Last night's gig was


What was with the couldn’t see him, couldn’t hear him second drummer on The Wagon? Imagine lugging all that gear around for that? And was that a second guitarist, or some sort of weird electro-sitar thing (also inaudible)?

Don’t bother lads.

Loved it though (Bristol). Slow start when I walked in and realised for the second time that Masics had brought me in winter to a damp cowshed in an industrial estate, but once they were up and running I was pretty happy.


I went to see Ben Harper last night, I’m not sure why. I wrote up my review, and although all Aus-press encourage you to be objective and positive (i.e. Don’t blow our chance to get future freebies), I thought I’d see how far I could take the negativity. I’m particularly hoping this bit doesn’t get cut:

The Innocent Criminals standing backstage post show, socks filled with soap bars in hand, ready to show Ben what happens when they don’t get enough solo time. “How come Juan gets to rock out a cover of Them Changes by Buddy Miles and I get nothing?” shouts keyboardist Jason Yates as the sock comes down. I fear for Mr Harper amongst these so called Innocent Criminals.




the wedding present - pretty much as you’d expect, reliable, great tunes, full of old men on their annual day out for a mosh

day before was honeyblood supported by pins
pins seemed to have a bit more of a rougher post punk edge to their sound than last time I saw them, returning more to their earlier stlye.
slipped a cover of dead souls into their set

honeyblood played all of their new album, which was much better live than on record, nice to hear some new songs from them as must have toured the first album at least 3 times. cat looks to have secured the drummer spot after a few line up changes & good chemistry between them these days was stina’s birthday as well so lots of banter around that including the giving of presents, a corrs karaoke sing along between main set & encore with pins rejoining the stage, party poppers & a sash


Ha, yes and in really good form. When we bought the tickets the general vibe was ‘we better see this guy before he dies’ and particularly the way 2016 is goinig… this was back in April.


Saw Wedding Present last night too. Was good. Not totally sold on the current line up, as the last one was particularly excellent, but they rattled through a load of really good songs, and Gedge looked well.


Future of the Left. Great obv. First time seeing them in a couple of years, threw in probably my favourite Mclusky song. Top lads.


Looking forward to then at Islington in a few weeks despite the shit venue. Great band.


Savages at Brixton last night. Great live but rubbish sound.


seeing them tonight in Belfast. i don’t know much beyond the first 3 albums though i had a listen to the new one and was surprised at how good it is (bit long though)


Friday’s gig - Autechre @ Royal Festival Hall…

This show was a totally ‘dans le noir’ event which was a first for me. Seeing the venue staff getting their night vision goggles (!) set up was quite entertaining. Autechre’s live set is a fairly powerful thing anyway, but having taken away any visual element whatsoever made it even more so - very immersive, it felt like being in the womb at times. We were surrounded by a number of quite clearly chemically enhanced middle aged ravers who were clearly struggling a little with the door down nature of the event. But of a novelty show maybe, but hugely enjoyable (although would have liked more than the 75 minutes they played)…


Last night, Pixies at Brixton Academy…

When tickets first went on sale for this I had initially decided to bin it off, partly as I’ve seen them a bunch of times since they reformed (the current line up now feels like a heritage version of when they first came back in 2004 rather than their original 80s/90s run), partly as I really liked new Kim when she was in the band and the treatment of her seemed fairly shabby, and partly as the shows were on a Monday or Tuesday and fuck that noise. However, a friend of mine had a spare ticket last minute so here I was.

Stage set was fairly slick - massive lighting rig with large screen behind displaying abstract shapes and colours. They came on to Where Is My Mind? and loaded the early part of the set with some big numbers which pleased a surprisingly up for it early in the week crowd. The famously muddy Brixton Academy sound actually seemed to suit the relatively simple set up of most Pixies songs well enough. There was a few numbers from the latest album dropped mid set and personally I thought they sounded ok. There’s nothing to really compare to their classic tracks, but it’s all still superior surfer rock that most bands would give their right guitar playing arm for. The Pixies greatest trick is making it all look so easy - much like The Ramones, if it really was that easy then everyone would be doing it (that said, I always find it enjoyable that Joey Santiago’s guitar playing is so loose that he looks likes he’s playing the songs for the first time every single time). Paz is a good replacement for Kim and Kim 2 (incredible set of pins too) and handled bass and vocals well, particularly on a dry ice engulfed closer of Into The White.

So, Pixies in 2016? Dunno - would probably watch again…


oh yeah thought this was alright. got bored during a few of the unfamiliar songs as i do find them a bit samey (i quite like the surprisingly post-rock-y opening tracks on the new album but don’t think they played any of those) but the old stuff was good. September Girls supported who are great, and they’ve got such a powerful bassy sound these days that Wedding Present sounded a bit limp in comparison to start with but they warmed up after a few songs. the new guitarist looks like he’s in the wrong band but he did a decent job so fair play.


The first time I saw Pixies (on the Doolittle tour) they started with Into the White. I’d never heard it before and it was awesome.


Sunday’s gig : - White Lies @ ABC Glasgow.

Pretty good. The 6 new tracks they played from their decidedly average latest album sounded much better live than on record.

Tonight’s gig = Biffy Clyro at Glasgow Hydro.


Angel Olsen

Saw her last night in Melbourne and it was truly phenomenal, one of the best gigs I have been to in ages! Can’t gush about it enough

Her voice is really something else - so delicate at times, then giving it a great wail at other times. Exceptional band as well


Angel Olsen is brilliant live. I’ve been to a number of her gigs this year and a couple of Rough Trade signings and had a chance for a two minute chat on both occasions. She’s a really nice person as well as being very talented.

Last night’s gig was The Hidden Cameras. Great fun but lacked the huge camp fun during their early days. I remember men in masks dancing on stage stripping to their underpants and DMs during their touring of the first album. Brilliant gigs.


Islam Chipsy and E.E.K at the Hope & Ruin, Brighton
INSANE - probably my gig of the year. An Egyptian guy soloing hard on keys set to some stock library of ‘Absurd Africana/Middle Eastern cultural appropriation’ backed by two drummers who were tight as fuck. Felt like the soundtrack to a retrofuturist Egyptian cartoon superhero.

Prettyy disappointing turnout but everyone there seemed 100% into it - the band were obviosuly having an amazing time and it was totally contagious. Islam has some ludicrous ‘moves’ - sometimes looked a bit like a dad dancing at a wedding. His grin at seeing the crowd explode after every track was genuinely heartwarming.

Amazing. If anyone has the chance to see them at their Cafe Oto residency today/tomorrow then DO.


Seen them twice now, and going to Café Oto on Thursday.

One of the best live bands I’ve ever seen. Can’t wait.


Seeing them on Sunday in Leeds, how was it? We’re going more for Brand New but there’s a big place in my heart for the first three Biffy albums