Last night's gig was


Art Brut @ The Garage…

Can’t overestimate how good it is to have them back - a guaranteed good night out. Ripped through about half of the new album (although no Hope You’re Very Happy Together which was a surprise omission) plus a bunch of tracks for the back catalogue. Highlights included a version of My Little Brother which went on for, I dunno…15 minutes, and a pleasing version of We Formed A Band featuring the intro of Welcome To The Jungle. Fielding calls for Modern Art throughout the set with the information that they don’t play it anymore, they then faked out half the audience with a surprise second encore and came back to play it. Entertaining.

Not my best composed pic from last night, but I approve of the commitment to the crowd surfing…


1975 at the O2…superb. The bad reviews flashing up on the screen behind while the O2 went nuts to ‘The Sound’ was hilarious.






Great week for gigs.

Adrianne Lenker at The Union Chapel. Sublime.

Fightmilk and Art Brut at The Garage. Both such brilliant bands. I’m a grumpy bastard and always have a smile when watching both live.

Our Girl at The Lexington. I’ve seen them four or five times. Tonight was the best. Fucking hell they’re good live.


Saw the Wave Pictures last night for my 100th gig ever - tiny numbers compared to some on here but still!

Was a great time, never seen a band so purely positive and upbeat and happy to be there. Crowd were exactly the same too, not too much chatting, no shoving, just a lot of dad dancing. How fucking good of a guitar player is he?! Can turn his hand to every style with complete ease, proper underheralded guitar hero. Now You Are Pregnant was probably one of the best songs I’ve ever seen performed live, it was just gorgeous and nearly made me well up.

Also think I spotted @guntrip at one point, sorry for the stalk :wave:


Hello! I was there, yes.

I’ve seen them so many times now, they never fail to put on a great show. Now You Are Pregnant was a real treat, I haven’t seen them play that for maybe five years now, still magical :sparkling_heart:


I’ve missed them three times before this as they always end up selling out and I’m useless. Glad I made it out this time and will try to catch them lots more


Black Midi @ The Green Door Store

These guys never disappoint, think this was the 4th or 5th time I’ve seen them. They played a few tracks I hadn’t heard before which was sick and they seemed to have the entire crowd in the palm of their hand. This must have been what it was like to see Slint, Shellac etc in their infancy. I’m convinced that the drummer must be one of the best currently touring.

Had a brief chat with the boys before they went on stage and they come across as proper nice guys.


Bonus lunchtime show from AJ Lambert

Stopped into Rough Trade East earlier to find a surprise in-store going on. Pretty nice stuff - kind of loungey Leonard Cohen meet Julee Cruise. Asked one of the staff about her, and turns out she’s Frank Sinatra’s granddaughter which is quite the claim to fame.


Yeah. I’m jealous. Looks good. I was trying to get the day off today and would have gone to that. No day off. No lunchtime gig.

I’m at Rough Trade East later for TOY tonight.


TOY at Rough Trade East


Then the 242 bus to Hackney Central for Du Blonde at The Moth Club.


Fucked Up. Garage. Dreams Dosed. Brilliant.


Black Midi at Bloc, as ever they were excellent. Seeing them again on Monday at the Windmill :grimacing:


Messthetics at the Louisiana in Bristol. Great stuff. Unbelievable to see two legends (to me, anyway) in such a tiny room, plus Anthony the guitarist was right on it. And I got to shake hands with Joe and Brendan like a sad old fanboy wanker.


Similar to last Friday. Swearin’ at The Moth Club.


Before that it was Blood Red Shoes at Rough Trade East. As with last Friday it was the 242 bus that i used to yo-yo between the venues.

Great night overall. I’ll get a doner and chips box at the German Doner Kebab shop in Camden to further replicate late Friday. I’m at the same Camden pub posting this.