Last night's gig was


He’s excellent live :+1:


Fucking Mogwai eh.



My word. Last 3 songs.

I was a mess.


I didn’t recognise the last one before the encore so I was just head down, eyes closed, taking it all in - and then the fucking drop hit. Literally threw my head back and screamed “oh fuck!”, not sure I’ve felt a more visceral moment at a gig than that.

3 guitars > any other number of guitars


I just looked at the set list. Holy fuck!


They played 2 Rights Make 1 Wrong too, to make it even more epic!


Haley Heynderickx at Hebden Bridge Trades club. Such a nice night, I had to buy tickets for her gig in Leeds this weekend.


Setlist from the second night looks pretty good too but I’m really glad I went on Wednesday, think it was a much better selection.


Saw Full of Hell last night, they’re still as brutal as ever, I felt so old when they mentioned they’d played the same venue in 2013 since I was at that show as well.


Vieux Farka Toure. Getting into this desert blues stuff. Hypnotic stuff.


Saw her at Chat’s Palace in East London on Tuesday. Good gig.


Saw him about 5 years ago absolutely shredding in a small festival tent with his power trio. Was how I imagine Hendrix must’ve sounded live, incredibly expressive guitar power


St Vincent at Edinburgh Playhouse. She’s amazing and the visuals work really well but it was weird to be seated throughout. Killed a bit of the atmosphere.


Ok, it wasn’t last night but went to see Blonde Redhead at the brudenell on Saturday. Still buzzing after it. Whilst I have liked a lot of their records, I wouldnt call myself a fan but that has now changed.

Beforehand I was struggling to see how they would work as a three piece live, but when they lock in they are truly special. Falling man, Dr Strangelove and 23 (could listen to that chorus all night) were all highlights.

Might be my gig of the year so far. Any London disers at a loose end tonight should check them out.


Britney Spears at the O2. Rather like watching a talented amateur joining in with the professionals, but the songs and the set were fantastic.

Pitbull supporting was great for the sight of a middle aged man enjoying himself getting away with this shit with his tongue firmly in his cheek. Not clever, but very daft fun.


I saw Britney on Friday and Sunday. Had a great time.

I’m seeing Blonde Redhead at Islington Assembly Hall later tonight. I’ve seen them a few times over the years. At least once before at this venue. Looking forward to it.


Was at this as well. For some reason I didn’t really like her show last time around so went to this kinda last minute (seats way up the back) at the TV’s suggestion with pretty low expectations and was blown away really. Excellent show. She’s something else. Visuals were stunning. Sound was crystal. Good set too.

Also had a very rare experience where someone next to me was chatting so I asked them to stop and… they actually did! :smiley:


Metz @ The Globe - Ferocious, deafeningly loud but sadly I found them kinda one note / a tad dull. Second time seeing them and came away with similar feelings on both occasions. Love them on record but I don’t seem to gel with their live show.


Yo La Tengo in Brighton. Really was a dream gig, they even played a black flag cover!


Not last night, but last weekend - Sea Change Festival in Totnes. They’d changed the format from previous years so the festival wasn’t all based in the town centre, rather there was an outdoor stage in Dartington in addition to a couple of town centre venues. Mixed feeling as to how well this worked, you basically had to decide whether to stay in town or head out to the outdoor stage in the early evening and the effort involved in getting back to the other wasn’t really worth it. The church in the town centre is a lovely venue and Josh Pearson playing most of the Country Gentlemen album on electric guitar there was perfect. Daniel Blumberg was also very good. Highlights from the outside stage were James Holden and Surfing Magazines. For about £60 a ticket it is a great little festival with a cracking line up.