Last night's gig was


Going tonight!


Yep, definitely a sitdowner for me. Looks like you were an upstander from the photo.


Bonnacons of Doom at the Sebright Arms.

This was another excellent BoD gig. I love how the singer, Kate, throws shapes and lets out yelps and whoops :smiley: I’m a big fan.

I also saw one of the support bands, Ghost Fang. I’ve never seen or heard of them before but I really liked them. There were 8 or 9 people on stage, including, drums, guitar, bass, two saxophones (one of the guys was the player from Sex Swing), bugle, cello and conga! They played a one-long-instrumental set. I’d definitely see them again.

Here’s my friend Jeremy getting into the spirit of the thing.


Never heard of either bands you’ve mentioned. Sounds like you had a great time. I’ll check both bands out. Thanks for the heads up.


BoD are a Rocket Recordings band, from Liverpool.
There’s an IMPA TV film from last year’s Rocket Recordings 20 here They’re great fun :smiley:


'68 really are superb live


Hold Steady on Saturday were brilliant, I got a ticket very last minute as some friends were going and I’ve always been a bit cool on them and forgot how much I actually do enjoy them, was expecting to have an alright time but ended up loving it


Yesterday’s show at Oslo was probably one of the best rock shows I’ve ever been too. Saw them at Electric Ballroom last year and that was fine, but last night seemed to encapsulate everything a good gig should be- an enthusiastic but not-twatty audience, an awesome setlist, and a band that seemed to be enjoying themselves almost as much as the punters.


Bob Mould at The Electric Ballroom. Excellent gig.


Yeah I enjoyed that a lot! His latest album is solid and was great to hear some Hüsker Dü classics too!


Really glad that I decided to accept an old friend’s kind offer of a spare ticket.


Just got home from The Jesus and Mary Chain. Hadn’t been intending to go but a friend bought me a ticket. Was excellent.


Svalbard + Ithaca + Morrow + Watchcries @ Boston Music Room

Was so excited to see Svalbard and Ithaca particularly and they didn’t disappoint in a great venue. Ithaca’s set was stunning despite early issues with the vocal mic and probably topped Svalbard who were great nevertheless. Ithaca’s fiery debut has been my favourite album of 2019 so far. This show strengthened its position.