Last night's gig was


Therapy? @ Islington Academy…

Been going to see these guys for maybe 25 years now :open_mouth: They never fail to put on a great show :+1: Andy Cairns was full of banter as ever, and the band genuinely seemed to be enjoying themselves - particularly the ongoing celebrations for the drummer’s birthday. Played a good selection of tracks from decent recent album Cleave, loads of Troublegum, plus a smattering of tracks all the way back to the early days.

Venue/crowd check - The Islington Academy is never going to be a fondly thought of venue tbf, being a box set in a shopping centre. That said, it does host some good gigs despite it soullessness - in addition to last night’s show, I’ve seen Anthrax and Revolting Cocks absolutely smash in it there. Could do with turning down the aircon slightly - was expecting to be hot and sweaty down the front, not fucking freezing. Crowd were well up for it from the first minute - the show was being filmed for a video, so hope it looked as good from the stage as it down from the floor. Also, always nice to feel like one of the younger guys at a gig these days…

Therapy? CLEAVE

The Lucid Dream at the Green Door Store.

I bought the ticket before their new album came out, off the strength of the previous album, which was psych / krautrock. The new stuff is much dancier. it felt like I imagine a gig in the early 90s might have done, just when shoegaze started turning into baggy / balearic


Juniore at The Victoria.
Top French fun.


Nice pics :+1:


Just got home from Bloc Party touring Silent Alarm. Was a decent show. Was a bit wary, knowing that Matt and Gordy weren’t in the line up but the new drummer was great. Can’t for the life of me figure out why they finished the encore with Flux and (I think) one from the new album. Would’ve thought Two More years would have been more appropriate.


HMLTD. Amazing.


i’d have been delighted, i think Flux is the only post-Silent Alarm track i have any time for.


Your first pic is brilliant.


Saw Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs at The Hope in Brighton. Sensational. I’ve been loving King of Cowards, but was still suprised by just how good it sounded live. Really good sound as well.


Saw Desperate Journalist as a support act to Marion as headliners at O2 Islington. Desperate Journalist were excellent.

I left way before Marion came on stage. The reasons are obvious. If not, Marion were due on stage.


Kaputt- what a great set this was. The saxophone sounded great, which I enjoyed because it’s so easy for non-standard instruments to get drowned out at shows like this. Crumbs were a lovely support. I like Cowtown but I have seen them a few times and would like them to shuffle their set up a bit.


Saw a couple of gigs last week

Wednesday night - Crewel Intentions at Electrowerkz. If you’ve not heard of them but of a London indie supergroup (members or former members of Palma Violets, Gallon Drunk, Insecure Men and others) and I describe them as a “baby Bad Seeds”. All the songs are quite fun and snappy and have big choruses but I want a bit of experimentation from them too, be it unusual rhythms or structures. In time I hope they get there with it as they have some exceptional players in that band.

Friday I saw The Eskimo Chain at the social. Great band, build and modify most of their equipment and are like In Rainbows era Radiohead with Clinic. I’ve watched them develop over the years and it’s been a joy to behold, they started out as more 60s psych influenced (as were many bands 4 or 5 years back) but they’ve really shaken that off and what they do feels more organic and genuine now. They tend not to play too often but hope that changes.

I’m seeing Uranium Club next week at the Boston music rooms and I’m very excited for that, been waiting ages to see them, anyone else going?


Saw Crewel Intentions supporting Johnny Marr the other week and yes, very Bad Seeds! Liked them a lot. Not very familiar with their previous bands beyond the odd song but will check them out now.


saw Pardans last night. was ok but not really my thing, too chaotic
also there was a guy just before the headline set who came out wearing nothing but a balaclava and an open dressing gown and walked around screaming into the mic with musical backing for about 10 minutes. weird


Oooh I’m seeing them next weekend, saw them in the summer in Cambridge and my mind was blown, with what they do all it takes is one or two of them to be a bit off their game and it will probably all fall apart.

They had the same guy before they went on too at that gig, pretty sure it’s their mate/driver/tour manager they let do his thing. Other than his balaclava he was bollock naked and singing along to Kate Bush when I saw him.


I saw them last week supporting shame. Just did not get them at all. Thought they were awful.


Mogwai at O2 Academy Leeds supported by The Twilight Sad. Both were bloody brilliant. TTS were better than I thought and grew as their set went. Would love to have seen 2 more from them. Mogwai were amazing, gutted they didn’t play My Father My King though. Seems they’re alternating that one on this tour and I was unlucky not to be at a gig where they played it.


Have to admit that once it had finished, I realised that I had been enjoying it much more than I would have thought. As an end to a gig focused on Silent Alarm, though, it just seemed an odd choice.

Gonna go and listen to the full discography to see whether distance has improved WITC and Intimacy (always loved Four).


Saw them last last year at a small venue in Bury St E- excellent live and deserve more attention.


Spending the week up North on holiday. Saw Beak at the Riverside in Newcastle, 3D from Massive Attack was on out flight but no sign of him at the gig (the Bristol connection), Pigs x7 were in the crowd though (Newcastle connection). Snapped Ankles were supporting and were great fun, they sound a lot like Devo are a big influence. Beak were also really good, the crowd was a bit of a strange one though (really quiet after applauding a song) and the band mentioned it a few times, it seemed like people had fun though and the band were very funny between songs. Really enjoyable gig.