Last night's gig was

Gaz Coombes & the Hot Fruit Orchestra at the Sheldonian Theatre in Oxford.

A fantastic one-off charity concert - Gaz backed by a full orchestra conducted by Luke Lewis.

The sound in there was astonishingly good (well done, Christopher Wren) and really did justice to some brilliant new arrangements of songs from the recent albums. It was all being recorded and filmed, so hopefully it will get a release in some form.

As usual with such things it made me wish I had stuck with the trumpet - being part of an orchestra seems fun. :trumpet:

Coincidentally, it was 15 years to the day since I saw Supergrass on the ‘Supergrass is 10’ tour. Gaz has still got it!

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she should be huge

Haha well maybe not the whole crowd then but down the front there was a fair few of us! Whereabouts were you stood? Agreed about the venue, hadn’t been there before and not sure on it. Katie is very charismatic (thought the bowie esque cat suit was very cool) and flat out great front person! Disagree about needing a ‘better band’ though, think Daniele and G.L. bring a fair bit to the table (completely didn’t clock on that Daniele takes lead vocals on a couple of tracks on Kansas)…

At the back obvs. Tbf, the drummer was pretty cool and her lead vocal contributions did bring a bit extra to the party. I just don’t think the guitarist is particularly good and the overall sound was a bit flat in places. (again, this is partly the venue) I didn’t think this when I saw them a couple of years ago but they definitely didn’t seem as tight. this time.

Juliana Hatfield at O2 Islington

Shit venue. It’s always been that. Thankfully, I paid £5.95 for a pint of Carlsberg Export (twice):roll_eyes:.

Surprisingly a good gig. As an ageing indie kid I always feel “obligated” to see your 90s heroes when they play even though you know that they won’t be great live. They definitely weren’t great but a good fun gig. We got My Sister and Spin The Bottle. Can’t complain.

(I complained about the beer selection at O2 venues and their prices to my mates via text during the night and won’t repeat myself here again.)

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Beak > and Snapped Ankles at Concorde 2

Was right good, nice and loud and both bands had plenty of on stage presence. Sound was dodgy last time I saw Snapped Ankles so was good to see them at full power. Hadn’t seen Beak> before and wasn’t disappointed. Plenty of on stage banter between Beak, mostly coming from Geoff. Great set list and sold out crowd seemed to love it.

Good support act too.

What, no Nirvana? I’m going tonight. Hoping for some Blake Babies…

She Makes War, wasn’t it? I see her quite often around Bristol. She’s good.

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I missed her last night but saw her support Desperate Journalist at The Garage a few months ago. She’s very good.

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Totally played Nirvana (it was the best one)

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Might have been a venue issue rather than the guitarist. Likewise I felt they were possibly tighter the last time I saw them too. Saw them solo last time so I think this occasion was made more fun by being there with someone else.

Viagra Boys were a force to be reckoned with last night with their Funhouse esque grooves and their snotty lyrics. Was thoroughly impressed by Squid’s support set too - can’t wait to hear more music from them! Was also a pleasure to bump into the GBOL that @chadders

You are too kind, good to see you, albeit briefly. Viagra Boys were everything I’d expected, propulsive bass, sludgy and sarcastic, coming on to Best in Show and then launching straight in to Research Chemicals, great stuff. Enjoyed Squid although I did get some ever so slight Young Knives vibes in parts (mainly the quieter bits), perhaps that was just me, Houseplants to finish was joyous and they got almost as much love from the crowd as the headliners which made for a great atmosphere all night.

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Oh man, the VB bassist was ace, wasn’t he? Like he was auditioning to be a member of The Fall or something! Think Just Like You or Down in the Basement were my highlights - just proper filth!

Aha now that you’ve made the Young Knives comparison, it’s not far off the mark with the drummers style of singing. Quite liked Young Knives though personally…

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Annoyed I was too skint to make it along to this. Missing the Oh Sees this week as well. Ah well, at least there’s the psych fest/Open Mike Eagle at the weekend.

Yeahhh I couldn’t afford an Oh Sees ticket either but I shall be attending the OME gig - pint(s) beforehand bud?

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Just saw Flamingods at Rough Trade East. Very enjoyable.

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It’s not necessarily a bad thing.

A band called Pinky Pinky at Sebright Arms. An all female band. The singer is also the drummer. Won’t change your life but an excellent band. Worth checking out.

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