Last night's gig was


I had my first SWX gig last Friday, and similarly really liked it as a venue every bit as much as young me hated it as a nightclub. Views for all, unlike the Academy, legitimately the worst venue in existence.


Think SWX is OK as a venue, had a decent spot for Rival Consoles at Simple Things on Saturday. But they really need to have at least one beer option that isn’t absolutely dreadful.


For Idles at SWX I walked in halfway through the second song, and whilst it was rammed, it took basically no effort to get a half decent view.

The owner spunked an absolute ton of cash on the soundsystem when it moved towards being a gig venue too, and it really shows. I’ve only been to raging gigs there (Oh Sees, Bob Mould, Dino Jr, Idles) and all of them had it sounding way better than anywhere else in town.


Oh, I’d definitely rate it above the academy by quite some distance! Just the last few things I’ve seen there have had some weird crowds


London crowd just treated a set of excellent Jicks tunes like a boring prelude to 3 Pavement songs. Even Bike Lane didn’t get anyone going


This makes me very sad.

Saw them tonight and they played for just over 40 minutes, no encore, because Lindsey said that her voice was ruined because the sound was so awful the night before, and she had to protect it because there’s another 30 dates still on the tour.

They played well, especially Lindsey’s guitar, and the songs are bulletproof, so I still enjoyed most of it even with the singing. But man, that fucking singing. I felt awful for her at the time, but based on what you’ve said, I’m not sure…

Hachiku was really funny, in an adorable kinda way. Didn’t mind her music tbh.


Khruangbin were fucking fantastic last night. Crowd was really into it. Love it when an act seem genuinely overwhelmed by the reaction from the audience.


It was odd. It sounded like her voice was done in Glasgow, but I really wasn’t sure.

I don’t think that slowing the tempo of the songs did her voice any favours either. First world tour i think so can throw that into the mix!


I went last night in Manchester. I enjoyed it tbh. She cut it half an hour short though because she said her throat has been really painful all week so might explain the Glasgow performance?


Classic London.

While the crowd were into it in Glasgow, there were definitely some roasters near the front heckling for Pavement tunes which Malkmus had to put down.


Glad you enjoyed it. I must say, I didn’t hear too many grumblings on my way out. I did really enjoy Deep Sea and Anytime was a quite heartbreaking ending, you could tell she wasn’t happy.

I dunno, they’re still a relatively young band. Maybe in a few years time if they faced the same problem they might do things differently - do a couple of instrumentals or jams like they opened with or something.

Agree with @cc981 that the slowing down of the full band songs did her no favours at all…


Yes I was pretty disappointed in the slowed down version of Let’s Find An Out and she seemed to cut it short by half. Had been really looking forward to that one!


Culture Abuse/Gouge Away

Gouge Away were great but the sound was a bit naff
Culture Abuse were shit. left half way through

@sarahispi saw you mentioned seeing them , have you been yet?


I didn’t get it. Didn’t hate them either but also left a bit early. Crowd were absolutely wild for it though.


yeah I wasn’t a fan of the music in first place, they are really pedestrian. Also his constant barking was irritating


Sons of Kemet at KoKo was rather good. shite venue - terrible visibility but the band were superb. as much athletes as they are musicians. never before danced to a tuba solo either.


Totally over going to gigs in London. Literally everywhere else is better.

(not an original post that)




did you watch Culture Abuse?


Yes I did. I like them but not as much as GA and agree the barking was irritating.