Last night's gig was


I’m off to see these tonight, quite excited. First gig in a long time and i’ve blasting the last 2 albums today.


very visual and energetic, not like Id expected.
have a blast


Also they covered Spanish Bombs, which is obvs a great song, but was also amusing to hear it done with perfectly sung Spanish parts and heavily accented English sections for a change


Mudhoney: This was so much fun. A career spanning set list, delivered with real energy - to the extent that the (very middle aged) crowd got a proper mosh pit going, including crowd surfers. Just a great live band.

The support were a very pleasant surprise too. I hadn’t heard of Thee Hyonotics before, and therefore didn’t realise that they’re Jim Jones’ original band from the 80’s/90’s. Acted like headliners rather than a support. Brilliant.


Pigs x7 at the Fulford Arms in York. Its a small pub venue, it’s sold out, it’s hot and sweaty, it’s loud and it’s brilliant. Pretty much sums it up.


I was at this too and had a great time. A very middle-aged woman on the edge of the pit.


Isn’t that twice in as many weeks that we’ve been at the same gig? (you said that you were at Teenage Fanclub, right?)

Did you get there in time to see Thee Hypnotics?


Hen Ogledd at The Star and Shadow.

Really enjoyed it! Don’t have a particularly in depth review to share, just enjoyed seeing those songs done live after loving the album since it was released. The Star and Shadow was a really nice venue for it too. I got goosebumps during the first chorus of Sky Burial, that song is wonderful. We only arrived for the second support, which I couldn’t get into, and my girlfriend remarked my ever changing face of less enjoyment each time they started a new song.


Hahaha, looks like it. I was at Teenage Fanclub too.

I did get to see Thee Hypnotics but I’m totally over them. I liked them when they first started, back in the late 80s, but their relentless creepiness and the throw-back rawk schtick turned me right off after a while.
When they got back together, I went to see them when they played in Walthamstow and I was really enjoying the gig…then the stripper showed up and all of the yucky disgust that I ended up feeling in the early 90s came flooding back.
I could tell you stories…but I won’t. :zipper_mouth_face:

But Mudhoney were great :grinning:


Barbara Morgenstern at The Tin Music & Arts in Coventry. Radiated so much joy from the stage. Turnout could have been a bit better, but everyone who was there was rapt from beginning to end.


I wasn’t familiar with Thee Hypnotics before last night. I was surprised to walk in and see Jim Jones on stage (being relatively familiar with his more recent stuff).


Sounds grim.

You’re right though, Mudhoney were great.


Just checked - saw Thee Hypnotics supporting The Black Crowes waaaaay back in '91 :open_mouth:


Yeah, they played gigs with the Black Crowes and then ended up on a tour with them in the US which went so badly to shit that they nearly died. They were a walking disaster area of a band.


The Soft Moon supported by Hides at The White Hotel in Salford.

Both bands were pretty amazing and totally suited to the cavernous venue. Hides were utterly pulverising and hypnotic, soft moon exceeded my expectations with a show that was ridiculously fun, anthemic and danceable. First time I’d been to TWH and i bloody loved it. Felt like i was in the obligatory nightclub scene in an 80’s/90’s dystopian cyberpunk movie.


Lola Kirke at The Lexington. I thought the album was average. She was good live though. I only went as I like Mistress America.

That’s my review of a Lola Kirke gig.


Mudhoney at St. Lukes in Glasgow. They are excellent live and the venue really felt intimate, there was also a great Mosh pit with an average age of 50+ (which I stayed well clear of). I really enjoyed Thee Hypnotics as well, everyone seemed to be having a good time. My ears are still ringing this morning!


I saw them a few days ago in London (my thoughts are upthread). So good. The sight of men in their 40’s/50’s crowd surfing was something else.


Conjurer supporting Conan at Boston Music Room. Crushingly intense performance from one of my AOTY Top 5. Great to see them up close again and liked the venue as a first timer.


Saw Shopping, Girl Ray and Hinds at EArtH at an all dayer.

Shopping were great. Girl Ray and Hinds were ok.


The support band in Bristol were awful. (serious faced men sat on chairs aimlessly going nowhere). HO left me a bit cold too. Sky Burial was great though.