Last night's gig was


Roddy Frame at The Stables, Milton Keynes. Every bit as magic as I’d hoped. He’s a very witty guy and the run of High Land, Hard Rain songs was :ok_hand:. That he wrote something as moving and emotionally literate as a teenager blows my mind. Good guitarist as well - I reckon he owns a few flamenco albums. One thing I would say about Wavendon - the locals clearly believe pavements and street lighting are some sort of big-city bollocks and want no part of it, thank you. Gave the walk up Stockwell Lane a frisson I could have done without, thanks.


Depends on the band usually. Normally I’d only chat to them if they are manning the merch stand after the show. Sometimes they might just hang around after the show milling about. At No Age earlier this year they were just walking through the crowd very friendily.


Exactly the above. Just people.

It can be more tempting to do this when wasted but that’s normally just a means of guaranteeing it goes either really well…or really, really, badly.


Ladytron (w/Stealing Sheep) @ The Roundhouse…

Excited about these guys being back - it’s been awhile. Double the fun as the excellent Stealing Sheep were support. They certainly looked good in their matching sequinned jumpsuits, and did some good intro/outro routines that would have been fitting of a headliner. Played a bunch of new stuff, so hopefully there’s an album on the way.

Crowd were up for the main act which is pleasing for a London gig. They played a selection from across their career, with a couple off the forthcoming album. They sounded great - I’ve seen them a bunch of times in the past and sometimes they can sound a little weedy live, but they were really good, probably the best I’ve seen them. Hopefully get another tour when the album drops next year :+1:


Hrs a much better guitarist live than I’d thought he’d be


Often go up to band members and say ‘alright, loved the show!’
Can’t think of a time anyone has been irritated and more often than not happy to talk away.


From a distance, it looks like he’s strumming rather than finger-picking but from the sound he’s patently doing a lot more than that. Enjoyed it a lot more than Aztec Camera back in 1991, tbh. I remember being slightly disappointed that the live versions of the songs were - pretty much - extremely faithful to the recorded versions. When it’s just Roddy and a guitar, he has to play around a bit. Will definitely see him again.


I was there too. Good gig.


That’s great! Ladytron rules.


Tonight is Damien Jurado at Union Chapel. He will be excellent. Still reckon the best bit about this place is getting coffee and a pack of nice biscuits.


Do they still do Tunnock Bars there?


The caramel bars? I think so. Big jar of Tunnock’s Teacakes on the counter for definite.


I meant the teacakes, sorry.

A gig, great acoustics, coffee and Tunnocks Teacakes. Hard to beat. I got loads of teacakes and coffees in at Evan Dando there a few years back.


Big reason bands like going on tour is meeting new people. I know I do!

Rather than say “good show” or something which is nice but boring ask what they thought of the gig and what they’ve been listening to recently or something, and maybe say something specific that you liked about the set if you wanna say something nice


Caramel update:

It is so bloody civilised. Wish more places did this.


Entered last night’s Car Seat Headrest show at the Tramshed as a casual fan left as fully fledged devotee! Such a brilliant anthemic band.


Kelsey Lu at St Pancras Church last night - I’ve loved her music since 2015 and this gig has been a long time coming and it was incredible. Her voice in that church was just fantastic and a completely rapt audience lapt it up. She’s coming back for a much bigger gig at the Roundhouse in March, so very pleased I made it to this one.


This was fantastic. Jurado is a wonderful songwriter. He did Over Rainbows and Rainier as his encore and there wasn’t a sound apart from him and the support. Proper goosebumps.


Was at Car Seat Headrest last night too. Amazing stuff.

They’ve grown hugely in confidence since the first time I saw them at Porto in 2016, not long after they started touring tbf. Will was as funny and charismatic as you’d hope for and the extra members add a renewed energy to the show. Played everything I was hoping for. Still buzzing from it


Yeah I loved the beefed up sound that the band create and Will’s vocals were spot on! I almost didn’t go but some friends that saw them earlier in Bristol said they were simply too good to miss. Shame that it wasn’t a sell out though!