Last night's gig was


Girl Gang all dayer at Wharf Chambers

A really solid day of women-centric music. Highlights were Tea Leaf, Peach Club and Dream Nails.


So we had much more Sonic Youth this afternoon. I really enjoyed the films, including the Daydream Nation film from the ABC.

Things we learned this afternoon: Bob Bert, the drummer from Confusion is Sex to Death Valley 69, quit the band on the flight back from London to New York but it was ok because Steve Shelley was at Thurston and Kim’s looking after their cat and he can play drums (better than Bob Bert, IMO), and that’s how Steve got the gig.

Lee had a huge, but portable, video recorder in the studio when they were making Goo and there is, apparently, a half-made film just waiting for someone to get it finished and out.

Also I, rather unexpectedly, turned into a massive Steve fan-girl when I was getting my poster signed.


Moose - I sometimes think that you are my very favourite DiSer :+1:


Will do - thank you! Responder is a fantastic beast indeed.


It’s the nerdiness, isn’t it?
I’m not really that nerdy. I just seem really nerdy because of all the really nerdy things that I do, say and think.


Word :fist:


Du Blonde earlier. Great gig. She was very nice when she signed my CD. Cheers, Beth.


Then a short walk to St John’s Church at Bethnal Green for Laura Gibson.

Such an amazing gig. I had a few of her albums but hadn’t seen her live before. She effortlessly had the crowd in her hand. A delicate, warm and beautiful gig. (In it’s own way, it just kicked arse. Loved it.)


I was at the Laura Gibson gig too. It’s somehow my 8th time of seeing her! At first I wasn’t in the mood for just her and a guitar, especially after her band performance ) joint Dan Mangan gig last year, but I ended up enjoying it in the end.


Glad it was good! Really wanted to get along there but couldn’t make it unfortunately.


Our Girl at The Purcell Room, The Southbank. Great gig.


Comet is Coming at the Thekla, Bristol. Really enjoyed the gig and it was a very dancey crowd which made the whole thing a lot of fun. The drummer is very no thrills compared to the other two when they come on stage, but looks are deceiving, what a drummer!


Kero Kero Bonito was such a disappointment. Band were great, sound was bad, audience was just packed with dicks who insisted on moshing for some reason. Also [tw sexual assault] some guy groped a woman and security did fuck all to help her after my friends went to speak to them. .


Oneohtrix point never @ The Roundhouse


Did you go to the Barbican show last year too? If so, how did it compare?

Really enjoyed OPN at the Barbican, but thought I might be seeing the same again at the Roundhouse, so decided not to go.



Thought it was pretty great. Pissed all over the Barbican show (I didn’t go). Both the people I went with hated it, so that’s good.


saw Christian Loffler play with a string ensemble and pianist (and his vocalist Mohna) at the Southbank Centre during the week and it was awesome despite me having a bad mental health episode during it so I couldn’t really get fully invested


Saw the hold steady. They were on absolutely top form, everyone had a great time.

Glad Franz is back - makes a massive difference to their sound.

Also I haven’t really listened to them for a few years, so it was nice hearing the intro to each song and getting that rush of ‘oh shit, this song is great!’ for things I’d forgotten about.


No, that was my first time. Great show, but more of a sit downer than a stand upper if you catch my drift.


That sounds amazing.