Last night's gig was


John Grant at Bath Forum. Was ace.


Pixies performing Come in Pilgrim and Surfa Rosa at Roundhouse.

Was really excellent, thought Frank reciting the “you fucking die” skit like it was a monologue poem was very funny, Paz literally playing Kim in the field hockey one less so. Still, so many bangers.

The encore was atrocious though played s loaf of nothing, see you next year for Doolittle I guess!


Jen Cloher at The Grain Barge

Was great, she’s a fantastic between song storyteller too.


BC Camplight at Rough Trade Bristol.

First time seeing a gig at Rough Trade Bristol, please let surprised, good and fair priced drinks selection (by today’s Bristol standards), nice sound and a bit of room. The gig itself was good, slightly marred by my wife hating it and being bored! I think she was just tired though.

BC Camplight played a good selection of songs from his past 2 albums, the band were tight and he has a great voice! I enjoyed it anyway.


A busy week for me.

On Monday saw Dave Davies of The Kinks (and not the arsehole Brexiter) do a Q&A as it’s the 50th anniversary of the Village Green release. Nice bloke.

Tuesday was Dresden Dolls at Troxy. Seen them quite a few times back in the day and Amanda Palmer solo. It was ok. The crowd were a bit shit and it just didn’t click overall.

Wednesday was Jen Cloher at The Moth Club. Love her album and her Rough Trade East afternoon gig was one of the gigs of the year for me. Her Moth Club gig was terrific too. She gave warmth and love to the crowd and it was given back. Total silence for Dark Art. Great gig.

Thursday was Hatchie at Electrowerks. Really like her EP. Simply fun pop and she does it well.

Tonight was Jon Spencer’s at Rough Trade East. Seen him/them many times. Seen him play second fiddle to his wife’s band Boss Hog many many years ago at The Astoria 2 and the first time I saw Jon Spencer’s was at The Forum with Sleater Kinney as support. Probably around 1999.

Tonight’s main band was Fightmilk the band that @Scott_Chegg is in. I had a brilliant time. Thank you.


Was the guitarist ok? Looks like he got beaten up pretty badly the night before in cardiff


Apparently he was unconscious in hospital in the day, but his first words when he came around were what time are we on? He was wearing sunglasses (but wasn’t the only one in stage wearing them). He got a good reception as expected.


Caught BC Camplight in Oxford on Tuesday, loved it. Cracking band who rattled through all my favourites from those two albums in an hour, and he was funny between songs. He really had it in for Cambridge, where they’d just had a sold-out show that had been ‘like attending my own wake’. ‘Good night, I’m Father John Misty’ cracked me up too.


Jon Hopkins at Brixton. The man is at the peak of his powers. Such a good set. A new (?) track 2nd from the end sounded beastly. Would love to know what it is.

Wish I could go again tonight. Kelly Lee Owens superb support too, and Haai djing.


Killing Joke. Very good


Goat Girl @ Koko

Absolutely brilliant. Their album is one of the best of the year for me and it didn’t disappoint live - which is just as well as they played absolutely everything on it. Band seemed to be enjoying themselves and the crowd were well up for it - slightly annoying pushy male centric mosh pit for a gig with a large female attendance though. The usually dismal sightlines of Koko are fine when it’s not a sell out seemingly. Having played every song they had they left the stage, only to be clapped back on for a seemingly impromptu encore. They asked the crowd which song they wanted as they would have to replay one, before realising that they’d list their drummer backstage so only had one sing they could play. Lovely stuff :+1:

Nominate One Album That Everyone Should Hear Before Doing Their Year End List

That’s so awful. Cardiff is usually such a friendly city.

I was hoping to go to this but couldn’t make it. Enjoying the album and yer man in BC Camplight seems like a real good bloke. Offering fans their spare guest list on Twitter if there are spaces.


Last night was Slayer doing there farewell gig in London.
The bill had Obituary, Anthrax and Lamb of God on it which is a pretty phenomenal line up as long as you like that kind of thing.

It was amazing. :metal::bearded_person::metal:


Yikes, somehow I missed all this before. That’s horrible. Amazing that he was back on stage in Bristol. :sunglasses:


2Q festival in Lincoln. 80 odd bands across nine venues. Good day.


Yeah, saw them last night and pretty much agree with this, although I really enjoyed hearing U-Mass and Tame on the encore! Was delighted to finally see them live!


Going tomorrow to see them. Anthrax on before Lamb of God yeah?


Yea. But they’re all worth catching


I was there too, it was fun!


weird question but

i often see people talking about how they meet/get talking to band members at gigs. maybe i’m overthinking it but how do people go about this? just go up and say hello after the set? i’d be worried i’m annoying them