Last night's gig was


(Sandy) Alex G w/ support from Sorry

It was really, really excellent. I just want to talk about both of these bands.

Average age of the audience was probably about 23/24, which was surprising. They were singing every word too.


A Place To Bury Strangers @ Hoxton Bar & Kitchen…


I was at this too. Good fun, and Lia is awesome.


Wooden Shjips the other night at the Empire in Belfast.

i enjoy their records but they’re never as intense or addictive as i want them to be (prefer Moon Duo for that reason). their live show though is exactly what i want from them. great stuff.


No Violet at The Victoria, Dalston. They were great! Frontwoman’s voice was especially good. Hope they are successful


Black Midi yet again at the Stags Head in Hoxton which is maybe a 50/60 capacity venue. They play a sold out gig at Electrowerkz next week and announced this today as a warm up I guess.

They played 3 new ones, one which had the guitarist who never does vocals sort of rap? One was quite major key, uphoric yet gentle (maybe later radiohead-esq) and the one they closed with had a sort of country/bluegrass feel. Mental band, I fucking love them.


Like these guys on record but somehow conspired to miss them at Latitude this summer. Next week’s gig clashes with Mitski for me :disappointed_relieved:


Think they’re playing again over the weekend somewhere in hackney? Remember seeing an event with them listed with loads of other bands for a launch of a new venue or something there this weekend. Keep an eye on their social media stuff they’ll likely update in the afternoon of the day they play.

Regardless they’ll play a few more London gigs before the end of the year I’m sure, wouldn’t be surprised if they play a Christmas party at the Brixton Windmill too.


^That would tick the boxes for me :+1:


Loads of Suede gigs. Saw them do an acoustic set at a church in Kingston and then an electric gig at a tacky nightclub nearby. Tonight is them at Rough Trade East and again them do an in store gig at HMV Oxford Street.


I went to see Spectres at the Crofters Rights in Bristol. I haven’t seen a gig there since they changed hands which was quite a while ago now, I forgot how small it is in the back room. Spectres were excellent, a ridiculous slab of noise. Really enjoyed Bo Gritz and Sans too, managed to catch two whole support bands.


Rare back to back gig nights for me this week…

Wednesday night was Mitski at Shepherd’s Bush Empire. Lovely stuff - she played an absolute ton of songs from all three albums as obviously all of her works are only two minutes long a pop. New album stuff sounded great. Was weird seeing her play to a packed rapturous SBE when only a couple of years ago I saw her play a rather lower key (although still great) show at Tufnel Park Dome. She was obviously impressed herself to be playing such a large show.

Last night was Dreadzone playing a 30th anniversary show supported bu Zion Train at Islington Assembly Hall. Zion Train were good fun, particularly the brass section. Not seen Dreadzone before, but the TV is a big fan. Undeniably good fun live and pretty much impossible to stop yourself from skanking to. The older crowd were well up for it as well - amusing number of middle aged men blatantly chemically assisted bouncing around off each other.

Tired in work today…


This show was fantastic! Also caught her at a tiny venue in Edinburgh on that tour and she utterly spellbinding.


Julien Baker in Manc. She truly has my entire heart.


Seeing her tomorrow. Was she really good?


Yes. My cheeks were wet just two songs in


Julien Baker at Sheperds Bush last night.

Amazing, so glad I made the trip down. I think she is really, really, something special.

Also, the support act, Becca Mancari was very very good.


I was there too. Wasn’t that keen on Becca Mancari to be honest. Baker was just perfect though. Great set.


Two gigs last week:
Let’s Eat Grandma @ Heaven - great set, played the new album in order minus a couple of songs, which was fine by me. Donnie Darko was immense. Rated the venue for the sound and lighting but sub-par choices at the bar.
Empress Of @ Chat’s Palace - another really enjoyable set, a shaky start with the sound/syncing issues and had to restart the first song twice, but the crowd was well into it still. Super sweaty room, but great beer from Howling Hops from the bar.


I was at this too. Spectres were very enjoyable as were all the supports (I managed to catch EP64 too).