Last night's gig was


Black Mountain @ Stereo, Glasgow

Christ that was loud. Even with earplugs in it was loud (although being about 6 feet away from the speakers probably didn’t help).

Anyway BM did their whole Pysch/Prog/Stoner thing and it was great. Hadn’t really liked the newer stuff but it sounded much better live. Pretty sure the crowd were described as “crunchy” at one point…


Tortoise at The Dome

Such a good live band. Amazing double drumming. Played a good mix of new and older stuff, all the TNT stuff in particular sounded wonderful. I think seeing them live is a good way to get their music if it’s not clicked on record, you can see how intricate it all is and how incredibly well they gel as a group of players. And so much fun too.

Cheers @petagno for the ticket!


I was there too! It was great watching them all tackling different instruments. Whenever there were two on the drums, it was immense.

I hadn’t seen them live before but it all translated really well. The setlist blended so seamlessly between old and new. I had been listening to The Catastrophist quite a bit leading up to the show and I can see myself continuing to do so for weeks to come.

I quited like the ambient fella that opened too - did you catch his name?


Dinosaur Jr. My ears are still ringing.

One of the loudest and bests shows I’ve seen in a while.


I saw them yesterday at Tufnell Park. Great gig. Their latest album is brilliant.


65daysofstatic, side order of Thought Forms

I liked TF, had some nice shoegaze-y bits.

65daysofstatic were great, crowd were a little dull. Paul did his usual ranting about stuff, this time about trees being cut down to build parking space.


a week ago now but my last gig was The Raincoats in Manchester. was a bit odd as they had no drummer and i found it a bit weird at first but was enjoying it by the end. Duds were pretty good supporting as well.


Did they say why they didn’t have a drummer? I saw them play a show with Angel Olsen the other well and they had one then… I think… Unless it was Olsen’s?

Either way, all the old stuff sounder great! Did they play any new songs?


apparently they have a drummer but he lives in LA so wasn’t available. so it might have been him you saw, or it might have been Olsen’s. they did a few new ones yeah, some of which had a backing drum track from a laptop. thought the new ones sounded a little bit hit and miss but the stuff from the debut still sounded pretty good on the whole.


Ah I think the drummer was there then. They were mentioning where everyone had flown from to get to the gig and LA was mentioned.

Yeah I can’t remember how many new songs they played maybe three? Two I remember fairly well. One was a spoken word track and the other was kind of dancey. Preferred the spoken word one to be honest.

I was dancing away to the old stuff though. Cracking night and Olsen’s crew really beefed up the sound :slight_smile:


I went to see Glenn Tilbrook, good fun that was



Piano Wire (80s Matchbox dudes) and Kingsley Chapman & The Murder. Piano Wire were great but KC floored me. So good.


Tinariwen. Alright I suppose. It was quite interesting to watch something which made me think how virtually everything I listen to, regardless of genre, has the same type of rhythm underpinning it. Couldn’t really work out what the dynamic was between the two frontmen: Noel & Liam or Chuck and Flav.

Undoubtedly the most French audience I have ever been in. To be fair, I can see France from my balcony but I’ve gone there for gigs and it’s not been so half so Gallic.


I have a spare ticket for Teenage Fanclub at Birmingham O2 Institute on Sat 26th Nov. Can’t make this anymore :frowning: £10. Bargain as they are on top form at the moment (saw them in London a couple of months ago). Please message me if interested.


This was a few days ago but:

65daysofstatic - Newcastle University (on 17/11)

As said upthread, these are still really good live. Not seen them since the We Were Exploding Anyway tour, and I think this was the fourth time I’ve seen them in total? Really great set. Hadn’t listened to the No Man’s Sky songs until the day of the gig but Monolith sounded great. I’m glad that that soundtrack has exposed them to new people and (hopefully) made them a fair bit of money, because they deserve it.

Quite happy they played Crash Tactics too, I think that’s an absolute banger live. For as easily mockable as post rock is as a genre, the almost-dancable-but-not-quite electronic vibe they’ve got is a pretty unique niche and as far as I know there isn’t much else like them at the moment. Although Newcastle University is quite a bland venue the sound is usually really great and the drums in particular sounded fantastic. In genera they certainly seemed a lot better than the first time I saw them in 2007/2008, seems like they’ve built up a really great sense of knowing what sound they want to make and how to achieve it.


i was disappointed. thought the performance was a little flat - Wagon/Pain/Fury obvious exceptions - and got a weird vibe from the ageing white male population. the Forum is shit tho. always has been. perhaps i was just in a rubbish mood. perhaps i still am.


I was fairly underwhelmed at Bristol too tbh. The Wagon was great though. They should have a second guitar more often.


Would there be any interest in a ticket for The Cure in Manchester at the end of the month? Tues 29th November. The thinly veiled can no longer go.

Just looking for face value so £40 plus a couple of quid to send recorded delivery would be nice.

Ticket is for seating in block 214. You’d be sitting next to myself or one of my mates, our banter is alright. No chat during the show or that.

Let me know. Cheers.


I was at John Prine on Saturday. The venue had two separate halls…