Last night's gig was


Shady Lane sounded pretty great tbf


Saw Speedy Ortiz and Beach House last week. Good fun after a couple of horrendous days at work.

Last night was a slightly odd one. Saw Eddie Reader (her from Fairground Attraction) with an old uni mate who doesn’t go to gigs and wanted company. Oddly enjoyable.


I went to see Stephen Malkmus last night in Bristol and it was an odd one.
I hate SWX as a venue, as it’s pretty horrible, and the crowd just had so many weirdos in last night. Just people completely smashed and lots of fights and people getting hauled out by the security. The band pretty much had to stop to address this and it seemed to me malkmus was pretty pissed off after this about four songs in and more or less got off the stage as quickly as possible/didn’t seem too into the encore, where they did nice versions of starlings in the slipstream, box elder and the hexx. I mean it was a good show but the atmosphere just felt horrible and tense. They bought on eleanor friedberger to do the Kim Gordon song from the new lp and the reaction was pretty non existent.
Also I’m pretty sure it was Steve west selling the merch which I just found a bit depressing…I hope he was having a good time!


Saw superorganism last week. They’re much better live than on record, despite being completely dependent on backing tracks. The backing track thing became an issue when their computer broke down for 10 mins after the second song, and just nothing was going on. Still, good for a dance etc


I only saw one situation close to a fight, an idiot throwing his beer around and being a general nonse to people. After he was removed it seemed to be more relaxed (that’s the one where the band stopped). I actually quite like SWX, good sound and easy to get a view, only critism is that the bar layout doesn’t really work. I enjoyed the gig, not amazing but still good.


Glad I didn’t go now! Fights? At a Malk gig? What the hell?

Love SWX though, easy to get a good view, incredible sound, and on the bus route.


I was further back with a mate later on and security heaved three guys through the door by the bar about midway through the set. Again, no complaints with the band, just a weird crowd!


Was the gig actually busy? He half sold the Thekla a few years ago and had about 150 at The Anson Rooms for Pig Lib.

Weird if has suddenly found a new audience, but pleased if so.


I would say it was about two thirds full (comparing to carseat headrest who sold it out)


Yeah, it was fairly busy but certainly wasn’t a sell out


that’s odd, Dublin was a lovely civilised affair and they seemed to enjoy it. no Friedberger, the bassist just did the Kim Gordon vocal

didn’t recognise the merch seller but i doubt i’d have recognised Westie anyway. that said, i stumbled across a youtube video last week from one of the US shows a few months ago where they get him on to do the Pavement encore cos he happened to be in the same city for an Arctic Monkeys gig with his daughter, so i dunno

played Vicar Street which is a bigger venue than the Pavement reunion gig here (i’m pretty sure at least, though i was never in that venue) and the last Malkmus gig here (which was apparently in The Button Factory not long after), got a decent crowd but nowhere near full and the balcony wasn’t open.


Any good t-shirts for sale? I’m seeing him tomorrow.



kinda regret not getting one


They looked pretty awful quality tbh


i kinda wanted the hat but €20 seemed a bit steep


If they’re selling that tomorrow, I’m buying.

Everytime I’ve seen him his t-shirts are shit. I remember buying a really disgusting green t-shirt with swirly yellow and reds across it at around 2013, maybe. Crap t-shirt but enjoyed pissing off my old consultant at an old work place. She thought I looked unprofessional but then didn’t complain at the years of free overtime I gave the department.

Pardon the dull moan but wearing a crap t-shirt of a great artist is the only push back I have on occasions.


There’s a hat…:thinking:


went to see Snail Mail tonight in Glasgow. the first time i’ve ever left a show early. so so so bad. vocals awful, band out of time and out of tune. kept blaming the sound!

concerning that the crowd kept encouraging them…


I saw they were crap too the last time I saw them. Glad I sold my Dome tickets for Thursday and will see Our Girl instead.


Weird crowd that! I love SWX, OK so the bar and beer are shit (Bank, Christmas Steps, White Lion all nearby anyway), but you can see from pretty much everywhere, it isn’t packed to the rafters even when sold out, and the sound has been good every time I’ve been. So much better than the academy for that kind of size of venue.