Last night's gig was


I used to go to that space for subsidised boozes when I worked at Media City :smiley: It was rubbish - hope they’re making better use of it now…


One of the people I was with did too :joy: It has potential but it would be better with a pa. It’s also probably best suited to fairly chilled events like small experimental electronica, ambient stuff, singer-songwriters, that kind of thing.
Big issue, it’s really not accessible as it’s upstairs and there didn’t seem to be access to a lift.


Just seen Neneh Cherry live in Dublin. What a performer. Doubt I’ll have more fun at a gig this year.


Only seen her once. She’s brilliant.


I saw Piroshka at Rough Trade East last night. They were good live. The album is a grower and as an aging 90s indie kid I really like the new album.

I saw a semi-random band called Abjects tonight at The Shacklewell Arms. They were ok.


A day late, but saw Bill Ryder-Jones at The Bodega in Nottingham On Friday night. Amazing gig.
For a guy who sings such sad songs, I didn’t expect him to be so funny.


Kathryn Joseph at the trades club playing, “shit sad songs”. Words can’t do her justice. Go see if you can.


Vein the other night at Temple of Boom. Band was tight, crowd was so up for it. Glad they’re still playing stuff off their split with .Gif from God


The Lemonheads at Bristol SWX. Exactly what I expected… bit shambolic in places but that back catalogue. What amazed me was that his voice is still there after all he’s done to himself.

It all ended pretty abruptly, but not before they’d played about 100 songs.


Doe at t’Brude. It was nice to hear some of their pre-album tracks that they were playing when I first started seeing them back in 2013. My mate in the support band who toured with them (the ever so good Milk Crimes) said they played a different set every night which is cool.


Saw her in Leeds last week - she was great but the crowd was like a hen do, which for a Tuesday night gig playing songs largely off a pretty sombre album came as a bit of a surprise.


Likely that they were all there for Buffalo Stance tbf.


I enjoyed that. His voice sounded great (on the whole) and with such an extensive set-list there were plenty of peaks (Clang Bang Clang!). A bit ropey at times but better than I expected. Great to see Chris Brokaw on stage too.


Lemonheads at Kentish Town Forum

Overall a good gig. Not the shit show as I expected it would be. I enjoyed the songs played from yesteryear that I grew up with in my teens.

However, did anyone else go? Did he throw a bottle across the stage and nearly hit someome when his mic was cut? If so, dick move. He went over to that area and had a word with the security bloke and maybe someone else? I don’t know if he apologised or otherwise but attempted another song but couldn’t as the mic was cut. I saw it all from level one and I’ve had few drinks and drinking more as I type this.

Let me know if I’m right of wrong in what happened.


Yeah I was there and downstairs but not near the front. It was a strange gig. I mean, I’ve seen them loads of times over the years, and you always approach each show with a sense of trepidation. Will he show? Will he be wasted? This was the first time, for me, where it slipped a little too far into “self indulgent nonsense”, especially that middle section of covers. Certainly lost a lot of the crowd at that point. That said, when he was blasting through his own back catalogue, it was as good as as it’s ever been. I just love hearing those songs, and singing along with gusto.

The end was a mess and was clear he was pissed off about being cut off. The moment he threw the bottle you could see the blind panic on his face and immediate regret. Hopefully nobody got hurt. Not sure if was trying to apologise whilst the mic was off or sing another song, but he clearly wasn’t right. But hey, that’s Evan. As unpredictable as ever.


Ain’t That Enough, wow, that’s a great choice, definitely has a Dando vibe about it


Yeah, it sounded great and really suited his voice. It may have been a one-off for Glasgow, so not sure if we’ll ever hear it again. Would have been a good candidate for the new covers album rather than something like ‘Take it Easy’!


His voice is definitely still there. He is really underrated as a singer. His voice is tremendous. I don’t know where i downloaded it from, but i have a live cover of ‘The Night’s Too Long’ by Lucinda Williams on my ipod and his voice just sounds amazing on it. He should put that song back in the set.


I’m sure he did “It’s All In My Mind” last night (was during the random covers set when we got into a bit of a barny with a dude that was heckling), so is obviously on a bit of a Teenage Fanclub tip at the moment.


I liked the middle acoustic covers section in Glasgow.