Last night's gig was


I agree - completely cathartic. Despite the heaviness I was grinning the whole way through.


Also at the Deafheaven gig - easily the best time I’ve seen them.

As mentioned, they all looked like they were having an absolute blast, and the cheesier stuff off the most recent album sounded great mixed in with the older stuff - good balance.


Okkervil River at the Brudenell. Going in I wouldn’t have expected this to be the most fun gig of the year, but it was great. Complete opposite vibe to the away tour where it was understandably pretty downbeat. Lots of big singalong moments and plenty of banter from Will Sheff. The only down point was when a guy got a bit too aggressive with his requests at the end (dunno why people feel they have the right?), but they seemed to dust that off quickly.

The latest version of the band are really great, especially the guitarist. He completely reworked a lot of the solos and they sounded amazing.

Highlights: Black, Okkervil River RIP, Ends with a fall, Unless it’s kicks.


Dilly Dally at Sebright Arms. Great gig. I’ve seen them at least once before at The Victoria or Shacklewell Arms. I thought they’d book a bigger venue on the back of the release of the new album; their fan base prior was big enough to sell out Sebright anyway. Great sound and performance. I’ll get a ticket for their Garage gig after tonight’s performance.


seeing them in Dublin on Saturday, never seen them before and always been more of a passing fan that only owns a couple of the albums but quite looking forward to it now.

my friend managed to get the support slot for the Galway show which is pretty great but unfortunately can’t make it down to that one, so Dublin it is


Was also at this. Agree brilliant gig - first time I had seen their lamp show.

I also really enjoyed the support - Tiny Leaves


Would have been at the Galway gig for sure but clashes with my daughter’s birthday.


Idles: Bristol SWX

Quite a homecoming, they looked genuinely emotional to see the size of the crowd and the reaction. The place kicked off, you had people on stage, chants for Big Jeff, a massive roadie doing a probably unwise flying stagedive, guitarist in the crowd, walls of noise, random friends helping out on the drums, Danny Nedelko given a piggy back, ending with a wall of noise and feedback.

Spotted 2 x Christian Fitness T-shirts and one ageing Fuck This Band Mclusky shirt too.


I was one of the 2 CF shirts. Got a few compliments on it! Great gig. Just what i needed


very excited for tomorrow


Acid Mother’s Temple (for at least the second time in this thread) in a small, smoky, buzzing bar.

This was a good one. Mixing it up with some great changes in tempo. They started up with Dark Stars in the Dazzling Sky at about 400,000 miles per hour, then followed up with twenty minutes riding the waves of distortion and feedback while never getting about 60bpm.

Felt pretty euphoric, but that might just have been the massive amounts of passive herb smoke.


Caught about half of Honey Ride Me a Goat’s set at the Old E in Bristol last night. Bloody marvelous.


Saw Editors last night in Leeds - brilliant as always.


Gouge Away- Excellent band, really wished they got a headline set and in a not shit venue


Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks the other night. a lot of fun, a surprising amount of playing guitar solos behind his head, lots from the new album and 2 Pavement songs in the encore, which slightly made up for missing that Pavement reunion tour when i was a student.


Seeing him on Wednesday.

Did he play any from his debut album? That album is a 10/10 for me and better than any Pavement album.


he didn’t in Dublin, but i spotted Jenny & the Ess-Dog on the Manchester setlist i think.

only got round to listening to that album properly the other day, it is pretty great (wouldn’t go as far as putting above any Pavement album but it’s up there at least)


Massive Pavement and Malk fan here, but just could not find the energy to get off my ass and go see him down the road last night. I think I might have quit going to gigs.

Am looking forward to hearing what I missed. I know he has been doing a different two Pavement songs each night, but I don’t want to hear him doing them with another band so I don’t really care about that.


Loved seeing Beach House a couple of nights ago. Live version of Elegy To The Void is an absolute beast.


My band are supporting them tomorrow night in Glasgow and I could not be more buzzed!