Last night's gig was


Sunday was Counterparts / Stick to your Guns @ Bristol Fleece

Loud, heavy, dudes doing ninja stuff in a pit that took up half the venue at times. You know what you are getting with hardcore, by far better live than on record much of the time too so I always check out a show if I can. I went mainly for Counterparts, probably my favourite band in the genre around at the moment.


Not so much “last night’s gig was”, more the gig that I walked out of after two songs was Julia Holter just now.

Not a fan of her new album and EArtH (crap name for a venue) was oversold.

I don’t mind a crowd but I didn’t fancy moving passed loads of people to get to the bar and downing a can of Estella and then leaving…so I left.

That downstairs basement venue is a pile of shit. The Koko and Scala are better venues. Didn’t think I’d type that anytime soon.

Loved Julia Holter’s last album and her Islington Assembly Hall and Oval Space gigs but the minute I walked into this one I knew I’d be leaving after no more than 10 minutes.


Sorry to hear that. Very disappointing.
Not been to the venue before. Besides the overcrowding and the crappy name, does it have other rubbishnesses?


I’ve been to the downstairs area three times now. There’s a tiered balcony thing that’s shown on the venue’s website but I’ve never been to that part. They’re separate venues apparently and balcony tickets aren’t available like The Forum/Brixton/Islington Assembly Hall etc.

I been there for Stephen Malkmus, Hinds/Shopping/Girl Ray on an all dayer and tonight. It’s just an atmosphere void venue. I don’t think there’s draft at the bar. I got wine and cans in on the all dayer I was there but I’m not 100% certain. There’s two bars on the side but half way down the side of the venue and so on a night like tonight I was too lazy to get past a hundred people to queue for a can of Estrella. Having said all that, the door staff and bar staff are all fair enough, no issues. Just a crap dull venue. Malkmus was sold out too but not as packed as tonight.

Maybe for loud/noise acts it might be ok but for Julia Holter and Soap&Skin who I’ve tickets for next year it didn’t and won’t work well.

Again, they’re my own quirks and preferences. If anyone went tonight please post how your night was.


Julia Holter at Earth Hackney. Enjoyed it on the whole but I also felt the strain of the venue and really wasn’t enjoying the night until a few songs in.

However Julia Holter is a magical performer and the gig tonight was quite special, one of the better times I’ve seen her, although personally I love Aviary and a lot of it really worked live which was pleasing. Nice long set too, played about an hour and a half. Aside from the venue itself being not that good at all, which I guess I can live with for I’ve been to many bad ones recently, the main downside to the gig was it did seem like the quieter songs were let down by the staff at the venue quite a lot, which was strange to see as the crowd on the whole were really rather quiet in general, unfortunately for the right side of the room the bar staff really needed to have more respect for the musicians/attendees as they were quite loudly talking over the top of Julia and laughing between themselves, and generally getting on the crowd nearest to the bar’s back, which I’ve never seen before and it really wasn’t cool. Poor show EartH.


Soap&,skin looked like it would be in the smaller part of the venue from when I checked last week. I’ve not been to either part, but am definitely hoping it’s the smaller part now! The website mentioned unreserved seating I think.


Yeah, the venue was bloody awful, but the actual performance was probably the best I’ve seen from her (100x better than her awful EOTR set). Soap & Skin is definitely in the upstairs theatre bit, which is a relief.


I saw Johnny Marr the other night in the upstairs venue, I didn’t mind it (though just having cans and a few bottles of wine and spirits is never good) but I know from a friend i was with who knows someone who works for the venue they’re still sorting stuff out there and wanting feedback on how to improve it.
For those that weren’t happy definetly give them an email with feedback, any venue is gonna be more interested in long term attrition than just making £20/30 quid off one time punters who come to a gig and never want to go there again.


Slowdive @ Concorde 2

Wow. Just wow!

On top form, playing a very intimate venue, and they performed ‘When The Sun Hits’. I can die a happy man now.


^I was at Slowdive, but I work at Concorde. I’ve waited 2 years for shoegaze to come back, since we had DIIV in 2016.

They’re one of those bands I should like, but have never got round to sitting down and getting the albums in, so this gig was the perfect chance to get into them. I thought they were incredible, not one duff track! Fully converted Slowdiver now!


I saw their first comeback gig and cried during Alison because I was so happy that I would ever see it played live


The War on Drugs at the Oh Too- missed them at APE as I didn’t want to lose my spot for the National. Great and, oh Lordy, what a planet-devouring tune Under Pressure is when

played live.


Saw TWOD play the Roundhouse a while back and was surprised at the announcement of an O2 gig. Was it sold out? Looks pretty packed in your photo!


The upper tier was curtained off, but aside from that it was rammed. 16/17k people i’d guess. Not a bad pay day for the last night of their tour.


Flogging Molly, The Bronx, Face to Face and some others. Only watched the Bronx as I got there too late for Face to Face, and wasn’t going to watch Flogging Molly anyway. Got a bit pissed up and came out of pit retirement which was excellent fun.


Behind the bar?

Glad you enjoyed it. It was immense. If you’re interested in looking into their work, I recommend their new, eponymously titled album. Feels like they’ve never been away, carrying on from where they left off. Cracking album. Other than that, Souvlaki is where it’s at. For my money one of the best albums of the '90s.


@Scott_Chegg DiS user’s band Fightmilk at The Finsbury.

That was my 102nd gig and perhaps last of the year. A brilliant one to end on. If you guys haven’t checked out the album please do so. Just a great indie record.

Brilliant set. The crowd knew the songs and sang along. The band always have great stage presence and have fun on stage. That was a bloody fun evening.


I had the best time! Saw you at the front and it was excellent. Thank you so much for coming x


Merry Christmas to you and the band

I think I’ll play your song NYE nearing midnight on New Year’s Eve.

See you guys next year.


MGMT in Leeds. Pretty damn great