Last night's gig was


Oops. He spun his bottle in the air in Bristol and managed to catch it, to the notable relief of the guitarist. I spent the whole gig thinking how fragile he looked, but if he was in that bad a state, he wouldn’t be able to reel off 30 songs from memory in good voice. Hope he’s OK, but I agree with you that doesn’t excuse him doing stupid stuff.

I liked the middle acoustic bit too, incidentally.


I’ve normally got a lot of time for that middle section, it’s customary for his shows now. But you usually get a Hard Drive or a Hannah & Gabi in amongst the standard Gram Parsons covers and what have you. I guess he is peddling the new album, and I’m certainly not used to the songs on it yet. Was just a little hard to get into.

I mean, the Cambridge acoustic slot was far more crowd pleasing than last night (hasn’t been updated on Setlist.FM yet):

But the rest of the song selection was bang on. Been a long time since I’d heard Left For Dead, Hate Your Friends and Different Drum live. Cracking stuff!


Clang Bang Clang! Skulls! But please keep the reggae one!


No-one needs the reggae one. That’s a stinker!


Both of those songs were played in Bristol. :slight_smile:


Lala Lala at a sold out Sebright Arms. One of the best albums of last year and a brilliant gig. If you’ve not heard of them please them out.


I was looking forward to hearing ‘Favourite T’ in Glasgow, however, they didn’t play it. They did play it in Cork though.


Cate Le Bon in Wellington. Playing as a duo, with Cate on piano. Quite nice, she was in good voice but it felt a bit samey. My friend who’d never heard her before thought it was great though.

Previously, IDLES at the same venue. Totally rammed, good crowd though. Great set and stage presence. At one point I think the band were slagging off the monarchy, or the British anthem, or maybe colonialism (I’m guessing here) because the crowd started singing the New Zealand national anthem, in Maori. And then everyone stopped dead before the English verse started :smiley: Nice round of applause from the band in response.

Other highlight was when the guitarist went out into the crowd. On his way back he took his guitar off and put it over my girlfriend, and led her up on stage! So she was there at the end of the set, playing along. (Which would have been better if she was less introverted and we knew the IDLES discography better, but she handled it fine and people were congratulating her afterwards :D).


Desperate Journalist at Rough Trade East. Brilliant live. Brilliant album.


18th “birthday” party for Cambridge promoter Green Mind. It was only £8, I had nothing better to do, and tend to like the bands he puts on.

Local band Deep City in support (and apparently their friends and family forming like 75% of the audience) were surprisingly decent - like Phoenix meets The 1975 doing a soundtrack to a John Hughes movie. I have no idea if this is cool but they (and their fanbase) all looked like Fashionable Young People so I guess 80s-style palm-muted Strats with massive delay/reverb is cool again now?

Headliners were October Drift who I only knew from that one song they played on 6Music that seemed like a passable post-rock-ish thing with Ian Curtis style vocals. I’m used to post-rock bands basically just standing there whilst ear-pummeling noise happens around them, so wasn’t entirely prepared for the, uh, energetic stage performance. In a (blindingly tight) 45 minute set the lead singer ended up in the crowd at least a dozen times and the second guitarist and bassist pogoed/headbanged throughout the entire set. Not totally sold on their sound, which was a bit by-the-numbers melodic-wall-of-noise with pretty platitudy lyrics, but they were excellent value as a live act.


Saw Ry X in Brighton Dome last night, didn’t know much about him so was shocked / disappointed to find we was a pretentious Aussie Bon Iver a like.
Luckily he wasn’t as bad as Bon Iver but it wasn’t really my thing.


Green Mind’s been going 18 years?! Jesus I’m old. He was the only person who would dance when I played My Bloody Valentine’s songs at the Panic club night (RIP)


Saw Du Blonde at Lexington last night. My friend drums for her live. Really enjoyed, snappy quirky pop songs and really funny banter between songs, I’m so used to seeing serious moody post punk bands so this was a nice change.


I was there too. Great fun gig.

The woman on the doors, checking tickets etc. was the live guitarist from Desperate Journalist. I had a quick chat. Really nice person.


Yeah she’s been in bands for years, does that Fall tribute band (The Fallen Women), she’s great!


Anyone see The Armed in Brissol last night? Holy moly - easily one of the most intense gigs I’ve been to in ages. Just unrelenting. I’m hoping my hearing will return at some point today. Best moment was seeing that famous gig dude (forgotten his name at the mo) using the strobe lighting to carefully select what sort of pen he wanted to use for his drawing while everyone else was absolutely losing their shit. Phoxjaw had a strong shirt game as well (nice riffs also).


Big Jeff?


I wasn’t there, but that’ll be him, he has started sketching during gigs… he was doing that at The Lemonheads the other day!


Cool. I’ve just checked his Twitter feed and he’s posting some of his sketches on there.


That’s the one! I love how comfortable he is - always answering the vague, rhetorical comments of the bands as if they were asking him directly!