Last night's gig was


Not last night… but saw Black Midi at the opening of the new venue/bar YES in Manchester last week. I’ve not felt such a palpable excitement pre-gig for a while and they absolutely blew me away. I’d previously heard bmbmbm and seen a couple of live videos but the songs I hadn’t heard were excellent and they seemed to take such joy in playing - the drumming was insane! They sound like they’ve compacted the last 30 years of noise/post/math rock and new wave/post punk into their own unique sound. I couldn’t help but smile when I heard split-second elements which reminded me of Shellac or Minutemen before the songs usually carried on transforming into something completely different. The new venue is ace too, 200 capacity basement and 300 capacity ‘Pink Room’ on the second floor as well as bars on the ground floor and roof terrace for good measure!


Saw Haiku Salut on Saturday. Incredible.


I was at the Empress Of gig. The new stuff sounds great.


And I was at the Baker gig too. First time I’d see her and made me really wish I’d seen one of the earlier London gigs at bush hall or union chapel as the show was great despite rather than because of the venue.

Also did pigsx7 last weekend at moth club which was also very enjoyable.


Deafheaven : Bristol Fleece

Heavy on the new album which I enjoyed a lot, it just keeps growing on me. Glint especially.


Yep, Glint was a highlight. Dunno if it was just where I was (towards the back, but found the sound a bit muddy, not sure if that was the case elsewhere?


I was at this too. Thought the sound was good. As was the shirt.


I thought it was pretty clear actually, I was going to say that it could have sounded like a wall of noise but managed to avoid it. I was by the bar on the right hand side, near the front.


That’s where I was as well, just about in line with the second pillar back. The sound was fine from there, and DH were excellent. I wouldn’t have minded another track or two off New Bermuda, but I wouldn’t want to have sacrificed any of the new stuff. The opening 1-2 of Honeycomb and Canary Yellow was incredible.

Wasn’t so sold on Inter Arma. They had their moments, but overall not for me. Looked like there were a lot of funny shaped dice on their tourbus, amirite?

Back at the Fleece tonight for Mono!


Looks like it was just me that didn’t think the sound was that great then. My fault for rocking up about a minute before they came on and being stuck right at the back. Also back there for Mono this eve, will make sure to be further forward!


Keep missing these. Hoping they arrange something closer to Cardiff/Bristol in the coming months.


Spoke to the drummer afterwards and he suggested there would be a tour soon


I shouldn’t pass this on, but in the Fleece you can get to the bar and just shimmy on down towards the speakers, usually loads of room there.



last time I saw them at Gorilla I was a bit disappointed. Kerry looked bored, George kept doing weird and wacky dancing, but last night they were great. Looked well more into it. I think what gets forgotten is how good they are as musicians too, the drumming in particular is cracking

The ending to Canary Yellow with the chanting is proper lovely


Not last night, but a couple of Flying Nun veterans recently:

The Chills: really good gig, band in good form and some decent audience engagement. All it needed was a willingness to play more deep cuts (it’s always the same classics that get brought out - that said, if you’ve never seen them before, at least you’ll hear the ‘hits’) and the idiots talking through Submarine Bells and the support act to get in the sea.
Bailter Space: really didn’t enjoy this; thought it was because the venue was too crowded and it was just me, but I saw a lot of negative chat on Twitter. Shame. Support act Wax Chattals were good and may be worth your time.


Rival Consoles in the Hackney arts center.

Not bad but it was a bit flat, I’m not sure if it was that it was a Tuesday night, or that it was a seated venue, but it was a bit off.
I would have much rather watched Throwing Snow headline though.


I was there as well! Thought it was great and agree about their skills - both guitarists look and sound much more confident than when I’ve seen them previously and the drummer is a monster. Liked the dude from Inter Arma rushing on and stage diving (Inter Arma were pretty good I thought)


I think the new bassist makes a difference as well. Might have just been the mix, but the bass seemed a lot more aggressive and punchier than the last time I saw them.


kinda gutted I’ve missing them on this tour, they played Berlin last week as I was leaving and their London show on Friday I’m working and can’t get out of it :confused:


Jeff Rosenstock, was great craic but I probably should have got to know Worry a bit more first eh