Last night's gig was


Neko Case at The Barbican. A simply stunning gig.


wonderful wasn’t it. 5 guitars at some points! really varied across her catalogue. could’ve watched another hour at least.

surly teenage lad next to me with his parents did not agree. pretended to be asleep for most of it :smiley: it was loud as fuck!


The new album at first was good but not more when I first listened. I went back to it over the last two weeks as the concert was coming up. I just love the album now.

I’ve seen Neko Case over the years. Last night was the best yet. Probably in my top 10 gigs of the year.


Kurt Vile was excellent at Shepherds Bush Empire on Weds. I read an interview where he said they had to level up as a band after Pretty Pimpin got big, and it definitely showed as they were much tighter than when I’ve seen them before. The new material all sounded great, while the stuff from the back catalogue was a bit hit and miss. Comes with the jammy territory I guess. It was a long set of long songs and my gigfriends were complaining about their poor sore feet, but luckily I have thick sturdy pins and was fine.


did you catch Kathryn Joseph? that was intense…


Yeah. She was great.


Pharmakon at Sudpol, Luzern was astonishing. Dragged myself along without any idea of how her live shows work, thinking at least it would be loud.

It was definitely loud but I really wasn’t prepared for her being right in amongst the audience, winding around and screaming in faces. Equal parts exhilarating and terrifying After 25 minutes it was all over. The most thrilling gig I’ve been to in ages.


When she played the Dome a few years back, a monitor burst into flame. So intense!

Even though I’m not super into alt-country, the Neko Case show yesterday was great. So much talent on that stage. Zola Jesus on Monday impressed me too- what a voice.


Great photo- how was the show? LOVED her Bush Hall gig, but not a fan of Electric Brixton at all.


It was great, though she had a cold/flu/exhaustion thing going on. I used to live just up the road from Electric Brixton, back when it was the Fridge and there was a mini stuck to the side of it. That was my first concert experience there though.
Was on my way to the Bush Hall gig when I noticed the 18+ age rule and turned back as my daughter was with us😥.


Saw them earlier this year at the Junction in Cambridge- some inspired covers and Beach Life-in-Death is an unbelievably great song live.


they’re playing round here soon (next year I think). Definitely tempted based on the little bits I’ve heard about them, and the sick band name.

They haven’t actually released anything, have they?


Rolo Tomassi in the Scala.

I was so excited to see them and I nearly left after the first 10 minutes.
I got clobbered when the pit started and some fuckwit tried to start a fight with me so it put me right off the act.
I couldn’t tell if it was taking the band a few songs to get into it or it took me a few songs to calm down.

But one I did? What a show, Eva is an incredible front woman and there is no way someone that tiny should be able to make such a huge noise.
Great energy from the band and you could tell they were delight to be playing such a big show.

Loved it. (Just not some of the bellends in the crowd.)


Can see why you might have left. That’s rubbish. But good to hear they put on the blinding show they are so capable of. Many pre-Grievances songs?


I don’t think so. There were a few I didn’t know though. I only like their stuff from Grievances on…


Crack Cloud at Moth Club. Saw them twice when they were over last, played the exact same set but it didn’t matter. Touring has made the songs more rugged and muscular than on record but they still have all the restraint and intricacies which make em so good. The outro to Swish Swash is simultaneously euphoric and anxiety inducing, worth the price of entry alone.

Heard they’re back over in May, that can’t come soon enough.


Parquet Courts at SWX, Bristol. A really good live band and the new stuff was great. They are just a lot of fun to watch/listen to!


Acid Mothers Temple at Exchange, Bristol.

Don’t really know them, bloody loved it. Like a sort of rock party on a Japanese space station in 2089.


Great description!


I hear they were playing Threatin between bands!