Last night's gig was


same bassist as last time wasnt it?


Depends when you last saw them I suppose. Definitely a change since my last show (when New Bermuda came out) Old bassist was Stephen Clark, new one is Chris Johnson, who joined in 2017.


Nightingales at the Moth Club. Good to see Robert Lloyd on good form after his stroke. The set veered from fantastic to attritional.

Notable also for Stewart Lee doing a twenty minute introduction based on his comedy set from the 80s.


yeah think it was the same bassist as last time they were at gorilla in 2017.


You going to YOB?

also… @maggieloveshopey


urgh, I replied to myself rather than @TKC


Did the place empty a bit after Stew or did most people stay for Nightingales?


i am thinking about it, not heard too much of them tbh so will have a quick listen!


latest album is great but not dived into their earlier stuff really


I might do (but it’ll be Bristol…)


The Wedding Present at The 100 Club just now.

All their songs sound the same and great fun as always.


Mostly seemed to stay. Although it was a proper old guy night out, including myself.

Think I’m gonna be an old git that wears suits to go out drinking.


Saw TTNG at the Garage on Wednesday. It was absolutely joyous.


Had tickets for this but had also doubled booked with James Holden & The Spirit Animals at Queen Elizabeth Hall. Had kind of thought we could leave James Holden before the encores and smash it up to The 100 Club, but in the final analysis did not want to leave James Holden early/could not be bothered.

James Holden & The Spirit Animals was pretty special - with the benefit of a few months distance, I think the album might be my favourite from last year. Even better live - his band are all great, both collectively and individually. Special shout out to the multi-percussionist who must have had 20 to 25 instruments on the go. Sound and visuals were good too. Queen Elizabeth Hall is a fairly lovely venue in which to watch music. Had forgotten that I had booked such good seats - might have got there slightly before the lights were going down and the band were coming on stage if I knew we were this close to the front…


That’s a great photo.

I saw them at Islington Assembly Hall last year. That was a good gig. Your one last night sounds excellent.


Haiku Salut at St John at Bethnal Green a short while ago. Stunning set. Maybe in my top 10 gigs of the year. (I tend to go to a lot of gigs.)

It was just such a warm and cosy set. I didn’t realise that their all such amazing multi-instrumentalists either. 9/10 gig.


Deafheaven - Christ, they went in. Even the indefatigable George looked knackered by the end. They were blinding, though, and I was really struck by the tunefulness of their stuff. Totally overcame the venue (ULU) which I thought was a horrible room compared with Heaven last time.

Final thought: great to see the band looking so healthy and happy - especially Kerry, who I know was struggling on their last album cycle. They all just looked like they were having a blast, and that was great. Nice crowd to boot.


Saw them tonight in London and they were absolutely on fire. Gave me goosebumps. From reading a Stereogum interview when OCHL came out, it sounded like they were pretty burned out on drugs and drink the last tour but have come out the back of it re-energised.


Best gig I’ve seen for a long time. Cracked me up when the PA packed it in a couple of times and they were giving it large on stage headbanging and no one could hear a thing.


I was close enough to the front to be able to still hear George’s screaming. Was great. For such a heavy gig I thought there was such a positive vibe. I was in a shit mood when I got there and left beaming.

I was watching it thinking I can really see them evolving and doing amazing things for years.