Last night's gig was


He’d headbang for a bit, sketch, headbang, sketch! Then really amiably show the front guy and get a hug. Brilliant.


He’s made the Bristol gig scene his own :smiley:


Have only been to a handful of Bristol shows but I know who he is!




I was preparing a rant for the Set Times thread at 9:55pm last night, but Laura Gibson was more than worth the wait. Perfect control of her voice and her guitar playing was incredibly varied without sounding obtuse. Good dorky chat and she managed to keep a crowd singalong going for a full song despite a small, quiet crowd. Really, really excellent gig.


Snapped Ankles at Oslo.

I really enjoyed the gig, which saw the stage filled with ‘Stunning Luxury’ house-sale-style signs and the band dressed as estate agents. The singer was even measuring the place up at one point.

Although I really enjoy SA live, I still don’t feel like I love them or will be interested in them long term. This is fine for me, and won’t matter to them as they’re probably going to get fairly big anyway, so they don’t need me to be an enduring fan.

They’ve got Village Underground booked for later in the year so it would be interesting to see how their show translates to a bigger stage, with the band a bit more removed from the audience. They do still have the gillie-clad dancers in the audience, so they might beef that up some more with drummers etc.


I’m listening to the new album as I type this. I’m seeing her at a church in Bethnel Green next week. Such a brilliant album. The last song is stunning. Really looking forward to it.


Yola at Rough Trade East yesterday. Brilliant album. Went under the radar on DiS perhaps but just a great album. If you have a soft spot for Dusty Springfield, you’ll love her.


Was most of the set from the new album?:crossed_fingers:


A hefty chunk of it. Even the older stuff I wasn’t so familiar with sounded fantastic though. :+1:


Yola anecdote: once met her and ended up having a very long conversation with her. She’s lovely. By the end of the conversation I had agreed to do her website, but it didn’t happen in the end for some reason!


I just had a quick hello and thank you during the album signing. She’s did indeed come across as a lovely person (and has one hell of a voice).


Teeth of the Sea at the Moth Club.

They were amazing, just a hour of trance inducing heaviness, I miss the live drummer in the set up but not enough to take away from how good that show was. :smiley:
I can’t believe they opened up with Gladiators ready :open_mouth:


Glad I finally got to hear Responder live - did not disappoint

Enjoyed Petbrick too - Igor Cavelera on drums!!! :exploding_head:


Big Jeff?


The Might Mighty Bosst… nah Twilight Sad. Bloody epic! EPIC


Hadn’t seen Igor drum since the Chaos AD tour :smiley: It was brilliant to see although I was right at the front of the drums and my ears are still ringing :open_mouth:


I was there too and had a great time. I also like the support band Petbrick; bloke out of Big Lad and bloke out of Sepultura. They’re playing Roadburn :smiley:


Really enjoying Wraith, but came to TOTS a bit too late for this gig. Lots of stuff off Wraith played?


A fair bit but I don’t think it would have mattered.
If you’re looking for a place get stuck into TotS listen to Master. They always finish on the last song off it and it’s a beast.