Last night's gig was


Dilly Dally at The Garage. Their first album was pretty good. Their second album wasn’t as good.

Live, they’re fucking amazing. Brilliant gig.


How were Swearin’? Seeing them in Leeds on Saturday and really looking forward to it.


Swearin’ were great fun. A short set, maybe 30 minutes but it was excellent.


Goat Girl @ Brixton Windmill…

Part of Independent Venue Week, hence why they were playing the charming confines (I’m not joking, I love going to gigs at The Windmill - I used to live about 200 metres away and was there at least once a week) of Brixton’s finest whereas the last time I saw them they were headlining Koko. They seemed perfectly at ease to be back on the smaller stage, and obviously enjoyed being able to interact with the crowd. Played most of the album, plus a few tracks I didn’t know - don’t know if they were new songs or oldies not on the album.

They made everything look so effortlessly cool as they smashed through their roster of two minute songs. Could have done with them coming on a little earlier than 22:25 though - I’ve got a babysitter waiting at home! Lovely stuff…

EDIT: just noticed that the Windmill logo on the back wall looks a bit suss :scream::scream::scream_cat:




White Lies at Concorde 2 (while on shift).

His voice has to be one of my favourites ever. Would have liked Getting Even (sure they played it last time they played here) but the new songs, like Tokyo, sound very good indeed. The piano solo towards the end was a particular highlight.

The support, Boniface, were also cool. I think they could be big.


Cloud Nothings at EartH.

New album played in it’s entirety (blurred for spoilers)

Whole performance seemed rushed and I lost count how many times they fell out of sync with the drummer (who as usual played out of his skin).

Forced to conclude they’re just not really a good live band tbh


Saw Malcolm Middleton at Voodoo in Belfast.
Just him on his own with an acoustic guitar.
Really good show and he’s a good lad.
One or two absolute roasters in the crowd though :expressionless:


Just Mustard at the Bermondsey Social.


Just Mustard produce a beautiful racket from this lot from Dundalk in Ireland. The are a young band. Lots of distorded fuzzy guitars and feed back and angelic female vocals.

Check them out her:


@ thesewoodenideas did you see Drahla who supported Cloud Nothings. Like them. Very early Sonic Youth sounding, from Leeds.


Saw the Vaccines! They’re really really good live, better than they’ve ever been I think. New album stuff sounded great too. Support were:

Hatchie: Took her a little while to get the crowd into it but her last couple of tracks were brilliant, dreamy indie pop stuff sounded like it was from the early 90’s

Jessie-Jo Stark: Played to probably less than half the crowd but did a good job, loads of charisma. Did a cover of Kim Carnes’ Bette Davis Eyes


Drug Church at The Attic in Glasgow.

Just fucking mental. Tiny venue and completely sold out.
Singer also slagged off the English crowds for " just standing there watching us even though they apparently like us"

Support from Nae Joy who were ok and Single Mothers who were incredible!


The Lucid Dream at Broadcast in Glasgow. Impressive stuff and a cracking atmosphere


air waves at the wheatsheaf, oxford. enjoyed it, she’s got a super voice and the band sound tight, in an early 00’s new York indie way.
support from lina simon of the Edmund fitzgerald


The Messthetics at Voodoo, Belfast.
Ex Fugazi lads Lally and Canty providing a solid foundation for guitarist Anthony to let rip in fine fashion.
Great stuff.


Black Midi at the Joiners, Southampton. Amazed they sold it out. Not sure I get the hype. A solid performance and some interesting moments but left me a bit cold. Not sure they do the whole tension / release thing particularly well but did have some great noisy moments. Overall fine / 10.


Just got in from Drug Church and Single Mothers at Star and Garter in Manchester. Both bands were fucking great.

Saw Part Chimp last night in Wigan. Felt a bit down that it was quite undersold but even with a few sound issues they put on a great show and it was really loud.


“A” at the Anvil in Bournemouth for Independent Venue Week. I realise it’s another era but they were loud, funny and catchy as heck, and I still love them.


Do not rate this lot at all.