; I say that as a grumpy old curmudgeon. The gig put a smile on my face and everyone else’s in the crowd.

Wednesday. Jay Som at Hackney Oslo.
It was all right.


I’m 41 next month m9 - how has this happened to us :scream::scream::scream_cat:


I saw her at the Brudenell on Monday and “alright” is how I’d describe that gig too


I’m very jealous of your L7 gig. There was the clash of Camila Cabello and L7. Admittingly perhaps I’m in the minority of one that had such a clash. There was another gig clash for me the last time they played too I think (or i was on holiday).

You reviewed the gig brilliantly. Sounds like a great evening.


It was indeed so much fun - can’t find the thread on old DiS, but their first comeback gig a couple of years back I rated as my favourite gig of the year. They are literally that good still. Catch them if you can…


I’m seeing Belly at Brighton and Shepherds Bush next week. I was slightly late to getting into the band and bought Star in summer 1994 during that long summer when you finish your A’Levels and are waiting for results and uni to start etc.

That album was the soundtrack to that summer. Fucksake. Can’t believe it was 24 years ago.


I missed this somehow. Balls.

I only saw L7 once back in the 90’s, on the Hungry for Stink tour at The Astoria (RIP). It was my second ever gig and is indelibly marked on my memory.


I’ve been watching Waxahatchee last night at Band On The Wall. First I clocked that members of the support band were formerly of Joanna Gruesome, whom I loved, and then they were back up there doing something not dissimilar to JG, so I had fun there. Then Waxahatchee are on and I’m having a nice time there as well, been wanting to see them for a while now so that was good, enjoyed it a lot. However, about half way through this group of drunk arseholes shove their way to the front and be loudly disruptive all the way through the gig, clearly not interested in it, just spoiling it for everybody else around. They even got a disapproving shush and some serious sideeye from the band. Another audience member had a quiet word with them afterwards and they rounded on him started aggressively yelling in his face and going mad at him. Good gig, but marred by grown adults behaving like horrible children.


Saw The Twilight Sad last night at the Brudenell. Life-affirming stuff actually, one of the best gigs I’ve ever attended.
They played a few new tracks - here’s some footage of one of the new tracks from last night’s performance off YouTube - respect to the owner of the clip.


Yes I was there too. Amazing wasn’t it. James was completely overwhelmed by it all (understandably). Wonderful to see a Twilight Sad moshpit and everyone knowing every word.