Last night's gig was


Yeah, Single Mothers were fantastic. So much fun.
I hadn’t heard them before but will deffo be looking out for future gigs.


Their latest LP came out on Big Scary Monsters.
That label is on fire at the minute so a sure sign of quality.


Friday night triple bill @ Brixton Academy…

Got there in time to catch most of Juniore’s set. Lovely 60s tinged twangy surf stuff. The singer is almost comically French and lovely. Not sure why the guitarist wears a mask though - works when Goat do it because they all do it. He just looks like he’s in the wrong band…

Next up was Swervedriver. They played a few tracks off the new album which was nice to see them in a live setting. Duel and Never Lose That Feeling remain great tracks with some nice guitar whig outs :+1:

Main act The Dandy Warhols were celebrating 25 years together (hence the balloons framing the stage) - think I’ve been going to see them for about 20 of those years. Maybe something of a guilty pleasure, but they are always great fun live. Played a decent selection off the new album, plus a good smattering from my favourite Come Down. Lost my watch during final track Boys Better :unamused:


The Streets @ Brixton Academy last night. A ludicrously fun evening. I’d never seen them before and saw Queens of the Stone instead at Glastonbury 2011 prior to them originally calling it a day. I was initially gutted to miss out on getting tickets for the first comeback tour but after last night I think I got the better deal. A large chunk of the set was from Original Pirate Material which a smattering of songs from the rest of their discography. Their recent singles have been a bit hit and miss but Call Me in the Morning is a banger.

I know his flow and delivery lends itself quite easily to this but I was impressed by how easily Mike Skinner was able to slip in and out of on-stage banter and bam into the original lyrics. His band were great as well which also included Rob Harvey, formerly of The Music (I know they had previously collaborated anyway).

Nice moment as well of Mike getting women in attendance to crowd surf and making sure that it was a safe space for them to do so and no problems with the crowd in general really either.


OK, so a day late, but saw Laura Veirs and Sam Amidon in Norwich on Monday night and they were both great. Both doing solo sets (no backing) and then guesting for the last few songs in each other’s set. Magical stuff. LV did a few Case/Lang/Veirs numbers too. If you have time for either of them definitely worth trying to catch them as they head round the UK.


Drug Church / Single Mothers @ Bristol Exchange

I wasn’t that interested in SM from the snippets I had heard previously, but they totally won me over by the end of their set. That last song was a blast especially. Drug Church are one of my favourite bands at the moment, I just had a grin on my face the whole time. When that guy “broke the seal” doing a stagedive and all hell broke loose with bodies flying around after, love a bit of that.


Seen Laura Veirs a number of times over the years but not in the last five. She’s always good live. Carbon Glacier is a great album.


I managed to pre-empt most of her setlist with a comp I did for the thinly veiled - a lot of July Flame (possibly my favourite of hers now), very little off Carbon Glacier or Year of Meteors - thankfully not that heavy on the newie (which has its moments but I can’t work out why it’s being branded ‘her strongest collection of songs yet’ other than because reviewers aren’t familiar with her impressive back catalogue). Met her after at the merch stand and got a signed Tumblebee for the funkycalves.

And I can’t stress how good Sam Amidon was too. Really good.


Saw them in Birmingham a couple of weeks ago and they were pretty dreadful. A shame, cos I saw them touring Here and Nowhere Else and they were great. Seen them twice since touring two sub-standard albums, and they’ve been poor each time.


Same story for me. Here and Nowhere Else tour I thought they were great. In hindsight I’ve had to question whether or not it was because of my sheer love for that album, and they 1.5 speed carcrash lent itself well to that album.

Been very underwhelmed on their last two tours though.


Anyone see them at The Cargo a few years back when half the power went out? That was an absolutely fantastic gig. The other times have been average at best, usually shit.


This afternoon’s gig was Goat Girl at Studio 9294 at Hackney Wick

Really liked their album. Wanted to see them often and missed them when they weren’t too big at The Old Blue Last. I only go to The Koko when absolutely necessary and so didn’t get a ticket for that gig.

Anyway, great live, great songs and a great way of spending your afternoon on a day off. I really enjoyed that.


Nice :+1: How long did they play for?


Around 30 minutes. Great set. They played Viper Fish but not Creep. Nonetheless great fun.


Anna Calvi at The Roundhouse

I think a few DiS-ers went from what i remember from the upcoming gigs thread.

What did you guys think? Theres only three options: very good, brilliant or fucking amazing. I’ll opt for the latter.

She can hush the entire sold out crowd at that venue with one song and raise the roof with the next. Simply a stunning album and a fucking amazing gig.




First gig of the year was Wrekmeister Harmonies in Electrowerkz and only the second headline act I’ve walked out of. Whereas they record with a huge amount of people, live it was just two of them. One singing and playing guitar and one switching between keyboards and violin and it was dirge of the worst kind.

They recorded an album with members of godspeed and made this masterpiece

Why would you bother to leave the house if you can’t play some form of it?
Anyway, 30 mins and I walked.

The support, Tacoma Narrows Bridge Disaster may have a shit name but they played some great post metal.


Indeed, Anna Calvi @ The Roundhouse was fairly fucking special…

Just totally in control of the crowd, the stagecraft and her own music. Massive sound for just a three piece - still massive when it was just her and her guitar. Loved how loose her guitar playing was. Also, always a big fan of the central walkway at a gig :+1:

Went with a mate who had never heard a single note of her music, and he turned to me at the end of the first song and said ‘She’s fucking amazing!’. Instant fan.

Played almost the whole of the new album - shame that Chain was the one omission as I love that song. Interesting that the second album was completely ignored - that’s a decent album right? Enjoyed the Shost Rider cover for the encore.

I’d not seen her live since 2012, but she has grown into a consummate performer in that time. Excited that I get to see her again over the summer at Latitude. Hopefully not a big gap until the next album. While searching DiS, I noticed this user review which pretty much sums up my own feelings…


That’s me in the stripey top in this shot :grinning: