Last night's gig was


I saw them in Edinburgh on this tour. Was great but was it all new stuff for you too? (Except for the encore)


I was at the first night in London. It was incredible (almost as much for Brendan’s banter as for the music).

I had a ticket for night two as well, but ended up having to be elsewhere. Would have loved to have been at the latter two nights - the footage that I’ve seen has been great.


Saw Kurt Vile last night.
Haven’t really got into the new album but it was a damn fine show.
Good guy, great sound.


That’s unfortunate - I’ll be interested to see how they cope without Gerry. It doesn’t sound like there’s any chance of him returning from the statement they put out.


Yep, it was a real banger of a gig.
All three nights were really excellent but I’ve enjoyed the Night 3s the most on this Creation tour and last night was stupendous. I’m a little bit of an emotional wreck today, mind you, but I’ll be ok once I’ve calmed down.


Kelly Lee Owens @ Village Underground.

There simply aren’t enough superlative to describe this show! Absolutely loved it. Seeing people dancing, in London, is a rarity. On a Thursday, unheard of. Yet she got almost everyone dancing at the Village Underground. She’s really developed the sound of her debut album. Really fleshed out the structure of the tracks, and it was just brilliant. Those throbbing bass lines! :heart_eyes:

10 out of 10. Fantastic.


Shame at O2 Academy Leicester. They were brilliant. First support Fontaines DC had some good tunes and I will check out their stuff. Second support HMLTD were a fucking shambles. Worst band I’ve seen in a long time.


Tricot at Manchester Soup Kitchen. Loads of fun and to say they don’t speak loads of English they had a good rapport with the crowd. It was really sweet how grateful they were to be playing a sold out show on the other side of the world. Weirdly one of the most diverse crowds I’ve ever seen at a gig even though about half of the people there were white dudes with neckbeards.

Support was itoldyouiwouldeatyou, who were pretty good and I think I’d check them out if they came to Leeds. Just read an interview with them and they seem like a GBOL. Clearly in the stage where they’re still having fun being a band and it showed (if that sounds like damning with faint praise then it’s not meant to).


The drummer in itoldyouiwouldeatyou is a pal of mine and actually lives in Leeds, they’ll probably play here again soon.


Metric @ Kentish Town Forum- a good time was guaranteed for all


Saw her in Glasgow last night, it was great! (but sadly no guitar balancing)

I’ve seen her tour each release now and her rise as a performer is staggering. She’s a proper rockstar these days!

Crowd was surprisingly young, and even a bit laddish in places, although generally fine.


I agree, she’s really mastered it now. My first CB show was the Forum in 2015 - fantastic gig, but even since then it’s a big leap. Also, Katie Harkin is a great addition to the band.

I checked out the Glasgow poster on her Instagram, it might be my favourite so far.

Pretty sure she never plays with a pick, but we can allow a little artistic license.


I was at Metric too last night. Originally didn’t think the new album was that good. It’s great after repeated listens. The gig was just great fun. Loved it.


Ought @ The Haunt, Brighton

Great gig, much better than the one in London a few months ago. Whole band was on top form and Tim especially seemed to be really enjoying it. Wasn’t particularly well attended sadly, these guys deserve to be much bigger than they are.


65daysofstatic @ Village Underground…

This was one of their ‘Decomposition Theory’ shows where they algorithmically (spelling?) generate unique material live each night. Pretty geeky, but also bloody brilliant in the execution. This saw them pared down to a three piece so no live drums. The material ranged from ambient noisescapes to punishing beat heavy stuff.

Mid-week London crowd who had braved the rain were a bit shit. Loads of chat going on and a constant drift of people away. Guess that all new material/none of the hits didn’t sit well with some people. Their loss. Plus meant that I managed to get down the front :sunglasses:

I know that a few people have been down on Village Underground previously, but I really like it as a venue. Nice and atmospheric. Great visuals last night too…

Saw that at VU a couple of years back doing their live score to Silent Running. Happily managed to pick up a vinyl copy of that from the merch stand, which was pleasing as I missed it on its original run.

Also, lol…


Yes, agreed, the new album gets better with every listen. Great stage show too.


Oh. That band. I saw some people on the tube last night with that album removing it from the shrinkwrap. I didn’t recognise the cover.


Wasn’t me - mine is still in the shrink wrap :sunglasses:


Just got home from Liverpool Olympia seeing Mogwai supported by The Twilight Sad

I got there with 5 mins to spare to see The Twilight Sad (fuck you Slaves knowing set times is the difference between me knowing I can put the kids to bed or not)

I always feel a bit mixed about TTS and there’s so much I like but musically I can’t fully get into it. But they put on a great show and the new stuff sounds good.

Mogwai were great, very loud (loudest I’ve seen them in 8 years I reckon) and a really nice setlist.

Shame it wasn’t sold out and the venue is a general shithole in the middle of nowhere… but nice that they’re heading to Liverpool for a change from Manchester (and they did Albert Hall twice this year already)

Didn’t note the setlist but it included auto rock, jim morrison, ithica, like herod, helicon 1, as well as some of the new ones.

This is the third time I’ve seen them tour the Every Country’s Sun material and I’m starting a theory about them needing time for the new ones to bed in. I thought all of them sounded great, after being a bit underwhelmed at other gigs. Coolverine is just a classic Mogwai track and could make my top 10. Every Country’s Sun is great as well. Only downsides tonight was that it felt like it was the start of the tour (know they played glasgow) but the lighting was a bit wonky and there were various technical issues going on.


U.S. Girls. Good fun.