Last night's gig was


Underworld @ Village Underground…

Pretty special to see them at such a small venue. Got there early so was about five rows from the front - Karl Hyde has certainly still got the moves. Great frontman. Rick Smith continues to look like your weird uncle enthusiatically smashing the equipment. Nice setlist, with a bias towards Second Toughest In The Infants.

Special mention to Justin Robertson as support. Haven’t seen him in a long time, but he certainly got the crowd going with some massive tunes.

Venue/crowd check: some people on here are down on Village Underground I believe, but I really like it as a venue. The sound was absolutely perfect last night. Crowd were crazy up for it - absolutely buzzing for a Sunday evening. Hilariously middle aged raver mix :+1:

Lots of fun…


Gurr at the London Garage last Thursday. Far, far from sold out which was a pity but a fun night.

Eddie Argos joined for two Christmas songs they had written together. I think pretty much any song that Eddie “sings” on will end up sounding like an Art Brut song…


I was there too - front right. A quality night. It was surreal seeing them in such a small venue after previous festivals. Yesterday was definitely a recovery day!


The Good, The Bad & The Queen @ EartH…

Missed these guys on their first run which was a shame as I absolutely rinsed the album when it came out. I remember it felt like the great lost Blur album, before we found out that Blur were actually going to do another album (on the other hand, I always felt like Think Tank was a proxy Damon Albarn solo album). Did not expect them to return so was psyched for this.

They played the new album through in full, which I am always a fan of. Then a very civilised interval (more of this please bands) before a six song selection from the first album (although no room for Herculean :open_mouth:). What the second half illustrated is that the new album is maybe a little one paced - the place went crazy for a speeded up version of Kingdon Of Doom by contrast. I guess it fits the melancholy tone of the album overall. Damon seemed to be enjoying himself, alternating between smashing the piano, dancing round the stage and shaking hands in the front row. More energised that I’ve ever seen him with Blur. Was pretty exciting to see Paul Simonon play today, a bona fide member of the only band that matters.

Venue/crowd check: was expecting this to be a shithold full of pricks, but actually it was fine. First time at the venue and I actually like the unallocated tiered seating plus the sound was decent. Had only heard bad things about it, so was pleasantly surprised. Crowd also seemed into it, which is not bad for Dalston on a Tuesday :+1:


The bad things you’ve heard about the venue likely relate to the terrible club room in the basement, and the fact the listings are really unclear as to which part of the venue you’ll be located


Interesting :thinking:


Exactly this. I’ve been twice to see Stephen Malkmus and Hinds/Shopping at an all dayer on Saturday and it was the shit big room downstairs. I haven’t been to the tiered seating venue for a gig yet.

Anyone know which of the two Julia Holter is playing at next week?


it must be the bigger room bearing in mind she played Oval Space last time she was here


wanted to go to one of these shows. Wasn’t feasible. They are so good live still aren’t they. Would love them to tour a bit more rather than the odd show here and there but I don’t blame them, they ain’t getting any younger…


went on Thursday night. as you say, new LP in full was predictable - but there were some highlights. Lady Boston & Drifters & Trawlers in particular. second half was absolutely cracking tho. might be favourite incarnation of all things Albarn.


Nils Frahm @ Hammersmith Apollo. one of his biggest gigs, apparently. was fully expecting it not to live up to the smaller venues i’ve seen him in, but i was happily proved wrong. acoustics were surprisingly impressive. and the last student of the last scholar of Tchaikovsky got a standing O for his troubles too.


Mercury Rev doing Deserters Songs at The Gate in Cardiff, stripped back, no drums or bass or strings. Was absolutely amazing. Jonathan Donahue is such a great frontman, brilliant stories all the way through. And Adrian Utley from Portishead turned up to play on three songs as well.


I think it depends on whether the artist suits the venue. The lecture theatre was great for Mulatu Astakte and the club room suited Sunflower Bean, but the other way around would have been awful. The seated venue was no place to see Rival Consoles.


Yup, even though I was dancing up the front, the venue murdered that gig.


I’m off to see that in London on Tuesday week. Looking forward to it even more now.


You are in for a treat.


Makes me even happier that when I saw they were on and went to buy one, the alttickets website said “Would you like to buy the last ticket?”


Regarding gigs at EartH, go to and select “learn more” for each gig. It says if the gig is the circle or the basement.

Imagine choosing a venue name where you can’t do a simple Google search and the state of their URL.


Looks like all my gigs for that venue are at the downstairs mini-aircraft hangar.

The Poppy Aykroyd might be worth going to as it’s seated according to the website.


Easily my favourite British band. Always great live. That was them at The Waiting Room at Stoke Newington.