Last night's gig was


I enjoyed the Jicks’ songs more than the Pavement ones


Saw Cat Power on Tuesday. She was on top form.

Yesterday was Stephen Malkmus. It was ok. Hadn’t been to the venue before. Not a huge fan of it but a big fan of Malkmus. The gig just didn’t click for me.

Today I saw Kristen Hersh at RoughTrade East and the Our Girl at The Garage after that. Both great gigs. Got my University album sleeve signed by Hersh and Our Girl sounded brilliant live. I’m no spring chicken but had these two gigs with two ex-workmates (older) than me and so was a fun get together talking about yesteryear with gigs happening.


Idles. Rock City. Perfect gig.


I don’t get the deal with Hackney Arts Centre at all. I thought from pictures on social media that it was an old theatre with a balcony etc. I guess that the gig was in the club room? It was such a generic lifeless basement.


Yeah. I was expecting a tiered seating thing. Looked interesting from the photos. Dull venue.


Would have thought Grouper on Monday would be seated?


Robert Plant at the Wales Millenium centre. Absolutely amazing. First time seeing him, loads of Zep tunes. Great band of super talented musicians. And his voice was amazing as well.


Was there for the Rival Consoles gig, terrible venue…


Turnstile were ace


Wish I could have seen Turnstile, some of the live videos on youtube look insane. Such an exciting band too, the world needs more hardcore of this ilk.


sure you didn’t see greta van fleet?


yeah it was great fun. I know they’re quite a divisive band, but it’s good to see a hardcore band remember how to have fun. The gig itself was pretty manic, a lot of stagediving and it was properly sold out. I was stood on the sides though, don’t get involved with that stuff


Saw Superorganism last night. SO much fun.


Um no idea who they are. Some sort of Zep in joke is it ?


Saw Eartheater at the Courtyard Theatre in Shoreditch last Thursday and she was incredible. For me IRISIRI is one of the albums of the year and her performance of those tracks was fantastic. Amazing vocal performance throughout, visually arresting - her dance moves really complimented the overall sound scape she created - and the sound and lighting was perfect. One of the best shows I’ve been to this year.


Fistula - Old England, Bristol

Scuzzy punk thrash metal sludge from Ohio. Intense and (really) heavy. Great stuff.


Grouper - Hackney Arts Centre

Not quite as amazing as the first time I saw her in Berlin earlier in the year - could have been louder, the room while very pretty was a bit awkward - but still pretty fucking beautiful. The same thing happened as last time where she played an hour but it honestly felt like ten minutes.

P.s very jealous of anyone getting to see her at the mackintosh church tomorrow, that’s going to be unreal


Were you at the early or late show? Was at the early and the atmosphere was so strange and stilted. She was great once she got going, hugely enjoyed the second half on piano. Could easily have listened to her play for another 30 minutes or more.

Sound was mostly good in there, but don’t think it works as well as it could as a venue yet. Sitting down for an hour was really uncomfortable on those wooden bench things (hope they put proper seats in eventually but doubt it), and it took us absolutely ages to get out down the narrow corridor.


This was a great show, really brought the album to life. Upset the Rhythm are putting on so much good stuff at the moment - this, Grouper last night, Pan American next week.


Late performance! And yeah, just some cushions would be nice!