Last night's gig was


Not a sell out but the crowd went pretty nuts for it!

Really like the tramshed as a venue. Excited to see Idles announced there next March


Yeah it was similar sized crowd with equalled amounts of enthusiasm earlier in the year when I caught the Cribs there. Easy to get a view and the sound is pretty on. Decent venue indeed!

Hoping to catch Idles next year too, so hopefully I’ll see you there!


Saw them at House of Vans few weeks back, poor venue, but they were on form. Such a great band, bloody excellent songs. Time & Space is a cracking album.


PARQUET COURTS! Jeez, I forgot how much I love this band!

Seen them live a couple of times before but don’t think they have ever sounded so good and had so much energy.


Flasher were loads of fun at Clwb last night. An incredibly tight and great sounding trio. Shame that it was only sparsely attended though.


Seeing Parquet Courts at the Roundhouse next week, so this is great news!


same! Will be fresh off the train from Glasgow :smiley:


Good work! My train won’t be coming so far.

Not seen them before and got into them backwards via Wide Awake! this year. Expecting greatness.


Ah class this will be my… 4th? 5th? I think? They’re always great craic


Parquet Courts in Leeds last night - can also confirm they’re on really good form at the moment. Wide Awake and Almost Had to start a fight/In and out of patience were particularly fun.

It was great to see Austin dicking around and dancing on stage in Leeds again. Last time he was here they had to cut the set short because he was so ill.


just wanna point folk towards this:


Car Seat Headrest in Manchester. Really good, very loud and a great mosh pit.


Art Brut, Top Of The Pops
Art Brut, Top Of The Pops
Art Brut, Top Of The Pops


Is Freddy not in the band anymore or just hiding in that pic?


Eddie did say that she’s not left the band and she’s on maternity leave.

Freddy, Top Of The Pops


^This is great news :+1:

^This is BULLSHIT :rage: She’s such a great presence on stage.

Ha, congrats to Freddy. Wonder what maternity leave Art Brut pays :thinking:


18,000 lira


Natalie Prass at Electric Brixton this evening.


I like her music but not a massive fan.

But that’s a brilliant photo.


Wot BMS1 said. Cracking photo, that.