Last night's gig was


Basement / Joyce Manor - SWX Bristol

Enjoyed JM a lot, the new songs work better live than on the record (which is growing on me in itself). Chatted to the singer at the merch stand after, mainly about cider for some reason. Basement were great, the crowd were pretty wild. Went in the pit once, fell on my arse, went back to the periphery which is standard.


Mogwai were great at the Dome in Brighton last night. Mostly stuff I didn’t recognise - I haven’t bought the new record - but I’m pretty sure Ether was in there. They finished with Like Herod and Mogwai Fear Satan, then did New Paths to Helicon as the encore, which was a fantastic way to end a gig.

It was also the loudest gig I’ve been to in a good few years, which is as it should be being Mogwai.


Seeing this tonight. Recall Like Herod being particularly loud. Must be fun for them to see a few thousand people jump out of their skin in the loud bits.


Also seeing this tonight. Don’t think I’ve ever seen them do Like Herod, so really hoping that stays in the set.


The last three tracks were the highlight for me - a lot of people bailed early, because it was Sunday night, and because of rail replacement buses - so they missed a treat.


I too am seeing this tonight, not sure about the seating aspect mind.


Also going tonight. Cant believe it’s not sold out. Maybe seating is partly to do with it and people dont want to be sat at the back. Should be great though. More excited for TTS


Just think, if Slaves had their way, you might have missed out on that.


I assumed that there would be standing. To quote from their website

Can I get up and dance?
On certain events such as music concerts patrons are allowed to stand and dance. Please enquire with Box Office on 02920 878444.

Can’t wait to stand and dance at St Davids Hall


Can’t wait to stand and dance at Reading



Didn’t spot you, but would have been hard as I think we both fit the standard Mogwai attendee looks so don’t exactly stand out!

Probably my favourite time seeing Mogwai, think Every Country’s Sun was a return to form after finding Rave Tapes pretty dull. Highlight for me was Don’t Believe The Fife, live the first half of the song is pure John Carpenter building to that huge crescendo and of course the Fear Satan / Like Herod double whammy was phenomenally loud.


We didn’t get to stand and dance after all.

Was a great gig, although seating felt weird, especially during The Twilight Sad. My Father My King sounded huge.


Mogwai and The Twilight Sad at St Davids Hall, Cardiff.

First time seeing the Twilight Sad and they were honestly brilliant. The hall could have been a cavernous space but they filled the room and it felt like a headline set. Looking forward to the new album and hopefully they tour these parts again. First Mogwai show since Primavera 2011 and they were fantastic. Thought the new stuff worked particularly well. Had goosebumps during Don’t believe the Fife and Every Country’s Son soared. The lights were amazing and the whole thing was loud as shit. In summary: Great double bill.


Sorry only just saw this. Thanks! Will definitely try to track down the documentary.


Saw RAKTA at Rough Trade Bristol. Cool Brazilian drone thing. Was well good.


Yeah, the seating was a bit weird initially but it was a great gig, second time I’d seen them (first time being at the Uni which is a terrible venue). I didn’t suffer from any tall man’s guilt and our seats were 7 rows back and central, I’d only recently bought Every County’s Sun and after seeing them live it’s really clicked. I might start taking my own seat to gigs from here on in, man of a certain age and all that.


DeVotchKa at Union Chapel. An absolutely joy, especially when everyone finally got up to dance during “Such A Lovely Thing”


Saw Waxahatchee and Kevin Morby last night - wonderful show!

Her voice really is something special, Kev was great too - I would just just love to see his full band show (understand much easier to travel here on a solo tour)

Great duets to finish as well, especially Jason Molina’s ‘The Dark Don’t Hide It’


Hinds in Edinburgh. Barely knew a single song or lyric but a great performance and crazy crowd made it one of my fav gigs for years. Forgot how fun it can be to just throw yourself into a mosh pit and put your trust in the arms of strangers … literally!


Soft Moon at the Scala